Sunday, May 20, 2007

Breaking News: 48 Killed as Army battles Fatah al-Islam (Updated!)


While calm has returned to the streets of Tripoli, Lebanese news services are reporting that the Lebanese Army is continuing to monitor the sitution in the Nahr el Bared refugee camp and is firing flares over the camp to that effect.

Lebanese news agencies reported a high likelihood of the clashes continuing tomorrow as Syrian sponsored terrorist cells are reported to be mobilizing throughout the country's northern province.

Lebanese news agencies also released details over today's clashes. According to televsion reports 11 soldiers were killed when Fatah al Islam militants raided Army outposts along the perimeter of the Nahr el Bared refugee camp. In Tripoli, Fatah al Islam fighters took two Lebanese youths as hostages, as the Army closed in on the kidnappers, several were killed while one blew himself up and the fourth surrendered. The youths were recovered unharmed.


A massive battle has erupted in northern Lebanon between units of the Lebanese Army and Syrian-backed Palestinian militants operating from the Nahr el-Bared Refugee Camp on the outskirts of the Lebanese city of Tripoli.

Lebanese news website, YaLibnan, reported that "twenty-three soldiers and 19 militants died in the clashes, which erupted before dawn on the edge of the Nahr al-Bared camp and in the nearby Sunni Muslim city of Tripoli in north Lebanon."

According to the site, 15 militants were killed when troops stormed buildings they had occupied in Tripoli and four in the camp, home to 40,000 refugees. Units from the Lebanese Army had moved on security tips that several members of the group, involved in a bank heist a day earlier, were hiding out in a building in the city.

The Lebanese Army reported that clashes began when Fatah al-Islam militants attacked army positions around the refugee camp and within the northern district of the city of Tripoli. Four Lebanese Army soldiers were also killed when their patrol was attacked south of the city of Tripoli (pictures).


"Cabinet minister Ahmad Fatfat, speaking in Tripoli, said the violence was part of efforts to sabotage U.N. moves to set up the international tribunal to try suspects in the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri."

Fatfat told Lebanon's pro-government Future TV: "There is someone trying to create security chaos to say to world public opinion: 'Look, if the tribunal is established, there will be security trouble in Lebanon'."

The minister's comments come in light of reports that Syria's President, Bashar Assad, had threatened the UN's Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, that he would set the region on fire if the UN did not concede to Syrian demands over the International Tribunal.


As the day comes to an end, however, various news websites have reported that the Lebanese Army has reestablished complete control over all sections of the city of Tripoli in which they had been engaging Fatah al Islam militants.

While Lebanese Army reinforcements continued to roll into the city, it residents descended onto the streets (where it was safe enough) and cheered the soldiers on, reaffirming their support and belief in the sovereignty of the state and its monopoly over the use of weapons, as represented through the Lebanese Army.

If this was the first assault in this new phase of the war Syria has declared on Lebanon's sovereignty and stability then the Lebanese have, yet again, won. Throughout the day, the residents of the country's second largest city continuously placed their trust and safety in the hands of the state. Today, the nation as a whole stands united behind its fighting men, and the families of those soldiers who died defending our rights to be free of the terrorists and murderers who have tried, are trying, and will try to stamp out our spirit.


  1. I have seen that on French TV. Apparently, the Lebanese Army was sending M14 vehicles around the camp to "seal" it off. I am a bit worried about sending this kind of armour in though... Most RPG launchers can easily go through that kind of light armored vehicle.

  2. There were many troops and tanks deployed. The army has much local support, and looks like it means business...

  3. Sorry for the irregular posting on the subject today guys...

    ...those bastard Fatah al Islam bastards caught me on a hangover!

    But all kidding aside, today was a day of tragedy for the families of those soldiers killed and my heart goes out to them.

  4. Arabic Coffee Pot11:20 PM

    The Lebanese Army did its bit against these assholes, not its up to Fatah in the Palestinian camps to hit them inside the camp.

  5. Anonymous11:54 PM

  6. Talal1:22 AM


    You and Tayyar are mentally retarded! Believe your stories while Syria burns the country you stupids!

  7. Tannious3:36 AM

    The government has ordered the army to wipe out Fatah al Islam.

    You and your za3im Aoun are delusional buffoons who would gladly see the country burn so that he can sit on the Presidential Chair.

    So here this, Aoun will never be President, you will never be happy, and Lebanon will survive.

    Everyone will be happy except you, and you can whine and bitch and try to cause trouble throughout the country and you will fail.

    Enjoy your misery, I will enjoy living in a free Lebanon!

  8. Jimmy7:29 AM

    Syria declared war on Lebanon today!

    If you're not with Lebanon and its institutions you're with them! Its as simple as that, so if you're with the 'opposition' wake up and stop this bullshit. The problems of Lebanon can be solved once we reinforce the country's institutions: accept the elections, work through parliament!

  9. Anonymous7:58 AM

    General Aoun the Syrio-Iranian and his limited and utterly defunct mental capabilities. You idiot Michel, you will never be president get over it


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