Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vote on a New Poll, Results on the Parliament Crisis

Lebanese, or anyone who visited this blog over the past 12 days and voted on our poll, overwhelmingly support the adherence of the country's political factions to the protocols and institutions laid out in the country's constitution.

That, according to the Blacksmiths of Lebanon (BoL) poll carried out last week (41 respondents), the results of which may not be [surely are not] representative of the entire Lebanese population, or even the entire online Lebanese population, but which do provide a window on the mood pervading the tiny country.

Seeing as this is post [on a poll] of the people, I'll leave further commentary for the section dedicated to...the people...the comments section!

But I do have one thing to announce, a New Poll! on the sidebar (where the old one used to be) dedicated to the latest prophecy from our oracle in a cave. Theres a bevy - yes, a bevy - of choices to choose from (maybe too many? let me know in this post's comments section) but if you don't find one you like let it be known (again in this post's comments section).

So vote away! and I'll see you next week with another poll.


  1. BJ,
    wonderful effort, and excellent blog, i'm a constant reader and a big fan.

    Sorry for not commenting for along time though.

    As for the poll...i think it's very good, but why not allow choosing multible answers at once, for I think that there are many factors, and not just one, that would affect the upcoming events.

  2. Hey Failasoof,
    Thanks for the gf suggested that while I was setting it up actually, but I decided to force a subjective ranking and let people really evaluate what they thought would be the primary mover or cause if a summer conflict were to erupt [or be averted].

    Any ideas for future polls?

  3. I'm also a long time reader and always enjoy the commentary.

    The "choice" I would have liked to see on the poll is "depends" - it depends on whether or not either Hez, Iran or Syria NEED a war. If they do, they will make it happen - if they don't, then it won't happen

  4. Hi Ace,
    Thanks for the suggestion. Again I think the choices up there force a choice on that matter. If you believe Hizballah takes orders from both Iran and Syria then it boils down to who u think will need a war.

    But in any case, I think the choice that is missing is an "I don't know". Its the answer I think everyone would most likely feel comfortable choosing.

    Unfortunately, the poll only allows 10 choices.

    In either case, thanks for your comment and keep sending them in...I still haven't chosen next week's polls so if anyone has any ideas...

  5. BJ - You missed the part about either Iran, Syria or Hezbollah ... so, while I might have voted "I don't know (because, I can't even try to guess) It Depends on who might NEED the war.

    My "burning question" right now is (in view of my conviction that M14 will not give in to the 'opposition') will Aoun break his alliance with HA to salvage anything? Nasrallah has backed himself into a real corner - the Tribunal can't be stopped and the Constitution will take care of Lahoud. Aoun has to see that right now.

  6. On the poll ..... if you can offer 10 choices and the choices are all as difficult as on this poll - consider reserving one of the choices for

    None of the above

  7. Thanks for the suggestion Ace.

    Its interesting to ask whether one thinks there will be a change in alliances once the International Tribunal is passed...

    ...If nothing trumps your suggestion expect to see that poll up on Thursday!


  8. By the way I have an opinion I have been airing among friends (just friends because of a lack of time for posting) about a possible shift that might've been validated this weekend...but I'll say no more so as not to bias any poll results.


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