Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Breaking News: Fighting in Palestinian Camps

The Lebanese Army continued to pound Fatah al Islam positions today as news services speculated on the strategy the Army would pursue in eradicating the remaining militants in the Nahr le Bared camp.

According to an article in the Lebanese daily An-Nahar, the Lebanese Army Command has announced that it is now in place to secure an 'eradication' of the remaining Fatah al Islam militants, not by raiding the remaining square kilometer in which those militants are barricaded, but by fully securing the perimeter of the area, preventing escape and allowing those militants to be captured (trying to escape) or to voluntarily surrender.

Reporting on an article in the Lebanese daily An-Nahar, news website Naharhet, had the following:

The military said it was operating according to a "prudent plan" aimed at wiping out Fatah al-Islam militants and, at the same time, safeguarding Palestinian civilians trapped inside Nahr al-Bared, the paper said.
Meanwhile the Lebanese Army also reported sighting intense activity along the Syrian border, as other Syrian-backed militants attempted to transport weapons and gunmen into Lebanon. Naharnet writes,

An Nahar said the officers notified the cabinet ministers about the "military activities" recently observed along the Syrian-Lebanese border.

The sources said "armed members and weapons" that were seen entering the Lebanese territory likely belonged to the Syrian-backed Fatah-Uprising movement and Ahmed Jibril's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command.

Syria has been under a 'state of emergency' since 1963, allowing its regime to establish a police-state which has resulted in the complete infiltration of that country's civil society and general population. As such, no political or militant groups have been known to operate out of the country without the direct backing the regime and its intelligence services.

Meanwhile back in Nahr el Bared, news services reported the surrender of six Fatah al Islam gunmen as they turned themselves in to mainstream Fatah militants positioned at the camp to ensure the safety of the Palestinian civilian population there.

Other sources in Lebanon have reported the willingness to surrender of a further 22 militants inside the camp, prompting the leader of the Fatah al Islam group, Shakri Absi, to threaten any who surrender with death.

According to some news services, the Army's military operations today have resulted in the tightening of the military siege of militants there to within 800 square meters.

Monday, June 4th, 2007:

Sources in Lebanon have reported the death of two Lebanese Army soldiers in clashes with Jund al Sham militants at the periphery of the Ein el Helweh camp, today. Two militants were also killed in the fighting.

Sources in Lebanon also reported the death of 7 militants from the Syrian-backed Jund al Sham militant group and 1 from the Asbat al Ansar group in last night's fighting in the Ein el Helweh Refugee Camp.

The Naharnet news website, is currenlty running a news flash indicating that "tensions were running high in the refugee camps of Rashidiyeh and Borj al-Shamali near the southernmost port city of Tyre".

This while National News Agency confirmed that Fatah al-Islam deputy commander Abu Hureira was injured, while the personal bodyguard of the group’s leader Shaker Absi, who is known by his nom de guerre of Abu Aisha, was killed in fighting at the Nahr al-Bared camp.

Sources in Lebanon reported that the Lebanese Army had eliminated all resistance at the Ta3ouniah (Cooperative) building in the Nahr el Bared camp, while continuing to advance on the militants' final defensive position. The Army has had to contend with boobytrapped carcasses, animals, and cars in its advance.


For excellent analysis of the political decisions and stances surrounding the events in Lebanon, its camps, and the region, I'll leave you with fellow bloggers Jeha and Abu Kais.


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  1. Arabic Coffee Pot5:22 PM

    Some 500 Palestinian and Lebanese civilians who had fled the fighting [in Ein el Helweh] took refuge at the municipality compound in Sidon.

    "We fear what happened at Nahr al-Bared will happen here," said Hani Bernawi, 31. "They (Jund al-Sham) are just a gang who came here to mess things up and destroy our security."


  2. Jimmy5:35 PM

    According to Lebanese television station, NewTV, Lebanese Army intelligence officers have arrested a leading Fatah al Islam commander by the name of Hilal Ismail, as he tried to flee the Nahr el Bared camp in an ambulance.

  3. Jimmy6:36 PM

    A wanted militant by the name of Ali Abed has been captured by the Lebanese Army near the southern entrance of the Nahr el Bared camp. At the time of his capture, Abed was wounded.

  4. valiumjunky8:36 PM

    any news on an explosion in Beirut? Is it correct?

  5. The news is correct Valium Junky, check the following thread for updates:

    Explosion Hits Beirut

  6. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Naharnet says:

    Islamist Disengagement Force formed to Prevent Jund al-Sham terrorists from Clashing with the Lebanese Army in Sidon's Ein al-Hilweh camp.

  7. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Three Islamist Palestinian factions formed a joint disengagement force in south Lebanon's Palestinian refugee camp of Ein al-Hilweh Monday to prevent Jund al-Sham terrorists from provoking clashes with the Lebanese army.

    The joint force grouped fighters from Usbat al-Ansar, The Islamic Jihadists Movement and Ansar ullah. They deployed in the Taamir sector at the northern entrance to Ein al-Hilweh in the southern provincial capital of Sidon.

    (From Naharnet)

  8. Looks like there might be operations tonight in Nahr el Bared. There are flares above the camp.

  9. Renée C.4:34 AM

    1:14 am Tripoli - The fighting at the Nahr el Bared refugee camp has escalated. The Lebanese army appears to be in the final phase of finishing off the militants of Fatah al-Islam; It has been pounding the positions of the militants continuously for the past hour.


  10. Speak the Truth7:26 PM

    I would like to say a couple of things.

    Firstly, this is the first time I have come across this blog and it is OUTSTANDING! I am a regular reader of BeirutBeltway and others but the quality of the news updates here is fantastic. Thank you very much!

    Secondly. I see the same old names in the comments page that I see around various other blogs and that is a good thing, but I wonder why aren't there any of you with similar political views posting some thoughtful and factual comments on that nutter As'ad Abu Khalil's ("Angry Arab") blog?

  11. Anonymous9:05 PM

    The army said five FAI guys surrendered, their names are:

    Rabih Saeed, Saeed al Jafqouni, Mohamad al Abed Wahbi, Fares 3oud Abu Dioul, and Yousouf al Maghrabi

  12. Anonymous9:05 PM

    3 rockets fired from Nahr le Bared targeted an Army checkpoint outside the camp

  13. Hi guys, please refer to this thread for updates.


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