Thursday, May 24, 2007

Breaking News: Explosion in Aley

Fellow blogger, Anton Efendi, provides excellent commentary as well as some riveting information on the orchestrated terror campaign gripping the country. Read up people!


Well if you haven't heard about it yet, here it is:

The Naharnet news website reports:

[At approximately 9:40 pm] a bomb exploded in the mountain resort town of Aley east of Beirut Wednesday night, wounding at least five people, a senior security official said.

Aley is a stronghold of Druze leader Walid Jumblat, a main figure in the anti-Syrian parliamentary majority.

Jumblat pointed the finger at Syria, which he said was trying to block a U.N. resolution to set up an international tribunal to try suspects in the 2005 killing of former Premier Rafik Hariri.

"These bombs are planted because the Security Council is about to intervene and adopt the tribunal," he told CNN. "This is why the Syrian regime is trying to terrorize us and say 'if you adopt the resolution, this is an example of what will happen in Lebanon'" (emphasis added).

Telecommunications Minister Marwan Hamadeh, who survived an assassination attempt in Beirut on October 2004, was also quick to accuse Damascus.

"After the failure of the discord which they (Syrians) wanted to stir through Nahr al-Bared, the explosions have resumed," he told the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya television station."This is an attempt to sow discord, to terrorize the Lebanese in order to ruin the upcoming tourism season," Hamadeh said.

Lebanese news website, YaLibnan, revealed that the bomb had been placed in a suitcase, hidden beneath a flight of stairs. It also reported that another bomb had been discovered nearby but was succesfully defused.

This explosion is the third in a series of attacks that have all targetted tourists hotspots across Lebanese and ahead of the country's popular summer tourist season. Another explosion was averted yesterday when security services intercepted a terrorist cell on its way to striking another popular mountain resort town.

Many thanks to our loyal readers who kept us all up-to-date on the explosion and the worrying developments over the past few days. Mafi minkoon!

(As always, these images were taken from Yahoo!News)


  1. Anonymous2:10 AM

    Damn this Freakin' Syrian regime. Notice that only March 14 areas get targeted, whether Christian druze or Sunni. Food for thought: I haven't seen Aoun's areas (where he is popular) or Hizbo'a areas ever being targeted . I mean c'monm, can this freakin regime or the lebanese oppistion be more stupid???????????????

  2. Jimmy2:21 AM

    That Syrian suckling nobody, Suleiman Franjieh, likened PM Siniora to Israel's Ehud Olmert today.

    Somebody should remind Franjieh of his place, at the foot of the Syrians' dinner table begging for crumbs.

  3. Anonymous3:48 AM

    teslam ya 3askar lebanan ya 7ami isti2lalna, jbeenak 3ali bil meedan, rafa3telna jbeena ...

  4. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Bashar the alawite criminal dictator of Syria has declared open war on Lebanon via his allies on one hand and his terrorist agents on the other...So the question is, will Lebanon yield and fall back under Syrian tutelage?

  5. Renée C.4:57 AM

    Not as long as the Lebanese stand united for March 14.

  6. Anonymous5:00 PM

    " I mean c'monm, can this freakin regime or the lebanese oppistion be more stupid?"

    Yeah I know. Its so obvious, you'd think they would see it... In fact why dont pro government people start putting bombs in March 14 areas, then Syria and the opposition would get even more..... oh hold on.....

    "likened PM Siniora to Israel's Ehud Olmert today"

    Yeah I know, how insulting to Olmert is that?!

    "Not as long as the Lebanese stand united for March 14"

    Good luck with that.

  7. The number of wounded in the attack has been revised to 16, two of them (a Syrian and a Lebanese) are in serious condition.

  8. another insightful comment by anonymous ladies and gentlemen

    keep it's entertaining

  9. Anonymous6:12 PM

    I know, winding up those that are already wildly hysterical is very entertaining

  10. Jimmy6:44 PM

    Good Anonymous,

    Have your laugh while the country burns, so long as you can get a cheap-shot at Hariri and co right? Very good.

  11. Anonymous12:41 AM


    you know, your rhethoric is that of a typical Aounist arsonist lame, get a new line syrian stooge

  12. Arabic Coffee Pot5:44 PM

    It was revealed today (Friday), that 15 Kg of TNT were used in the attack


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