Monday, May 21, 2007

Breaking News: Explosion in Verdun, Beirut

A car bomb is beleived to have gone off at 11:00 pm in the Verdun district of Beirut city. The explosion is reportedly in the vicinity of the Scoozi restaurant and the Dunes shopping mall, and might have occured in the parking lot of the Russian Cultural Center. Lebanese televison footage shows a fire now burning in the Mandarine building. The building is approximately 200 meters from the residence of the country's Speaker of Parliament. News services have placed the number of injured at 8, with zero deaths. Civil Defence units are now in the process of evacuating the residents of the Mandarine building as a fire rages through it.

Verdun is a predominantly Muslim district of the city, known for the large number of affluent shops and restaurants that line its main street.


  1. Arabic Coffee Pot12:06 AM

    Syria's political allies in Lebanon have launched an attack on the government!!!

    Starting from Aoun, to Wi'am Wahab, to Fathi Yakan, MIchel Samaha, to comments by Hizballah officials, they are now calling for the resignation of the government, all citing an article by American reporter Seymoure Hersch, all accusing the gov't of covertly sponsoring Fatah al-Islam.

    This appears to be another attempt to topple the government, a new coup, this time making use of Syria's armed thugs in the Palestinian Refugee Camps.

  2. fubar3:33 AM

    Thanks for covering this as well as you are.

  3. Thanks fubar.

    I don't know if I'll be able to keep it up tomorrow though as I will have to attend to some work.

    If anyone has has any updates, please don't hesitate to put them up in the comments sections!

  4. Good coverage, BJ.. it is as informing as the local news


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