Friday, June 01, 2007

Breaking News: Lebanese Army Moves on Militants


The Lebanese Army has released a communique, highlighted (via Naharnet) as follows (emphasis mine):

  • The Army Command calls on the [Fatah al Islam] gunmen to surrender to justice, and underlines its determination to continue to track them down until this is achieved.
  • The Army Command urges our Palestinian brothers not to provide safe haven to these criminals, and expel them from among the innocent civilians [populations].
  • Army units have pursued their field operations around Nahr al-Bared camp in order to control buildings and areas that the gunmen are infiltrating in order to open sniper fire on military and civilian centers.
  • The Army succeeded in destroying their [Fatah al Islam militants'] bases and controlling them with fire power, while further tightening its grip on them and foiling any attempts to flee out of the camp
  • There were many casualties among their (the militants) ranks, and some of them have fled while others have hidden among civilians in order to use them as human shields.

Please refer to our comments section for excellent updates on the situation in and around the camp.



Lebanese news website, Naharnet reports the following:

  • At least 36 militants from Fatah al-Islam killed in fierce clashes with the Lebanese Army.
  • The Army, according to sources, launched a three-pronged attack against Fatah al-Islam terrorists from the northern, eastern and southern flanks of the camp.
  • 12-man Fatah al-Islam squad "wiped out" by army fire as it tried to flee the camp along the Nahr al-Bared river runway on the southern edge of the camp. The route leads to the rough mountainous range overlooking the northern city of Tripoli, where the terrorists had aimed to spread and hide.
  • Another Fatah al-Islam squad tried to escape by boat across Mediterranean waters from the northern sector of the camp, to neighboring Syria, 10 kilometers further north, they were killed by army shelling.
  • Army troops destroyed the terrorists' hideouts at the old naval base, the Samed and Khan buildings.
  • Eight FAI fighters were killed and four arrested at the Samed building while were killed in the Khan building.

Please refer to our comments section for excellent updates on the situation in and around the camp.



Various news agencies are reporting that the Lebanese Army has now fully deployed throughout the camp and is engaged in intense street fighting with pockets of Fatah al Islam gunmen.

Please refer to our comments section for excellent updates on the situation in and around the camp.


After several days of shaky truce, during which the Lebanese Army evacuated over 25,000 refugees while Fatah al Islam militants fired mortars and sniper bullets at both the Army and the refugees, the Lebanese Army has launched a localized offensive aimed at eliminating Fatah al Islam sniper nests and forward positions within the camp.

Naharnet and AP report, updates in the comments section.

Images as seen on Yahoo!News


  1. Arabic Coffee Pot3:40 PM

    Two Lebanese soldiers have been hit with sniper fire.

  2. Arabic Coffee Pot3:40 PM

    GO ARMY!

  3. The Lebanese Army has secured and destroyed a number of FAI positions in the North and North-East of the camp.

    GO ARMY!

  4. 6 wounded from the Army, and sources from inside the camp are reporting that the militants are trying to meld into the civilian population there.

    The Army is reporting the destruction of a number of sniper nests and Fatah al Islam positions inside the camp.

  5. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Shaker Absi dead or wounded!

  6. The Lebanese Army has intercepted a group of 10 militants who tried to flee the camp.

    The engagement resulted in the death or wounding of all 10 militants.

    GO ARMY!

  7. Black smoke is covering the sky above the camp as some large gas tanks burn.

    Reports from Lebanon indicate that the Army has detected boobytraps in a number of buildings in the camp, setup by the Fatah al Islam militants.

    The PLO representative in Lebanon met with PM Saniora and said that the Nahr el Bared camp had been taken hostage by these militants and that Lebanese security ensures Palestinian security (implicitly supporting the Army's actions!)

  8. Jimmy4:11 PM

    2 uncorroborated items:

    Heavy deployment of Army in abu samra district of Tripoli, known to have Sunni fundamentalists in it.

    Intense fighting in eastern sector of camp.

  9. Jimmy4:18 PM

    40 Fatah al Islam militants wounded according to Al Arabiya news channel.

  10. Al Arabiya is reporting that Lebanese Army special forces units have deployed in the southern sector of the camp and are engaging militants there in street-to-street fighting.

    Most of the day's earlier fighting had revolved around the Northern and Eastern sectors of the camp.

  11. Civilians had ample time to get out and should have been helped by Leb and Pali authorities.

    The time for dithering is over (and I hope Saniora knows it).

    Instead of dealing with a handful of Jibril thugs or Jund el Sham thugs a year ago, when one or two army guys were killed and/or wounded (bad enough), the fucking gvnmt waited until they had over 15 soldiers slaughtered in one day.

    Now the enemy is stronger and the army is starting from "weaker authority" because of the lack of previous action.

    The consequence of postponement is higher cost. More dead and wounded for the army, and civilians.

    Postpone resolution again, and I mean military, and the cost will go up further.

    That is the nasty calculus of war.

  12. Orange Storange4:41 PM

    16:10 - According to press information : a Lebanese Army boat came under fire from fatah al islam terrorists, and the Lebanese army is surrounding many fighters in one area to isolate themselves from civilians.

  13. Jimmy: I think news agencies have refuted reports of a Lebanese Army deployment in Abu Samra, Tripoli, Lebanon.

    Everyone: Thanks for the updates and keep it up.

    Best of luck to our boys in rooting out these terrorists we're all very proud of you!!

  14. Jimmy4:55 PM

    OK, thanks.

    The assault from the Northern entrance is continuing and the Lebanese Army is fighting street battles inside the camp there too.


  15. another_someone4:58 PM


    The army did not have the same level of hardware a year ago, so not sure about your theory. Besides, you don't know what was the level of fire power of these terrorists, unless you are in the Intel. business?

  16. Teslam ya 3askar Lebnen...

  17. Reports from Lebanon indicate a heavy bombardment of the coast line along the Nahr el Bared refugee camp, where a large portion of Fatah al Islam's original bases were located, as Lebanese Army units continue to engage the militants throughout the camp!

  18. Arabic Coffee Pot5:12 PM

    LBC said there was 2 dead from among the Army today.

    God bless their souls.

  19. Various news agencies are reporting that the Lebanese Army has now fully deployed throughout the camp and is engaged in street fighting with pockets of Fatah al Islam gunmen.

    With respect to the earlier report of the attempted escape of 10 militants from the camp, reports indicate that they attempted to flee via the southern entrance of the camp and that the attempt resulted in the death of 8 of the militants.

    God Bless our Fallen total, they died so that we could live in a free, sovereign, and secure country.

  20. Anonymous5:23 PM

    There was just now an attempted breakout by FAI terrorists from the eastern entrance, the army repelled the escape-attack and is counter attacking!

  21. Jimmy5:43 PM

    The number of wounded Lebanese soldiers is 18 according to Reuters.

  22. Jimmy5:45 PM

    Concentrated artillery fire on center of camps where there was resistance to advancing Army.

  23. Jimmy5:48 PM

    12 people reported dead inside camp.

  24. Arabic Coffee Pot5:52 PM

    Sound grenade attack in Saida!!

    It happened in the North-Eastern district of the city at around 4:15 pm.

  25. According to sources in Lebanon, the Lebanese Red Cross has announced that the Army has asked the Red Cross command to be ready to enter the camp by tomorrow morning.

  26. Arabic Coffee Pot6:07 PM

    Loud explosions emanating from the camp - various reports place them at controlled explosions by the LA of mines placed by FAI along the main road running through the camp and/or RPG attacks by FAI militants on advancing LA troops. Its still unclear

  27. I haven't seen any reports about that sound grenade in Saida, ACP.

  28. Scratch that, I just saw it!

    Excellent job ACP!

    LBC is now reporting the number of fallen heroes among the Lebanese Army to be three.

  29. Uncorroborated report of LA M18 tank hit by explosion (RPG or mine) inside camp.

  30. Don Cox6:29 PM

    What are the real times of these postings? I don't think it is 11.30 AM in Lebanon right now.

  31. Anonymous6:33 PM

    This time is EDT, add 7 hours to it and you'll get Lebanon time.

  32. The Lebanese Army has called on the remaining Fatah al Islam militants to surrender [or be destroyed] as reports indicate that it is approaching FAI's main barracks within the camp.

    Other reports from Lebanon indicate that the Lebanese Army has put down pockets of resistance in the eastern sector of the camp.

    No corroboration of that M18 hit so far (i.e. take it with a grain of salt).

  33. Another someone

    What's unclear about my theory?

    About a year ago, the army was challenged by Jibril's thugs who killed an army topographer Mohammed Ismail.

    The army was then challenged by Fatah-intifada who killed private Mustafa Moudlej.

    The army/gvmnt was threatened by Jung el Sham.

    All the above drew tepid responses at best. It does not take a genius to figure out that "no response" = "more challenges".

    These events paved the way to the Fatah-Islam attack that killed 17 of our soldiers.

    And no, I don't know the firepower of these assholes but I am presuming our Lahoud-touted-zillion-dollar-70,000 army has/had more firepower than these gangs.

  34. Arabic Coffee Pot7:13 PM

    Unclear reports of FAI militants attaching explosives to the bodies of their dead (to boobytrap them) and of using suicide bombers.

  35. Arabic Coffee Pot7:22 PM

    The Lebanese Army is reinforcing the positions it captured inside the camp and is dismantling boobytraps in buildings throughout the camp.

    The Army is within 100 meters of the building in which FAI's leader, Shaker Absi, is barricaded.

    GO ARMY!

  36. another_someone7:27 PM


    I know your theory is to be pro-active instead of reactive, but the political backing to enter the camps back then would not have been present to support your army (not just Lebanese support, but your 'Arab bros' as well). As you know politics in the ME are dirty, so unless the Lebanese government was a dictatorship, being pro-active in its current form is wishful thinking.

    Anyway your army seems to be doing major ass kicking from these reports here, I will pray for minimal losses for your soldiers.

    Take care.

  37. another_someone7:32 PM

    I forgot to add a note to Jade, your tanks are M48, there is no M18 to my knowledge.

  38. Thanks 'another someone'. That whole report hasn't been confirmed so like I said before, take it with a grain of salt.

    In the meantime, I do have confirmation that the Samed and Khan buildings were cleared then demolished by the Lebanese Army.

  39. Don Cox7:43 PM

    "time is EDT, add 7 hours"____Thanks. And thanks to all for the running updates. I think this battle will be historically important.

  40. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Massive blast inside the camp as see on CNN International.

  41. Orange Storange7:58 PM

    - 19:45 - 11 arrested from fath al islam,3 of them are injured.
    - 19:50 - The LA surrounds some fath al islam sites which have been mined.

  42. Will, USA7:59 PM

    Anyone know what units involved? looks like the Rangers regiment from a few of the photos, I also saw a photo on the army website that looked like 5th brigade (you can just make out the emblems).

  43. Arabic Coffee Pot8:18 PM

    The Lebanese Army has isolated the Northern half of the camp from the Southern half.

  44. Jimmy8:41 PM

    Heavy artillery fire and intense fighting in the south eastern sector of the camp.

  45. Another Someone,

    Thx for your response. Godspeed to the army.

    All I am saying is this was long overdue, and could have been done "cheaper" earlier. (It might also have sent useful signals toward Hezbo, Frangieh etc).

    Two notes:

    -Jibril's guys (and some others) were not in "camps".

    -I believe Parliament abridged the Cairo agreement in 87.

    You can't defend yourself, nor build a nation, by asking permission from the PLO and the Arab League. Time we dumped all that.

  46. another_someone8:54 PM

    Indeed, anyway it is happening now, and better late than never. Your PM seems to have grown some balls. Hopefully this will be the seed towards establishing state rule that you and BV always ask for.

    I also wonder if the LAF will have some lessons to teach 'Western' armies about urban warfare after the dust settles if there are minimal casualties. Just an idea.

    They must be proud to be actually doing what the job description says, instead of being a police force.

  47. Snippets from Reuters:

    The army has been battling militants in the camp -- many of them foreign fighters, Lebanese authorities say -- since May 20 in Lebanon's worst internal violence since the 1975-1990 civil war. At least 84 people -- 35 soldiers, 29 militants and 20 civilians -- have been killed.

    Artillery and machinegun fire shook the camp from early morning. At times shells exploded at a rate of 10 a minute and smoke billowed from buildings inside as fires raged.

    A military source said the army destroyed several structures overlooking its positions on the camp's edge. "Snipers have been using these outposts to fire at our soldiers," he said.

  48. Relative calm has returned to the camp around 9:00 pm.

  49. Renée C.11:22 PM

    I really appreciate the updates guys, thanks.

  50. I've been reading the lfpm site today and from them (via tayyar) it seems as though the Army did a great job. WOW - are the Hezbo people pissed about it!

    The FPM crowd is (for the most part) very pro-Army so this is really causing some serious problems for them to listen to the nasty comments by the Hez 'allies'.

    Siniora and the Army did a great job with this whole operation. It could have been a real cluster-fxxx, but they pulled it off beautifully. The Government is on a roll, hope they don't mess it up now. Time to send the new election law to the Parliament and let Berri explain why he won't let them discuss/pass it. Keep the pressure up!

  51. where r the international forces in all of this..

  52. Below the Litani Lirun. The naval forces operate in int'l waters off of Lebanon.

    But there is an international team evaluating whether our border with Syria needs monitoring or not.

    Of course the Syrians have threatened to declare war (as if they haven't already) on us if we put int'l monitors on our border with them.

  53. "I also wonder if the LAF will have some lessons to teach 'Western' armies about urban warfare after the dust settles if there are minimal casualties. Just an idea."

    Yea, sure.

    If the "Western" armies stand off and shell and fire tank rounds into buildings they get accused of indiscrimately killing civilians and being "war criminals" and sued by the various liberal groups all over the world, not including the Islamic ones.

    In case you didn't know it, the Lebonese Army has been recieving training by these "Western" Armies, along with ammo, supplies and other support.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  54. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Maybe the LAF learned from Jenin, where the IDF caused a very comparable amount of death and destruction, but, for some strange reason, was excoriated for it.

  55. Arabic Coffee Pot11:11 PM

    Anonymous: What an ignorant comment.


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