Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Shake the Brainwash!

For all the moments of fear, destruction, and devastation, for all the glimmers of hope and freedom, and for all the calls for unity and understanding, the inhabitants of this tiny country have gone through over the past two...fifteen....30 years!, one would've hoped that they would have finally come to realize what it truly means to carry the burden of two occupations, one civil war, and "seventeen sects". That they would have come to accept the massive responsibility for future generations that carrying that burden entails.

Hell, one would've hoped that they would eventually come to speak the same language! But as this blurb from fellow bloggers, Failasoof, points out, it is apparent that even that time hasn't come yet. Reporting on a press conference hosted by Prime Minister Fouad Seniora on Monday, Failasoof presents the Hizballah-run Al-Manar television news report on the PM's release of official figures related to last summer's war:

In their ticker news banner, Al-Manar TV is saying right now (you can check it out if you like): 'Seniora call the Southern Suburb a "Jungle"'.

"After 10 months, Seniora still insist to refuse to give money to those who deserve it from the Southern Suburb". As I'm writing this post, Al-Manar TV is broadcasting a political talk show, hosting ex-MP Jihad Samad, where he's saying:

"The opposition struggle is an ever-lasting one, it is the struggle between the good and the evil, the patriots and the traitors."

"If the so-called majority think that they can't be punished by country's law, I want to remind them that they can't run away from Divine punishment."

"Hariri, Jaejae, Jumblatt and there gangs are living in palaces, where our people are starving to death."

This is how Al-Manar TV is "guiding" HA supporters, this is how they insist to call their "political opponents". And then we wonder why there's an ever-rising tension among Lebanese. Now, we know......

If you've read anything posted on this blog before then you probably already know what type of reaction reading this elicited in me - and, more likely than not, anybody else who read it without nodding their head in agreement.

So instead of writing about our need to say no to the highway holdup Hizballah has been running on Lebanon and its Cedar Revolution for the past two years, I'll leave you with a simple message, the most recent edition to the country's inbox forwards-list. I hope someone is still listening...


Lets Not Light it Up!
Division is the Spark of Civil War, Lets Not Light it Up


  1. what a dangerous thine line to tread between politics and welfare..

    alla maakum

  2. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Does the govt. and its supporters have some sort of exclusive right to inflammatory language? Or is the percieved moral superiority mean that accusations of treachery, acting on foreign orders etc. etc. are ok because you think you are right?

    If you want to be righteous about a subject at least pick one where your side is not equally as culpable.

  3. Haha, you can't be serious with that 'exclusive right' comment.

    If you're trying to say this kind language is employed by both parties, then say it and give an example and that statement will be condemned just like this one has been.

    But if you do try to find an equally damning statement make sure you find one that covers all the angles this one does. A statement that attributes a completely inflammatory and sectarian-oriented misrepresentation of a cabinet official's statement (taken out of context lets not forget), and an attempt to transform a political battle (that should be limited to political institutions) into something greater (good vs evil), something divine - thereby granting them carte-blanche to operate outside the frameworks of man (i.e., Constitution, Law, etc...).

    Find that, go ahead.

    By the way, I don't support any one party in Lebanon, what I do support is positions and objectives.

  4. Anonymous6:08 PM

    My Comment stated "inflammatory language" and refering to people as traitors and agents of foreign governments, or more inflammatory, telling families that their sons and daughters who dies defending their country is as inflammatory if not more so than what was said here. If you do not see that it is only because of the poisiton you take, but inflammatory is a description of effect, not intention. Furthermore, you do not have to search far and wide among the many pro-govt. blogs to read references about the Shia being "uncivilised" or the many allusions about how they have lowered the "class" of downtown by their presence there.

    I for one do not see secterian orientation in the statements above, not unless you regard insulting a zaim is equal to insulting all those in his sect.

    And where is the divine aspect of the statement? Is that your own paranoia at work? Its quite clear in the next line when he says it is about "patriots and traitors". That sounds entirely nationalistic and not the slightest bit a reference to religion.

    The fact that he mentions divine judgement is neither here not there as the statement is very common in Arabic.

    As for "Hariri, Jaejae, Jumblatt and there gangs are living in palaces, where our people are starving to death" - I don't see anything factualy incorrect with that statement.

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  6. Anonymous,
    Oh give me a break man (woman?).

    Please don't try to propagate that sick sectarian crap (which you see on other blogs - but not on this one - here.

    The divine aspect is right there in your face to see. It is part of the language Hizballah use to try and slip those notions (about accountability only before God and not other men) that I mentioned into peoples' subconscious. Look back at all their major declarations and u'll see it, if you allow yourself to that is.

    Khallas ba2a! Everytime somebody criticizes Hizballah, their little media stooges try to play it off as a condemnation of the entire Shiite sect.

    Well I won't stand for that kind of discrimminatory allusions on this blog.

  7. Anonymous,
    In all your comment, you speak of generalities without one specific proof! Please be kind as to point out the things you see that March 14th is being spreading hate among Lebanese.

    As for Seniora's calling the Southern Suburb by "Jungle", why can't you read the whole statement first? He was referring to the massive violations in construction there, he was talking about the chaotic situation, and how there is no state's control there, hence came the term "jungle". He wasn't by any means referring to its people as animals or any of what HA/Amal MPs are advertising for.

    I'm NOT talking about the opposition in general, but specifically about HA and Amal. Read Al-Akhbar, check out Al-Manar and NBN, and you will see the quality of hate they are broadcasting, and how they are twisting everything to become as if it is a perfect plan to target Shiites. This is the huge mistake I'm pointing out, and this is what makes me, jade and others "disgusted".

    You talk about Seniora's lies in the press conference. The man showed up with documents, statistics and he asked experts in the different ministries to come and explain. The Government made a full report (in numbers) about the whole re-construction efforts, and THE NAME OF EVERYONE WHO GOT ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY WAS MENTIONED ON THE INTERNET AT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE GOVERNMENT ( Please if you have any documents that show he is lying, give them to me and I'll be the FIRST ONE TO CALL HIM A BIG FAT LIER! But don’t just come and say "He's lying" without having one document to support your claims...

    When a HA MP say "To the people of the Southern Suburb, do NOT get offended by what the Grand Serail occupier is saying, he is just showing the hate these people got against you" this will make Shiites believe that Sunnis are after them. When Nasrallah says "We (Shiites) have been killed, kidnapped, jailed, and accused of treason for the past 25 years, but we stood in our land", he's rising up the tension. Who is he accusing of targeting Shiites? This is the kind of hate and fear HA and Amal officials are spreading among the Shiite community in Liban.

    I'm talking about a specific campaigns aiming at featuring March 14th as nothing but blood-seekers, with continuous reminding of what happen during the civil war, as if Amal and HA weren't part of it, and as if people have forgotten the massacres that took place during the civil war.


    Who said that those who killed Shamas weren't arrested? Haven't you heard General Reefi announcing that they were two Syrian and one Palestinian, and that they are under custody now? But know, you just listen to what Mr. Nawaf El-Mosawy says, and the rest of the officials are nothing but traitors.

    It is this that we are fighting, the "lie, lie and keep lying till you believe yourself" strategy. ONLY PROPPER AUTHORITIES HAVE THE RIGHT TO ADDRESS ACCUSATIONS. It was Mr. Mosawy's speech that caused the awful murder of the two Ziads.

    As for the palaces thingy, what about Nasrallah and Berri, last time I check they live in their own palaces as well, doesn't that makes them part of the blood-sucking politicians in Liban? or no, such claims can be only made against Hariri, Jeajea and Jumblatt?

    Here is what Seniora's said in his press conference:

    read it, then tell me where are the lies, and when did he insult the Southern Suburb people.

    And here is how HA media broadcasted the same news:

    In all what Al-Akhbar said, there was not even one single "proof", again just accusations and more accusations, Not to mention the comments section.

    And here's the hidden truth, HA wants its own company "wa3ed" to do all the construction efforts. NOT just that, HA wants the company to "get the money directly from the Government". And since Seniora was clear in that "money will be paid to the first-party persons ONLY", HA and Amal decided to declare yet another propaganda war against Seniora and the Government.

    Once again, you have proofs, please show them!

  8. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Nabih Berri the leader of the Militia of Amal Stole $1 Billion since 1985 from the Lebanese state and he lives in many palaces and mansions while his people are left over except for a few in his inner circle.

  9. Anonymous7:52 PM


    Wow, you claim that I take your critisicm of Hizballah as a critisim of the entire Shia sect (and Im a "little media stooge" to boot) as an affront yet you can happily claim that that a tv stations accusation against the govt. is inflammatory secterian talk ? No hypocrisy there then? And you say I can't see things!

    Of course if you take things out of context or are extremely paranoid or have no understanding of their mental make up, you will read into it what you will. Did not Siniora, publicly say that God will hunt down and take vengence of the killers of the 2 Ziads? By your reading Gods in charge of our justice system now aswell.

    Furthemore I am NOT propogating "secterian crap". I am ridculing you for seeing all the "secterian crap" in the words of those you oppose and being oblivious to it in the words of those you dont.

    I answered the same comment you have made here on your own blog

  10. First of all what "accusation against the gov't" are you talking about? The one where Al Manar says the gov't is "refusing to give money to the residents of the Southern Suburb"? That accusation?

    Is that a serious accusation? No its not, we both know it. Its hard for me to believe that you completely miss the message inherent in the language employed, it really is.

    I mean really, without trying to make a point, tell me exactly what you read in that Manar blurb. Just read it to me the way you understand it.

    As for the "divine" business, I really don't think I am reading too much into it. It is an issue with Hizballah (and not other groups in Lebanon) simply because they are purposefully employing that language to an end, and I've already described some of that end (apparently its totally inconceivable to you).

    Why is there hypocrisy? You want to say that Hizballah's news services present the news in a biased way but that anti-Syrian media outlets do so as well. You also want to say that where this bias is inflammatory to one side, the other side is doing the same.

    Noone is arguing those points against you. I mean, I seriously laugh when I see the way in which Future TV presents some of its news. Its ridiculous, and for the most part I consider it more of a propaganda machine than anything else.

    But the point I am trying to make, and which you simply refuse to even acknowledge, is that the language employed by Hizballah is one that grants them rights above the laws of the country: by definition, that is the mantra underwhich a fundamentalist organisation like Hizballah operates.

    And for the record, you're the one that immediately exported my criticism of Hizballah's language to what you dubbed as "references about the Shia being uncivilised" that you apparently found on some other blog.

    There is a lot of misrepresentation going on already. Lets not add to it.

  11. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Cool so we both agree that both sides use inflammatory language. So next question, where can I read your post regarding the inflammatory language used by Future and especially LBC?

    Accusations are baseless? 1064 housing units helped out of 25,000 at a rate that means all units will have recieved help by 2027. No dragging of the feet there then?
    Straight in to help the people, no doubt it.

    As for the blurb, the only thin attributable to Al Manar is the line about the jungle. The rest is the opinion of a guest on the show.

    I have acknoweledged your point, I just don't agree with it. They base their actions, morals ethos etc. on their religion, yes, thats who they are. But as far as I am aware they have not put themselves above the law.

    And don't be so touchy. If you read my post again I did not link your comments to what i found on another blog. I was merely highlighting the type of anti-Shia inflammatory language used by pro-govt. bloggers is all.

  12. Once again, anonymous, you fail to address not even one proof to what you are saying. In my post, I clearly showed how HA (and later on Amal)are using their media to make Shiites believe that there is a conspiracy against them, and that the only way they can be "saved" is by supporting HA and Amal blindly. This is what jade and I are against.

    Where do you see that on LBC? Where is teh so-called inflammatory aggression against Shiites? Unless you are talking about the attitude against HA and Amal, which is by no means is directed against Shiites as a whole.

    I'm a keen watcher of LBC news and political shows, and I've never seen the "inflammation" you are talking about. In all cases, I watched AL-Manar two days ago, NBN yesterday and I'll watch LBC soon and bring the feedback and comparison of how these channels "drive" their audiences.

    And one more thing, there is a difference between "bloggers" and "official media", and while you can't blame the government if some bloggers show hate, you can surely blame HA and Amal for what they are saying using their media (same thing goes to Future media, though the hate-level is much less compared to that on HA and Amal ones recently).

    PLEASE, come with proof, and see how Jade and I will be among the very first to point out such mistakes....

    Sorry jade for allowing myself to speak on your behalf, but I think you and I agree on this point.

  13. Jimmy4:08 PM

    "The government's achievements have registered remarkable progress on different levels," Siniora's statement said. "More than 90 percent of war-stricken sectors have been rehabilitated or reconstructed."

    "Unfortunately, we have noticed an intentional ignorance of all that has been achieved, including the fact that around 63,750 residents of the South, the Western Bekaa and the Chouf have received their first payment," Siniora said.

    Source: Dailystar

    Fucking Hizballah lies man...

  14. the HA had a great guy on tv during the war.. he was literally like the naked chef meets aladin.. funny witty contemporary casual yet so middle eastern..

    the brain washing campaigns are in full swing everywhere around us..


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