Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sign the Flag...

...and say thank you to our national heroes in the Lebanese Army for fighting and dying so that we could live in a free, sovereign, and independent country, free of terror and tyranny.
Our website’s initiative is simple; all you have to do is sign the Lebanese flag. By doing that, your name will be added and printed on a huge real flag which will be presented to the Lebanese Army on August 1, 2007, celebrating “The Lebanese Army Day”.

For just one of the many stories of heroism and bravery that have emerged the Battle for Nahr el Bared and the fight against Fatah al Islam, I leave you with a recount of our young men in action. Here is a quote:
Knowing that one of his comrades was already dead, that soldier jumped on his Captain laying on the floor and covered him with his own body, while returning fire as fast as he could and in all directions. Ramzi, and still conscious, ordered his remaining officer to retreat, seek shelter, and wait until the rest of the platoon arrives, as it was not necessary for him to die. That Sunni soldier adamantly replied that he will NOT abandon his Captain (who happens to be a Maronite) and kept on firing while laying on top of him.


By then the rest of the platoon arrived.


Realizing that their Captain, along with one of their companions were gunned down, and with pure adrenaline, 2 of the officers charged in a somewhat suicidal attempt to rescue their Captain and fallen comrade. The 2 were hit immediately (1 of them was a Shi3a.)
Be sure to read the entire entry. This story is our story, our Lebanon - one in which we’re united by our country and our land and not divided by our religion.


  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Were those soldiers given medals for their bravery or not yet ? The Lebanese army really showed their value and courage throughout these events and showed the Lebanese what it means to be Lebanese

  2. How can anyone read this and still think that the Army will divide and members fight each other? This Army is showing true Patriotism, and is the symbol of what Lebanon can become when sect and religion are not the first and only thing that has validity. They are comrades in arms together - they are true Lebanese and have gained that very elusive concept of Nationalism. I salute them all and pray for the fallen among them.

  3. Abu Ghandour6:51 AM

    Ace, the problem about possible division within the army is that we exactly have to emphasize the different religions in the text, otherwise this text would have not drawn much sympathy.

    The fact that we have to differentiate between simple soldiers like this in order to make a story more interesting or touching is pure sectarianism.


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