Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pictures: LAF Choppers Operating in Nahr el Bared

Lebanese helicopters fly after firing at targets at the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon, June 19/20, 2007. (Loay Abu Haykel/Reuters and AFP/Ramzi Haidar)


  1. Anonymous12:12 AM

    the way of posing the question and proposing the answers makes the result come yes for sure because you didn't leave the option of answering simply no for those who believe that the United nations have no possibility to send 20000 monitors to the border with syria and that this must be the job of the lebanese army which must be given all the requested possibilities by the government and all "Lebanon's friends" after all the great patriotical success the army recolted in Nahr El Bared. So excuse me, I think yu shoul reconsider the answers' possibilities to give your poll's results more credibility

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comment in referrence to this week's Blacksmiths of Lebanon poll.

    In adding different categories of "No" I was hoping to find out about why people might be opposed to a deployment along the border.

    I thought long and hard about having an option up there which said: No, it is the LAF's job. But as far as I can tell, that is the situation we've had since the Cedar Revolution and the weapons and fighters have kept on flowing (despite the altered political scene).

    In any case, the presence of another option might have been useful to outline a position which viewed the problem as being a primarily political one rather than a boots-on-the-ground one.

    In any case, the implications and subtelties of such a position would have probably led to me drawing up even more options! Thanks again for the comment and feel free to make suggestions as to our next poll.

  3. Lebanese Gunner2:46 AM

    Check out this NEW video, The Lebanese army won and Bashar's evil plan was defeated

  4. Thanks for the link anonymous gunner, I've put the video up!

  5. Anonymous5:02 PM

    "Bashar's evil plan was defeated"

    lol...Was this an episode of Scooby doo?

    "if it weren't for those meddlesome army kids I would have got away with it too"

  6. Arabic Coffee Pot5:51 PM

    Laugh it up anonydouche.

    These people fought and died so idiots like you could have a good laugh.


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