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Breaking News: Grenade Attack on ISF

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Houses burn after fighting between the Lebanese army and Palestinian Fatah Islamist militants at the Palestinian Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon May 29, 2007. The Lebanese army launched artillery shells at the Palestinian refugee camp on Tuesday and militants barricaded inside fired mortars in the heaviest fighting there in a week. REUTERS/Jerry Lampen (LEBANON)


Tuesday, May 29th, 2007:

The Associate Press reports:
Heavy clashes erupted Tuesday between Lebanese troops and Fatah Islam militants in a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon — the sharpest escalation after a weeklong truce.

Lebanese army artillery struck positions on the northern edge of the camp and near the Mediterranean coast, apparently seeking to prevent any attempt by militants to flee by sea.

Reports from Lebanon indicate that Fatah al Islam militants have attacked Lebanese Army positions with mortar and sniper fire throughout the latest confrontation, leading to the injury of at least two Lebanese Army soldiers. The Lebanese Army has responded with a significant artillery barrage.


Sunday, May 27th, 2007:

Lebanese security services are in pursuit of a car from which it is believed a hand grenade was launched, leading to the injury of four people, two of whom are members of the country's Internal Security Forces. The attack occured at an ISF checkpoint in the Barbir district of the capital, Beirut, the grenade was reported to have been thrown from a bridge running above the checkpoint.

According to the Lebanese daily, the Dailystar,

Security sources said the blast was caused by a concussion grenade thrown at an ISF position and initial reports indicated that the injuries were not serious. Concussion grenades are designed to disorient rather than to wound.

The Dailystar also reported on a video broadcast by a group calling itself "Al-Qaeda in Greater Syria" which threatened to strike at Christians in Lebanon, "tourism and trade", if the Lebanese Army resumed shelling of the Nahr el Bared Refugee Camp where Fatah al Islam militants have been bunkered down in a confrontation with the Army in the wake of an earlier attack on Army outposts around the camp.

According to the paper,

The video specifically threatened "the traitor Jewish agent, Lebanese Forces leader [Samir Geagea] and ... the ally of the disbelievers who is greedy and ambitious to become the king of Lebanon, Michel Aoun." Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Butros Sfeir was also threatened.

"If you do not stop firing on our family I warn ... after today not one Christian in Lebanon will be safe ... Just as you strike, you will be struck."

The threat came as Lebanese news services reported clashes along the southern entrance to the Nahr el Bared camp between Lebanese Army units and Fatal al Islam gunmen.

The Dailystar reported on Sunday evening that,

The army is alert to possible infiltrations by militants from the Fatah al-Islam," the army source told The Daily Star on condition of anonymity. "Several members of the group were arrested in Tripoli and within the vicinity of the camp" over the weekend, he said.
Meanwhile, in an interview given to the paper on Sunday, Youth and Sports Minister Ahmad Fatfat (a prominent member of the Future Movement) declared that
"We are waiting for the Palestinians factions to reach a final decision on how to deal with the issue of Fatah al-Islam,"..."The army continues to maintain security on the ground."

[The minister also] denied earlier media reports that the government had set a deadline of mid-week for a solution to be negotiated. "We have put no time restraint [on the negotiations],"
News services also reported the arrival of eight cargo planes over the weekend with US military aid. Media reports said the planes carried ammunition, body armor, helmets and night-vision equipment.


  1. Anonymous3:35 AM

    This attack seems to be coming for Dahyieh since in Dahyieh they make propaganda about the ISF 24ht... 7/7

  2. Anonymous7:57 AM

    here we go again. same s**t, different day. so now they could not get sunni/shia confrantation, sunni/sunni confrantation is not shaping up too well (as they had hoped), now they want to go the last route of christian/muslim. this will not work. if this was not so scary, i would laugh, however the only thing more laughable is bashar's so called election. he won. i would like to know against whom?
    jade, thanks for keeping us posted. you are ahead of everybody on the updates.
    i know many believe that the americans are behind this. i can't see them completely innocent, however, putting hariri in the same boat is crazy. for hariri to support such lunatics would be political suicide. may god help the poeple of lebanon.

  3. Anonymous8:01 AM

    oh btw, wanted to comment about something a little off subject. i know that you have an article indicating the achille lauro hijacker is in the camps. wasn't the achille lauro hijacking the incident where leon klinghoffer (sp) was pushed off the boat? and the head of that operation was abu abbas (nome de guerre)? and i believe he died in iraq 2 years ago in american custody from heart failure and was not able to get medication. im old enough to remember the story clearly. but i believe that was the story, unless somebody can correct me. thx

  4. Update: Monday, May 28th, 2007

    Lebanese news services are reporting the death of two men, a Syrian national and a Lebanese one, after they were shot by the Lebanese Army on the road leading to Beirut International Airport.

    According to preliminary reports the men were shot when they did not heed an order to stop at an Army checkpoint along the road. The incident reportedly occured at approximately 6:00 pm local time.

    This comes after a week of terrorist attacks against the country's touristic targets.

    Meanwhile, heavy fighting was reported around the Nahr el Bared camps as Syrian-backed Fatal al Islam gunmen launched attacks on Army positions.

  5. Reports from Lebanon indicate that a sound grenade was thrown at the Zahleh Municipal building at approximately 9:00 pm on Monday night.

    Zahleh is a predominantly Christian city in Lebanon's Bekaa valley.

  6. Anonymous2:05 PM

    "Syrian-backed Fatal al Islam"

    While the rest of the world debates who is backing these people, only Blacksmith knows the truth...

    Think I got a cold this morning. I believe the virus is Syrian backed and is trying to topple me.

    "As long as one can blame the other, one need not look at oneself"

  7. Jimmy2:41 PM

    The only people still 'debating' are the ones who'd blame their mothers before blaming Syria...

    ...get a life Anonymous.

  8. Haha,
    Apparently Anonymous believes that its logical for a journalist and free speech advocate to get 12 years jail time while Shaker Absi (accused of plotting against the state..with weapons and what not) got 3 years, was released, and haphazardly ended up in Lebanon with about 200 other fighters who came in via Syria, armed and ready to go.

    Yes you're right Anonymous big mystery!! As always, stop pushing your propaganda, argue the points or leave.

  9. Update: Tuesday, May 29th, 2007
    More bad news from Leb as a Lebanese Army soldier was killed by sniper fire yesterday emanating from the Nahr el Bared Refugee Camp (where Syrian-bakced Fatah al Islam fighters continue to battle the Lebanese Army).

  10. Anonymous5:14 PM

    " Shaker al Absi the leader of Fatah al Islam was in Syrian jail, but Syria never disclosed how he was freed from jail and under what conditions. Syria is saying that Fatah al Islam is part of al Qaida , but no body at Qaida is saying so . Syria is lying and Fatah al Islam is a Syrian backed operation. "

    By Saad Hariri

  11. Update: Tuesday May 29th, 2007
    The FPM official website reported that Lebanese Internal Security Forces had arrested a Saudi national believed to be a member of the Syrian-backed Fatah al Islam militant group, in Beirut's predominantly Christian Aschrafieh district.

    The arrest is said to have taken place close to the Rizk Hospital. According to the site, a search of the man's house revealed counterfeit Lebanese identity papers.

  12. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Lebanese security agents arrested a terrorist mastermind at a Beirut hotel Tuesday and confiscated a list of targets for possible terrorist attacks, a reliable source told Naharnet.

    The source said the suspect was carrying a forged Lebanese identity card that identified his first name as Agop, which is a common Armenian name.

    However, the suspect is a national of a gulf country and has been living in a hotel in Beirut's Ashrafiyeh district for 10 days, according to the source.

    The source, who asked not to be identified, said Police anti-terrorism officers busted the suspect's suite, arrested him and confiscated at least 10 forged passports for Arab and western countries.

    The bust also resulted in confiscating "maps, pictures and lists of names for targets of terror attacks in Lebanon, the Arab world and Europe," the source added

    He said the bust was a "major catch. We have foiled a series of terrorist attacks that would have claimed thousands of lives if carried out," the source told Naharnet.

    The suspect's "hotel suite" had been under surveillance for a while, the source said.

    He said Fatah al-Islam terrorists arrested by police in the northern town of Tripoli "told investigators about the suspect."

    Police have arrested at least 90 people suspected of affiliation with the Fatah al-Islam terror network that is based in north Lebanon's Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared.

  13. Jimmy7:05 PM

    The suspect's "hotel suite" had been under surveillance for a while, the source said.

    He said Fatah al-Islam terrorists arrested by police in the northern town of Tripoli "told investigators about the suspect."


  14. Renée C.7:54 PM

    Found this posted in Naharnet's comments. I don't understand why some people can't see how Iran/Syria is causing all the turmoil in the region. They cause the mess, and then they offer THEIR solution.


    Teheran, 29 May (AKI) - Iran could be on the verge of unveiling a plan to resolve the current political impasse in Lebanon, Arab newsreports say. The plan's architect is Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani, the Dubai-based satellite broadcaster, Al-Arabiya, and other news organisations report.

    The proposal rests on four points: the creation of a Lebanese national unity government; all-inclusive presidential electons; the transformation of Hezbollah into a fully-fledged poltical party, and organising a trial - without involving the UN - for those charged in the February 2005 assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Raqfiq Hariri.

    Iranian officials have not confirmed or denied the reports.

  15. Arabic Coffee Pot8:41 PM

    Looks like the fighting is very intense tonight after the Army responded very heavily to a Fatah al Islam mortar attack on their forward positions.

    They should destroy those scum!
    GO ARMY!!

  16. Update: Tuesday May 29th, 2007
    The Lebanese Forces official website has reported that one officer and one soldier in the Lebanese Army were injured in an earlier mortar attack on their position.

    The website also reported that at least one civilian has been injured in confrontations between the Syrian-backed Fatah al Islam group and the Lebanese Army. According to the site, a man was hit by sniper fire from the camp. Red Cross volunteers were unable to immediately reach the victim due to heavy sniper fire from the camp.

    Heavy fighting is being reported at the camp as well as a fire.

  17. Anonymous10:55 PM

    There is artillery fire from the army into the HQ of FAI. Also there is flares to brighten the camp.

  18. Anonymous11:46 PM

    The Saudi ambassador to Lebanon, Abdul Aziz Khoja, told Al-Hayat that up to now four Saudis have been killed in the ongoing clashes between the Lebanese army and the Fatah Al-Islam group, but they have yet to be identified.

    From Lebanese Lobby

  19. lloyd3:51 AM

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