Thursday, June 07, 2007

Breaking News: Blast Hits Zouk-Kaslik

The explosion occured at approximately 9:20 pm local time, in the Zouk-Mosbeh center in an industrial zone in the Adonis / Zouk-Mosbeh area. A fire is now burning in the location of the blast, emergency units are responding.

News services in Lebanon are now reporting the death of Pierre Dagher, the owner of an oxygen tank store, and 4 injuries, 3 Syrian labourers and 1 Lebanese member of the Civil Defence Forces battling the fire.

The Lebanese Red Cross also reported that rescue efforts had been initially hampered by the fire and heavy smoke in the center.

The explosion is believed to have been caused by a car bomb, according to news services in Lebanon.

The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation has reported that the blast occured at an oxygen tank factory, causing many of those tanks to explode as the fire rages.

Sources have reported that Civil Defense crews have brought the fire in the oxygen factory under control and are battling it in the paint factory to which it has spread.

Picture as seen on Yahoo!News.


  1. True Blue10:08 PM

    LBC: Charles Rizk who is now talking in Kalam el nass said that the government took a decision to start telling the audience about all the security investigations and the information found by the investigators, of course while not compromising those ongoing investigations...

  2. Renée C.10:11 PM

    According to the LF website, the Lebanese Red Cross says NO wounded and NO one killed, thank God!

  3. Renée C.10:14 PM

    I mentioned that because from the news I read elsewhere, there are continued explosions going on.

  4. Yeah I think its because of exploding oxygen tanks.

  5. True Blue10:25 PM

    LBC: due to the smoke the red cross wasn't able to conclude if there is injuries, but now the smoke is going down and searching missions are starting

  6. Good question.

    Its still unclear. Eye witnesses reported hearing 2 initial explosions, possibly caused by a bomb going off and then an oxygen tank exploding.

    The fact that the explosion occured at such a late hour seems to indicate that it might not have been an accident as one would presume (and local residents have attested to this) that the factory would be closed. But there is nothing conclusive, as of yet, confirming that it was a bomb.

  7. Renée C.10:40 PM

    There are injured :-(

  8. 1 dead, 3 wounded so far

  9. and by car bomb according to LBC

  10. Thanks for the updates guys, I appreciate it.

  11. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Bashar Al Assad the criminal dictator of Syria has declared open war on Lebanon via proxy secret serives networks who control the underground scenes in Lebanon operating from Iranian controlled Dahyieh and from 2 or 3 Palestinian refugees camps who were taken from the PLO during the civil war and affiliated to the full control of the Syrian army for 20 years...

  12. Renée C.10:51 PM

    Latest from Naharnet:

    LBCI TV said at one person was killed and at least four people, including two Syrian workers, were injured from the blast which was caused by a car bomb.

  13. Did Charles Rizk say when the gvmnt was going to have a point person update people daily?

    I am not holding my breath, cuz u know:

    Saniora told Time mag, days ago, we have evidence the Syrians bla bla ...nothing.

    Yesterday, Judge Mirza who is investigating 10 million unresolved cases said he was going to update us ASAP or in a few days or soon or presently.....

    Still waiting.

  14. valiumjunky5:03 PM

    Is there a fund for the families of the Lebanese soldiers dead or wounded? Perhaps that is one way of helping out.


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