Friday, June 22, 2007

Video: The Battle for Nahr el Bared!

The Lebanese Army released previously unseen combat footage of the battle at Nahr el Bared, today. It was first aired on Lebanese TV station, LBC. The footage shows Lebanese Army infantry, armored vehicle, air force, naval, special forces, logistics, engineering, and medic units bravely performing duties and defending our nation from the onslaught of terror.


  1. As for the Defense Minister's declaration of victory today. It sounds good and all, but ALL of Fatah al Islam's remaining (i.e. still living) leadership is still at large (presumed to be in the camp with the rest of the fighters) and our young men and women are still risking their lives trying to root them out.

    Most likely the announcement was a prelude to a likely settlement which will see the leaders of Fatah al Islam deliver themselves to the LAF (I hope). But in any case, until that happens...we just can't declare victory!!!

  2. Anonymous5:00 PM

    "defending our nation from the onslaught of terror"

    Are you writing a commentary or testing out a future screenplay? Lets not be too over dramatic shall we.

  3. Arabic Coffee Pot5:54 PM

    "Not be too over dramatic", anonydouche???

    Maybe thats easy for u to say, sitting and typing away from the comfort of your living room but dozens of people died for you to be able to do that.

    So keep laughing douchebag and hope it will never be less dramatic, or ur sorry behind might find itself firmly secured under a Syrian boot.

  4. Anonymous6:03 PM

    "defending our nation from the onslaught of terror"

    this guy obviously watched too much fox news.

  5. Seeing this makes me wonder why the MSM in the U. S. won't pick it up and carry it on all of the Major cable and networks.

    It has it all, blood, guts, glory, violence....

    Oh, I forgot it's pro war and shows the bad guys getting their asses whipped.

    Can't have that.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

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  7. Anonymous2:24 AM

    Seriously anonymous,

    you don't seem to be appreciative of anything except the filthy Syrian boot. Go freaking live under it then or better yet, show me how happy u ll be in freaking Iran Mullah Mullah

  8. Anonymous2:27 AM


    I'd suggest you respect the fallen Lebanese hero soldiers instead of kissing Syria's ass in and out

  9. Blacksmith Jade—

    You can bet Hezbollah is looking at this footage. And Hezbollah is talking tough playing down this victory by the LAF but inside they are very worried that they are no longer seen as the protector of Lebanon.

    A bigger lesson to draw from this inspiring triumph is that the LAF is an integrated fighting force fighting for all of Lebanon. They were not fighting for just the Druze, just the Shias, just the Sunnis, just the Maronites, or one of the other various sects, creeds, and divisions. And the LAF were surely not a single sect fighting for another country’s agenda, i.e. Iran.

    Additionally this victory is a tribute to spirit of Hariri and what he stood for: uncorrupted co-operation between sects for the betterment of Lebanon, for the betterment of humanity.

    Lebanon should celebrate the lives fallen and immortalize their names because they did so for THEIR country. They joined the LAF to protect their country, to give their families a safe place to live, to stand up for the weak no matter what creed. Hezbollah wants to end all life in Israel and dominate the Mideast with Iran in a cauldron of hate and sharia law. That is not the simple honorable goals of a LAF soldier or a medic. They want earn a living, to feed their families and live peace with their fellow Lebanese, all Lebanese. The percentages who have been indoctrinated from a young age with that cancerous genocidal hate, like the Hezbollah spawn, are sending this planet into a death spiral. Of course, I’m not Lebanese, so I’m making some broad assumptions. Please forgive me if I bore of offend you.

    If this gallant victory by the LAF for Lebanon is given a full media blitz and framed properly the Hezbollah myth could begin to be discredited and defeated.

    Hezbollah, and Iran use people to buy loyalty, service and ultimately blood. Organized crime families in any country they exist will pay for food or hospital bills or rent to get into people’s lives. Or if you are a Colombian drug Lord you may pay for whole blocks of housing and even hospitals. People there swore up and down that “Pablo Escobar is a saint” and “he has never committed any crimes, the US government lies…” etc. etc. But here Hezbollah has the religious aspect mixed in—so you’ve gangsters for God. Back to the point of using people, once you gain someone’s trust by buying food, paying rent, repeatedly, then requests for small favors start. They ask if your son “could run an errand for us”. A couple years later your son is setting up IED’s or shooting Katushas off in an olive orchard.

    This battle is by no means over. It is but a smoldering fire that will re-ignite in another place. Communities must be vigilant and help the LAF with information on outsiders. You can bet syria is plotting anew.

    Fight on brave soldiers of the LAF. Fight on.

    Long Live Lebanon.

  10. Don Cox12:35 AM

    It isn't over until the leaders have been captured or killed. I think this could take another three weeks or more.___ The state of any residents who are stuck in the camp with the terrorists is grim. The Americans were heavily criticized for "flattening" Fallujah, but there seems in practice to be little alternative. These terrorists will fight to the death. ___ The main problem is to make sure none escape.

  11. I was going to say that it looks like a typical worthless propaganda video because the army may be firing weapons but is stationary. However, there seem to be a genuine scene of troops advancing against a target that had once been defended.

    Do I remember correctly that it was only last year that Lebanese bloggers were calling their army little more than a collection of boy scouts?

  12. Jimmy3:02 PM

    Actions speak louder than words!


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