Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Breaking News: Army Advances on Fatah al-Islam

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Fellow blogger, Abu Kais, provides excellent perspective on the day's events.


"We renounce Fatah al-Islam. Members of the group are wanted by the Syrian security services," Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said, according to the official news agency SANA.

If it wasn't for the devastating and tragic nature of the events that have unfolded over the past 3 days I would laugh!

Let me say something about this statement and the way the Syrian regime deals with 'terrorists'. An intellectual, a journalist, a pacifist in Syria by the name of Dr. Kamal Labwani, was jailed for 12 years (reduced from a life sentence with hard labor), not too long ago, for simply signign a document in Beirut calling for better relations between the two states. The sentence Syrian authorities claim to have handed down on to the leader of Fatah al Islam? Three years with hard labor. People get that for litering in Syria!

The sentence was a joke, their claims of detachment from the group are a joke. This group was is made up of a bunch of fundamentalist radicals, some of whom existed in Lebanon already, some of whom were brought in by the Syrians. This group is being actively manipulated by the Syrian regime and put to use in Lebanon to "set the country on fire", as a punishment for its wish to break free of Syria's dictatorial grip, and as a punishment for wanting to live in freedom.


Lebanese news website, YaLiban, has provided details on the camps in Lebanon:

Mar Elias camp ............612 refugees
Burj el-Barajneh camp...15,484 refugees
Dbayeh camp................4,002 refugees
Shatila camp.................8,212 refugees
Ein el-Hilweh camp .......45,004 refugees
Mieh Mieh camp............4,473 refugees
El-Buss camp..... ..........9,287 refugees
Rashidieh camp..... ......25,745 refugees
Burj el-Shemali camp....18,625 refugees
Nahr el-Bared camp......30,439 refugees
Beddawi camp..............15,641 refugees
Wavel camp.................7,551 refugees
Dikwaneh & Nabatieh (destroyed camps) .....16,282
+ 9,595 refugees distributed throughout the camps.


Update (10:30 am):

Reports from Lebanon indicate that Fatah al-Islam's number 2 man has been wounded. Meanwhile, the group has belatedly claimed responsibility for two bomb attacks (Aschrafieh, Verdun) on popular shopping malls throughout Beirut on Sunday and Monday night.


Fighting erupted in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday as the Lebanese Army advanced on positions held by Fatah el-Islam militants in the Nahr el-Bared Refugee Camp. This as a number of witnesses reported Army tank and artillery reinforcements being moved into the vicinity of the camp late last night.

According to Lebanese news services, the assault commenced around 5:00 am local time, with a heavy artillery barrage. By 9:00 am Lebanese Army special forces units had forced their way into the camp, overrunning a number of Fatah al Islam outposts within the camp and taking a number of prisoners in the process.

Meanwhile the Lebanese Army has revealed that 3 soldiers killed late in the fighting yesterday, were victims of a Fatah al-Islam suicide bomber.

Our prayers go out to the families of the fallen heroes.


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  1. 10:52 am: They are not claiming responsibility for the bombs anymore. There is a protest in the Bedaoui/Baddawi camp in support of the Lebanese government in its fight with Fatah al-Islam.

  2. where are the international forces now?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  3. The protest is a sign of weakness. At this stage of the "game", they should be activating other cells.

    That they have not done so already is either a sign of weakness, or a sign of restraint.

  4. Anonymous3:45 PM

    We are loosing the PR campaign, Al Jazeera and other networks are attacking the Lebanese army because according to them it is killing civilians in the process of uprooting this terrorist group...This is very dangerous, if the camps all go into open revolt because of misconception, then the Lebanese army will be broken and thin stretched. Then the time will be right for the Syrians to sent their armies again and re-invade Lebanon under the pretext it is protecting the Lebanese and especially the Christians against radical Palestinians from the camps, what a plan, what an old trick, but it is might work for them...God help Lebanon :(

    1976 redux???

  5. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I think the lebanese army is doing an outstanding job. they are stuck in the middle. on the one hand, they need to eliminate the enemy, and on the other hand, they are not allowed in the camps (until today that is). they had no choice to but to shoot and hope to get the cowards that are hiding the among civilians. it is unfortunate that the civilian population is getting caught in the cross hairs. sounds reminiscent of ha during the july war. hiding among civilians and expect not to have civilian casualties, and when there are, they are screaming the loudest.
    considering that they are fighting a shadow, the army is doing great. may god bless them.

  6. Tannious4:28 PM

    The residents of Tripoli called the Army and told them about some militinats who went to hide in a building. The Army came to the building and is perfroming searches of it.

  7. Hey, here's a quick update from what I've read at work.

    Some of the fighting has spilled onto the streets of Tripoli. Specifically the Abdo building and its vicinity, were some terrorists are holed up and were units of the ISF's Special Forces and the Army are conducting raids, near the Tamer gas station on Tripoli's highway, and Metein street, were the Army has been fighting some extremists (one of whom blew himself up).

  8. The Abdo building turned out to be free of any terrorists. Meanwhile Fatah al Islam have denied that they were responsible for the 2 bomb attacks and have said their #2 wasn't wounded. Conflicting stories from the group!

  9. Anonymous4:51 PM

    At approximately 1:30 pm local time, a ceasefire took hold and humanitarian agencies were able to enter the camp to provide the residents there with supplies and to evacuate the dead and wounded.

  10. Anonymous4:54 PM

    At 3:20 pm fighting resumed in Tripoli, as a militant was again believed to be hiding in the Abdo building. He later blew himself up.

    Another militant blew himself up as he was being surrounded by security forces.

  11. Jimmy5:16 PM

    5:00 pm: The ISF reported that it shot a rocket at him, he didn't blow himself up.

    Fatah Islam terrorists continue to be pursued in Tripoli.

  12. A de facto ceasefire is now holding around the camp as humanitarian organisations continue to deliver supplies and evacuate the dead and wounded.

    The Lebanese Government has order the Lebanese Army to whipe out Fatah al Islam!

  13. Arabic Coffee Pot5:22 PM

    Al nour reporter :

    Cease fire is on...the convoy of red cross and UN entered accompaniying a large number of reporters...
    he adds that the convoy is being shot at by many snipers of fath el islam.
    The army is not shooting back to ensure the safety of the convoy and the reporters.
    The electricity cables of the camp are cut...the Fuel stations are destroyed...but the life in the camp seems fair enough...there are some civilian casualties but not more than odd cases.

  14. I'd like to thank all those readers who contributed to this comments section.

    Your thoughts, feelings, and news updates are greatly appreciated!

  15. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Using tactics that cannot be responded to without harming civilians has become an enormously effective method of gaining sympathy and support.

    You can't blame them for doing what works.

  16. Anonymous6:14 PM

    " it is unfortunate that the civilian population is getting caught in the cross hairs. sounds reminiscent of ha during the july war. hiding among civilians and expect not to have civilian casualties, and when there are, they are screaming the loudest"

    Who needs Israeli propoganda when u got buckeye....

    Hey maybe Hariri Inc will now know that if you play with fire you get burned and that arming radical Wahabis is like thinking you have control of a wild animal just cuz u give him some scraps

  17. Anonymous6:21 PM

    ISF wounded and injured after the fath al islam terrorist blew himself up while he was surrounded by them in a Tripoli building (outside the refugee camp).


  18. Arabic Coffee Pot6:24 PM

    Al Arabiya reported that Lebanese President Emile Lahoud called for the formation a national unity government and for an end to the sit-in in downtown beirut

    Looks like the army needs to withdraw some of their units from Downtown Beirut, and that Hizballah's sit-in downtown is preventing the Army from sending reinforcements to their comrades in the North!

  19. Anonymous6:37 PM

    5:51 pm: Al Manar says UNRWA convoys under attack, 4 dead. UNRWA says it is evacuating children and pregnant women.

  20. Anonymous6:59 PM

    7:00 pm: The Arab League has condemned Fatah al Islam and declared its support for the Lebanese Army

  21. Arabic Coffee Pot7:08 PM

    The White House has declared that those behind the three days of fighting in Lebanon are actively trying to sabotage the International Tribunal!

  22. Orange Storange8:12 PM

    A truce declared by the militant group Fatah al-Islam in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon ended soon after it was announced Tuesday, when a U.N. relief convoy in the camp came under fire.

    A U.N. relief official in Beirut told CNN that three of the group's vehicles were hit, and between eight and 10 U.N. workers trapped inside the Nahr el-Bared camp were trying to get out.

    Source: CNN.com

  23. Arabic Coffee Pot8:26 PM

    'The United States reaffirms its support for Prime Minister (Fuad) Siniora and Lebanon's legitimate and democratically elected government as it faces down the threat of terrorism and political violence,' said White House spokesman Tony Snow.

    'We will not tolerate attempts by Syria, terrorist groups or any others to delay or derail Lebanon's efforts to solidify its sovereignty or to seek justice in the Hariri case -- or for that matter to take on the violence that continues to plague the country,' he told reporters.

    'We believe those behind the attacks have two clear goals: to disrupt Lebanon's security and to distract the international attention from the effort to establish the special tribunal for Lebanon,' said Snow.


  24. Anonymous8:39 PM

    8:40 pm: Fighting erupted again about an hour ago

  25. Anonymous8:58 PM

    to the orangina retard who posted here accusing the gov of supporting wahabi terrorists who are trying to topple it, I tell you go buy a brain from Dahyieh, they have deals on used ones now...

  26. Anonymous9:22 PM

    LBC: The lebanese government officially asked help from the US government in the form of 280 million dollars, 220 for the LA and 60 for the ISF. (source: the american embassy)

  27. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Kanaan Naji is the link between Hariri and Fatah Islam

  28. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Seymour Hersch went to Mars and came back, he found a wahabi terrorist there called Kanaan Naji, but it turned out Kanaan was a alwite syrian national from northern Syria

  29. 10:40 pm: Reports from Lebanon indicate that a large number of Nahr el-Bared refugees have been allowed to flee the camp for the neighbouring Baddawi camp.

    The Nahr el-Bared camp has remained calm despite a reported deployment of Fatah al-Islam militants.

  30. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Beirut mood report: Today the traffic was very light, people are scared, they fear leaving home and not coming back, there's a tense mood in the air. It was calm. People noticed a change in the tonality of the Palestinian parties, this caused fears, yesterday the Palestinian parties said they want to end the terrorist group, but today rallies were held in the camps against the government of Saniora and the Leb army. The word on the street is that Damascus put enormous pressure on Palestinians especially Hamas to change the tonality of their statements...God Help Lebanon

  31. Thanks again to all those who contributed.

    1:30 am: Reports from the Nahr el Bared camp have revealed that thousands of Palestinian Refugees are now fleeing the camp towards the city of Tripoli and the Baddawi Refugee Camp.

    The Lebanese Army uncovered a number of gunmen fleeing among the civilians and attempted to apprehend them. The confrontation led to a gunfight and reports indicate several fleeing civilians were hit.

    Reports also indicated that the Lebanese Army was firing flares over the camp.

  32. Anonymous2:17 AM

    كشفت مصادر موثوقة ل¯»السياسة« امس عن ان زعيم عصابة »فتح الاسلام« الارهابية المدعو شاكر العبسي طلب من المخابرات السورية معونات لوجستية عاجلة لعناصره المحاصرين داخل مخيم نهر البارد في شمال لبنان, مشيرة الى ان ضباطا قياديين في المخابرات السورية طلبوا من قائد سلاح البحرية تجهيز قوارب مموهة وتحميلها أسلحة وذخائر ومتفجرات تناسب حرب شوارع والاستعانة بالضفادع البشرية التابعين للقوات البحرية في نقل هذه الاسلحة الى المخيم وذلك بعد اقفال الحدود البرية الشمالية للبنان.
    واكدت المصادر ذاتها ان سورية طلبت من العبسي التراجع فورا عن مسؤولية »فتح الاسلام« عن تفجيري الاشرفية وفردان في بيروت لما في ذلك من اساءة لدمشق وللجماعة ولحلفاء سورية في لبنان.
    وكانت عصابة »فتح الاسلام« تراجعت بالفعل عن تبنيها مسؤولية الاعتداءين, وزعمت ان البيان الصادر باسمها مدسوس وغير صحيح.
    الى ذلك علمت »السياسة« ان وحدة من الجيش اللبناني تمكنت مساء امس من إلقاء القبض على 12 شخصا من التابعية العراقية والسودانية بعيد وصولهم الى مفترق جب جنين - كفريا - جبل الباروك ناحية البقاع الغربي.
    وقال مصدر امني رفيع المستوى ان المجموعة المتسللة لم يكن افرادها يحملون اي اوراق ثبوتية.
    واشار الى تسهيلات قدمت لهؤلاء من عناصر استخبارية سورية مكنتهم من اجتياز الحدود السورية الى داخل الاراضي اللبنانية, معتبرا ان توقيت دخول هذه المجموعة مريب جداً في هذه الفترة التي تشن فيها عصابة »فتح الاسلام« هجمات ارهابية ضد الجيش اللبناني.
    الجدير ذكره ان هذه الشبكة التي ألقي القبض عليها هي الثانية خلال الساعات الماضية, اذ تمكنت قوة من الجيش اللبناني من توقيف خمسة متسللين عراقيين عبر الممر ذاته اول من امس.
    كما يشار في هذا السياق الى ان عصابة »فتح الاسلام« تضم في عدادها عناصر عربية غير فلسطينية ومن بينها سوريون وعراقيون وسودانيون.

  33. The comment posted by anonymous is from the newspaper "el siyasa", that cites "informed sources", basically stating:
    -the leader of "fatah islam" has asked for logistical help from the syrian intelligence services, who in turn have ordered the syrian navy to deliver weapons and ammunition suitable for urban warfare to the camp
    -syrian intelligence has asked fatah islam to deny any links it has with syria, and to deny responsibility for the latest bombings in beirut
    -lebanese authorities have arrested 12 militants, iraqi and sudanese, in the bekaa valley
    -syrian authorities are allowing these militants to cross the border with impunity

    We ask that our readers refrain from posting comments in arabic, or any language other than english, so that everybody can keep track of the latest developments.

  34. Anonymous3:26 AM

    you people do the sam now as the jews did to you not so long a go, but then you all screamt "look at what the jews are doing to us, we don't deserve this. The jews are criminals and what more." Now you are cheering on your army as many jews did for there army. You are a bunch of idiots. And for people asking "where is the international community now?". How about you go clean up your own mess. we don't ask "where is the midlle east now?" when we have a problem in our own country. And seeing most of you think the west and Israel are the devil why would you ask such a question? If your house is on fire are you gonna stand there and ask where your neigbours are and expect them to fix your problems?

  35. Renée C.4:56 AM

    A great big THANKS to all of you for faithfully posting comments regarding the latest news from Lebanon, and in English too, THANK YOU! Go March 14!

  36. Jimmy6:01 PM

    Anonymous, you're an idiot.

    The Lebanese Army and Government have been in constant consultation with Palestinian factions to try and preserve the lives of the innocent civilians in the camp.

  37. Anonymous2:52 AM

    Cheikh Kanaan Naji is a sunnite and not an alawit. He left the Movement of Islamic Unificiation (Tawhid) based in Tripoli and founded by Cheikh Said Chaabane.

    Kanaan Naji is now in the Future Movement.


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