Sunday, May 27, 2007

Poll: Lebanon's Best Interest in Nahr el Bared

After a week of running battles, sporadic gunfights, car bombs, artillery barrages, and incessant assaults on our country's sovereignty and national instutitutions, the government announced yesterday that they would give the Fatah al Islam terrorists holed up in the Nahr el Bared Refugee Camp until the middle of the upcoming week to surrender or die.

We start this week with a Blacksmiths of Lebanon poll asking our readers how they think this most recent crisis heaved upon us should be dealt with to best secure the country's national interests, sovereignty, and objectives.

Revisiting last week's Blacksmiths of Lebanon poll on a choice between the two worst case scenarios, as perceived by the two major factions in the country, in the upcoming Presidential Crisis (yes, we've already labelled it a Crisis because in our view, Lebanon is continuously being subjected to extreme choices which inescapably bring out a crisis), we find that approximately 9 out 10 respondents (of which there were 87) preferred to be 'burdened' with a March 14th President than endure a crippling Two Government Crisis.


  1. Renée C.1:46 AM

    Here is a news update I found on the FM forum:

    23:20 police spokesman told Reuters : 4 wounded including two members of the security forces in a grenade explosion by unidentified gunmen near a police patrol at the Lebanese Barbir Bridge

    23:15 patrols security forces pursued the car when the bomb was thrown from a bridge Barbir

    22:45 security sources confirm that unknown persons threw a grenade at the security forces under a bridge Barbir, a three wounded security forces

    These events happened Sunday night ...

  2. Thanks for the update Renee C.


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