Monday, September 03, 2007

Our Fallen Heroes

Major Ibrahim Youssef Salloum
Captain Fadi Ibrahim Abdallah
Captain Walid al Shaar
Captian Tony Khalil Semaan
Captain Ghaled Ahmad Qalout
Captain Michel Jabbour Mefleh
Captain Khaled Fouad Mershad
Second Lieutenant Roy Abu Ghazaleh
Second Lieutenant Maroun al Litani
Second Lieutenant Ali Ahmad Smidi
Second Lieutenant Housam Mohamad Bou Aaram
Second Lieutenant George Michel Fahed
Second Lieutenant Ali Mustapha Nassar
Warrant Officer Mustapha Ali al Dahi
Warrant Officer Walid Ali Saleh
Warrant Officer Hana Ibrahim Fahmeh
First Adjuntant Saadeh Tannous Makhlouf
First Adjuntant Salah Khaled Sakrieh
First Adjuntant Wissam Mohamad Hamdan
First Adjuntant Ali Mohamad Moussa
First Adjuntant Zaki Mikhail al Rahbaoui
First Adjuntant Ahmad Abdel Jawad Heblas
First Adjuntant Ali Mohamad Akkoush
First Adjuntant Khalil Mohamad Shouman
First Adjuntant Jaafar Ismail Mouawieh
First Adjuntant Ghattas Tannous Tarabey
First Adjuntant Bassam Khodr Jawhar
First Adjuntant Ahmad Mohamad Farhat
First Adjuntant Abdallah Jarmash
Adjuntant Mahmoud Mohamad Bakeesh
Adjuntant Elie Maurice Maalouf
Adjuntant Riad Qassem Abdallah
Adjuntant Hatem Ali al Hatem
Adjuntant Ali Hasan Mahmoudi
Adjuntant Ayman Saleh Masheemash
Adjuntant Melhem Saeed Muallem
Adjuntant Walid Mahmoud el Hajj
Adjuntant Raymond Toufic Eess
Sergeant First Class Jean Girgis Elias
Sergeant First Class Wissam Mohamad Chaker
Sergeant First Class Ayash Hamad Rostoum
Sergeant First Class Youssef Hussein Shooman
Sergeant First Class Ali Nazim Hamieh
Sergeant First Class Nasser Mustapha Hassan
Sergeant First Class Ali Khodr al Achkar
Sergeant First Class Rami Hasan Saab
Sergeant Nazih Ali Nader
Sergeant Mazen Fawzat al Aawar
Sergeant Abed al Salam Saleh
Sergeant Khaled Abdel Jaleel Teleeji
Sergeant Shadi Mahmoud Rostum
Sergeant Chaoki Farhan Mahmoud
Sergeant Bilal Riad Al Amoudi
Sergeant George Antoin Akl
Sergeant Omar Imad al Hajj
Sergeant Mahmoud Mohamad Darwiche
Sergeant Mohamad Ahmad al Hajeeri
Sergeant Mohamad Diab Dara
Sergeant Bassam Mohamad Eisheh
Sergeant Edouard George Khattar
Sergeant Ossama Noureddine al Rifaii
Sergeant Elias Dani Aazar
Sergeant Pierre Amine Bou Dale3
Sergeant George Boutros Tannouri
Sergeant Hussein Khalil Karenby
Sergeant Bassam Girgis Ayoub
Sergeant Mohamad Yasir el Ibrahim
Sergeant Jack Milan Sassine
Sergeant Issam Ahmad al Musilmani
Sergeant Girgis Antonious al Bizri
Sergeant Elias Melhem al Ba3ini
Sergeant Chadi Halim al Jalbout
Sergeant Ali Rafik Moussa
Sergeant Khodr Ali Hrouk
Sergeant Nicola Fahmi Naeemeh
Sergeant Osama Mounir Siyoufi
Sergeant Jad Joseph Makhlouf
Sergeant Walid Ahmad Abdeh
Corporal Mohamad Khaleefeh al Khodor
Corporal Maher Hasan al Halak
Corporal Jihad Khaled al Shomtieh
Corporal Mohamad Mahmoud Nizam
Corporal Acher Mohamad al Berri
Corporal Ziad Ahmad Hoblus
Corporal Youssuf Hussein Mohamad
Corporal Nasser Hassan Nasser
Corporal Firas Mohamad Soffan
Corporal Roy Asaad al Boustani
Corporal Ahmad Moustafa al Masri
Corporal Farouq Ezeddine al Moukhlalati
Corporal Bilal Azwan al Hajj Ahmad
Corporal Mehdi Mohamad Deeb al Masbooh
Corporal Mohamad Ahmad Ali
Corporal Mohamad Malek Ramadan
Corporal Mo'men Aamer al Hosni
Corporal Yehia Mustapha al Musulmani
Corporal Bassem Aziz Ahmad
Corporal Mohamad Saheel al Hussein
Corporal Mohamad Mustapha al Sheika
Corporal Saad Mohamad Qassem
Corporal Ahmad Mahmoud al Hamad
Corporal Mahmoud Mohamad al Rahmoun
Corporal Fadi Ahmad al Danaoui
Corporal Saadallah Riad Mostou
Corporal Sakr Nassib Abou Ali
Corporal Mahmoud Abdallah Khodr
Corporal Abdel Rahman Mahmoud Mustapha
Corporal Sari Kassem al Ali
Corporal Majed Elias Girgis
Corporal Abdallah Mohamad Taleb
Corporal Khaled Mustapha Sabsabi
Corporal Mohamad Osman al Hussein
Corporal Elias Hana al Ahmar
Corporal Milad Hana Saadeh
Corporal Abdallah Mohamad Ismail
Corporal Elie Motanous Girgis
Corporal Mohamad Farouq al Halak
Corporal Rony Boutros al Najjar
Corporal Louis Ibrahim Harb
Corporal Rami Samir Hazmi
Corporal Taleb Hussein Al Khateeb
Corporal Khaled Ahmad Taleb
Corporal George Asaad Naameh
Corporal Joneid Ossman Aabdallah
Corporal Arkan Kamal Akl
Corporal Ali Aaoud Kanaan
Corporal Mohamad Hassan al Hojeiri
Corporal Rabih Ahmad Mustapha
Corporal Tala' Qassem el Haff
Corporal Mustapha Khodr el Chami
Corporal Dany Shehadeh Hanna
Corporal Mustapha Hussein Malas
Corporal Ali Ahmad Chams
Corporal Mahmoud Ali Ali Ahmad
Corporal Yehia Mohamad al Achkar
Corporal Ahmad Hassan Abed el Fattah
Corporal Ahmad Khaled Mohrez
Corporal Mohamad Ahmad Jeneid
Corporal Mohamad Ahmad Ayoub
Corporal Hassan Mohamad Ghosn
Corporal Mohamad Ghazi Moueen
Corporal Abdallah Mustapha Aoueik
Corporal Rajeh Jameel Wardeh
Corporal Abbas Mohamad Ali Fawaz
Corporal Mustapha Mohamad Borghoul
Corporal Tarek Mustapha Hammoud
Corporal Mohamad Hussein Jamal
Corporal Ahmad Ali Aableh
Corporal Hassan Ibrahim Bakeer
Corporal Abbas Mashhour el Masri
Corporal Hussein Nasreddine Aala'eddine
Corporal Sobhi Ali el Abbass
Corporal Hassan Mohamad Noureddine
Corporal Khaled Hassan Khalaf
Corporal Ahmad el Sayyed Ahmad
Corporal Mustapha Ahmad Seyfeddine
Corporal Bassam Ahmad Taleb
Corporal Ali Khaled el Rifaii
Corporal Ali Rashed el Wahem
Corporal Mohamad Ghadi Zogheib
Corporal Ali Mohamad Haoshar
Corporal Mohamad Khodr el Khodr
Lebanese Red Cross Volunteer Boulos Maamari
Lebanese Red Cross Volunteer Suleiman Haytham

God Bless You and May You Rest in Peace


  1. I'm no expert in arabic army ranks so if anyone spots any errors please let me know asap.

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Sharaf, tad7iya, wafa2 ... "Honor, Sacrifice, Loyalty" is the Lebanese army's motto. You lived up to each of these words ... The Lebanese bow to your courage ... RIP ....

  3. BJ,

    Great post. May God have mercy on their souls, and may their death not be in vain...

  4. fubar9:45 AM

    May the nation be awakened by your fidelity and honorable service; and rise up to be worthy of your sacrifice.

    Rest in peace.

  5. BJ,
    This is the leat we can for them, may their sould rest in peace....

    Hope you anf your loved ones are ok.

    This is the "Grand Finale" and those behind all this destruction WILL PAY....

  6. May their souls rest in peace :(

  7. boys so young. thanks for putting a face to the name. allah yisaber ahlun

  8. May they rest in peace.

    Pls may i ask a favor, can you remove their pics and just keep the names?

    i found this more respectful for their status of military personel, so they are only remembered by their actions.

  9. Roch, we all share in ur wish to respectfully remember these men for their bravery and sacrifice, that is why this post is up.

    Not being a military man myself I was unsure of how to best honor them, so I took my cue from the Lebanese Army website which presented a similar tribute (click on the image at the foot of the post).

    Our hearts and prayers are genuinely with the families of these fallen heroes.

  10. Anonymous8:01 PM

    You honor Lebanon's fallen heros. Empatic (but unsaid) evidence of their bravery is their rank: first line field leaders who showed their troops the way.

  11. Arabic Coffee Pot5:05 PM

    I hope all Lebanese start to appreciate the sacrifice these men have laid down so that we can be free of tyranny...

    ...FREE OF TYRANNY!!! These aren't just words, this is blood being spilled for it! Wake up!!!

  12. The best way we can honour them is to stand united as a country in support of our army.

    May God bless the souls of our fallen heros, be they soldiers or red cross volunteers.

  13. Renée C.7:00 AM

    Beutiful tribute, thank you. May their ultimate sacrifice for a Free Lebanon be remembered by all, and may God bless their loved ones who remain behind to continue the fight.

  14. Anonymous7:23 AM

    The numbers keep piling up...

    ...God Bless Them.

  15. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Ah all this empathy and support. They are after all doing a tough job. Although I would like to ask of the people commenting here. How many of you ran away from the army service right after university to work or study abroad?

  16. Jimmy4:01 PM

    Thats an irrelevant question, conscription was canceled by the time of this conflict!

  17. Anonymous3:27 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. True Blue10:23 PM

    God Bless Them.

  19. kheireddine6:28 AM

    Poor guys, dying so young. My deepest sympathy to their families.

  20. All yer7amoun. They surely are heroes.

  21. Yes, they are. Thank you for giving us their faces, BJ.


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