Monday, June 18, 2007

Video: Hunting for Hizballah

The BBC 2's This World program tries its hand at documenting the "Hizballah phenomenon". The video goes on a journey across Lebanon, visiting Hizballah-controlled areas and presenting the viewer with a dual narration, the BBC correspondent "gives the facts" while his driver Daoud (or Crazy-D) adds color with a personalized (of course biased) "local take" on the events and environment captured in the film.

I'll save discussion of the videos for the comments section, so give the videos a look and tell us what you think.


  1. Hezbollah is taking us to war because of orders from Iran again!

  2. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Yes, all signs point to war. The footage of new fortifications being built was extremely disturbing. I'm rattled by what I saw. The footage of the UN peacekeepers manning the bridge letting every car go through was unbelievable after the head of operations stated he ‘saw no evidence of arms smuggling’.

    My predication is that Gaza is going to be sacrificed in order to occupy as many Israeli troops as possible. Hamas will begin to launch rockets again soon and that will give Israel the green light to invade. For Hamas, freshly back from training in Iran with heads full of suicidal fantasies they are ready to die--it is no big thing to them. But for what 'ordinary' Palestinians that are trapped in Gaza it a suicide pact they never agreed to.

    Once Israel is thoroughly engaged in Gaza Syria and Hezbollah will strike from the north using longer range rockets, "shooting over the heads of the peacekeepers". Syria has begun moving its national archives out of Damascus in preparation for massive Israeli bombing.

    Would Syria dare fight in a war? Or will they have proxies who reside next door to shoot unguided missiles blindly at the "little satan" and then hide in civilian areas getting their own children killed and country destroyed all to show the world what 'monsters the Israelis are'. We will see.

    I think the fact the Fatah al Islam group supposedly launched those missiles into Israel from Lebanon means that Syria can't control its many dogs of war. The timing was wrong. It tipped their hand. Wasn’t it was Palestinian terrorists who caused Israel to invade Lebanon back in 1982 after the assassination of the Israel’s ambassador to Great Britain? Yasser Arafat should have never been given safe passage out of Beirut. The PLO didn’t give a shit about the country (Lebanon) who graciously hosted them, who took them in. They only see land as a battlefield. Islamists, AQ, Iran and Syria have nothing to offer the world but chaos and death. “I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.” Ayatollah Khomeini.

    Either way, if Syria tries to sit this out while Hezbollah launches long range rockets or if it actually gets in the fight, Syria is going to get hit with the big stick by Israel and the US this time.

    The sooner Syria and Iran are castrated the better. Lebanon, like Gaza, means nothing to them.

  3. Don't count on the U.S. We are letting them kill our Military and not doing much about it.

    Except Sanctions.

    And Talk.

    What do we care if Lebanon or Israel is attacked? Under International law, common sense and American tradition, if you kill our Military and/or civilians, it's an act of war toward the U.S.

    But for the last thirty some odd years we have been letting our Military, civilians be killed and have done very little about it.

    Why start now?

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  4. Anonymous12:44 AM

    This video carries too many insights.... So the Hizbies are really arming for a civil war aren't they ? Lebanon will not live in peace for a single day without this militia disarming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great analysis Kawbwebz.

    The events in Gaza and, to some extent Iraq, are very much related to the goings on in Lebanon (in that they both have a nucleus in Damascus and Tehran).

    It is important to note that chaos in Lebanon and along the border with Israel is not an end in itself for the Syrians. In pursuing such a destructive policy they hope to provide the int'l community with enough of a mess so as to deter them from pursuing stances that would be conducive to our efforts at freeing ourselves from under the Syrian boot.

    The chaos, death, and destruction is their stick. I wrote last month about the carrot Syria uses to entice the int'l community to go along with its plans.

    Last summer, Syria sought to use Hizballah war as a catalyst for a "peace" proposal that would have delivered it Lebanon in exchange for peace with Israel. The plan failed possibly leading the [Syrian] regime to think that the stakes it raised weren't high enough.

    Whatever the catalyst this summer, it looks like the fire is going to burn long and hard.

  6. No one seems to recognize a VERY
    IMPORTANT thing!

    The Shiite community in Liban does NOT believe in governments in Liban. To them, the government is just a big tool for ministers to steal the countrie's resources. This is one of the most imporatnt reasons why they have such loyalty to HA, because they prefer being under HA's control and having their basic needs met, than to be in the hands of the Government's theifs!

    Another important thing to realize is how the common people are afraid, and I would go as far as to say TERRIFIED of HA's personnel. In the movie, you could see how crazy-D's voice and tone totally changed from being so proud and pro-HA to an extreme fear of HA when he realized they entered a "HA Security Zone".

    As much as they are proud and loyal to HA, they are at the same time afraid and worried.

    If you want them to support the Government, the Government HAS to show them that it can take care of them, and provide the basic needs to the community. The government must have clear EVIDENCE that the community doesn't have to depend on HA, and that they can trust the Government. Only then will we be able see a change in the way the community addresses the governments in Liban, and only then will they start to realize that the ONLY way out for Liban is to believe in a strong central Government that TAKES CARE of their basic needs......

  7. I wonder what Hizbullah would do to crazy-D if they see this video. He revelead more than they would have wanted, no? I wonder how much the BBC payed him.It's sad to see his joy at handling the weapons and the "sweet" he uttered upon seeing the american weapon. unfortunaltey people like him (from all sides) will be the militants fighting happily if we have the next civil war. For them it will be oh so fun to play around with all these toys.

  8. Jimmy4:12 PM

    Yes he did change his reaction didn't he? These guys rule through fear, thats why nobody dares run as independent in the south in elections!

  9. Anonymous10:46 PM

    a sectarian Iranian-backed and armed, Syrian loyal militia in every sense of the word..... and by using guerilla tactics they think they are powerful, really pathetic .......

  10. Anonymous11:43 PM

    Our best hope is to continue working to make the country a better place, they won't be able to hold out much longer.

  11. Frightening stuff. Unfortunately, nothing short of the total destruction of this vermine of a culture will save Lebanon. Ritual collective breast-beating, in unison, is not all that different from stiff-arm salutes. You do not negotiate, and you cannot reason with crazed brainwashed suicidal maniacs. Nothing short of their total destruction---not containment, not assimilation into the political system and the regular armed forces, DESTRUCTION---nothing short of that will save Lebanon.

  12. We can start with having them given in their weapons and adhere to the state and its institutions. If they do that, we can take it from there.


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