Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Fighting in the North...

Lebanese troops clashed with gunmen Thursday morning in the town of Qalamoun south of the port city of Tripoli (the Nahr el Bared camp is north of the city) in north Lebanon (the same town in which 4 Army soldiers were killed by a Fatah al Islam ambush on the first day of fighting, May 20th, 2007.)

Six Fatah al Islam have been reported killed, with at least 3 being of non-Lebanese nationality. The clashes came shortly before 8:00 am as Lebanese Army units were conducting raids in the area.

Last week, Murr declared victory over Fatah al-Islam, but heavy machine gun fire and bursts of artillery shells continue to reverberate across the camp, including on Tuesday, sending plumes of black and white smoke into the air.

“The army has accomplished its military mission with regard to destroying and occupying all Fatah Islam positions in the Nahr el-Bared camp,” Murr maintained Tuesday.

When fighting broke out, there were more than 350 Fatah Islam fighters in the camp. Murr said the “remaining number now is between 50 to 60.”

He said 84 soldiers have been killed and more than 150 soldiers have been wounded. (Ya Libnan)


Images from the Nahr el Bared camp: Wednesday evening, June 27th, 2007.

Mortar shells explode [and bullet traces are seen] as fighting continues in the besieged Palestinian Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon. A safe haven has been set up inside a bombed-out refugee camp in Lebanon for civilians trapped by almost 40 days of fighting between the army and Islamist militiamen, a Palestinian camp official said. (AFP/Jinan Nour al-Dunia)


  1. Anonymous4:57 PM

    All those FAI fighters sent by Syria should be executed!

  2. Well, it is the honor of a democratic nation to not go as low as its enemies. Sending them in jail for 50 years or more seems to be a good idea.

  3. belgian chocolate3:49 PM

    I don't see the point of wasting taxpayers money on them [FAI fighters]. Although, if Hariri and his Arab friends who buy property in Lebanon paid their taxes for once, then we could easily afford to open brand new prisons.

  4. Arabic Coffee Pot4:45 PM

    Wooooooow, good job, you took a fight against terrorists and turned into a question of taxes AND a rail against Hariri...'re soooo interesting and cooooool.

    Don't fudge the issues. Taxes are one thing this is something else.


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