Thursday, March 15, 2007

Patriarch Games: Appendix - The Sunni Conspiracy

This appendix to the Patriarch Games post aims to outline some of the deeply held conspiracy theories and beliefs permeating much of the Christian community (especially those in the ranks of the pro-Syrian opposition and Aoun's FPM).

It is unfortunate that we have to resort to this kind of a sectarian breakdown but unfortunately that is the nature of the politics that grip the country and the region. It would be naiive to think that factors such as these do not play a factor or should be ignored.

Of course the marginalization of Christians in Lebanese political affairs is exactly the line being pushed by Syria and being adopted by those Christians currently opposed to the government and actively pursuing a policy inline with that of Damascus.

Indeed to the above list of past transgressions of Christian prerogatives those Christians also specifically claim (and again, chief among this group of people is Aoun) that the anti-Syrian parliamentary majority in power today is in reality one driven by Sunni (and to some extent Druze) interests who will use the close relationship they have built with Washington in order to try and effectuate a regime change in Syria the ultimate goal of which will be to install a Sunni government there, thereby bolstering their position in Lebanon and allowing them to take control. Another claim is that this Sunni-led majority will, as always with the help of the Americans, move to nationalize the approximately 400,000 Palestinian refugees currently in Lebanon and the overwhelming majority of whom are Sunnis. This move would inevitably alter the delicate sectarian balance in the country leading to it being "controlled by the Sunnis".

Using this logic as justification, Aoun has forged an alliance with Hizballah (as the representative party of Shiites in Lebanon) and other hitherto unpopular pro-Syrian groups.

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  1. Anonymous8:57 AM


    you said the words that I heard from many people in plain, simple and direct wording. This line of analysis gets us the the core of the real problems between pro and anti government average Joe's. As a pointer though, those fears are not confined to part of the Christian community but are also shared by by a majority of Shia. On the other hand, the pro Government avg. Joe's fear Iran and Syria. Frankly stating and addressing those fears will get us closer to a solution. Courageous post BSJ, heads up.


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