Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Ides of March 2007: Appendix

Alright, here's the appendix for the new posts - a link to which you will find directly above. I'd like to apologise to my fellow bloggers and readers for the lull in activity on the blog. I know the posts haven't been coming as often as they have in the past but I guess thats a symptom of a ballooning workload and...tax season? Anyway I'm going to be updating this series of posts over the rest of the day, and maybe tomorrow, with images and links to go with the text (I wish I could do it now but its 4:30 in the morning and I have work in 3 hours). I hope you enjoy it and I'm looking forward to hearing your comments. Thanks for being so patient (and so forgiving of my graphic design-through-MS Paint skills)!
  1. In which a large portion of the Christian electorate cast votes in his favour deemed as a reaction to the perceived threat of Christian political isolation promulgated by the quadripartite alliance signed by the major Muslim groups (Amal-Hizballah-FM-PSP).
  2. Four ministries within which Aoun was offered in the last round of negotiations in late November, and which he accepted before having to give up as a consequence of the alliance he had struck with the pro-Syrian camp and their Damascus-based orders to reject the compromise and precipitate the crisis.
  3. A cover which has allowed Hizballah to dodge responsibility for approximately $9 billion worth of damage to the country’s infrastructure and revenue; the loss of over 1200 lives; and, perhaps more importantly for the Saudis, allowed Iran to establish a itself as a primary mover in the complex world of Arab regional politics and its relation to the question of Jerusalem, Palestine, and the Israeli front.
  4. Aoun himself is no stranger to (unwittingly – both his supporters and his critics agree) being a tool of Syria’s policy in Lebanon, his two wars – one against the Syrians and the other against Samir Geagea’s Lebanese Forces – in the early nineties are widely blamed for the establishment of a Syrian mandate over the country in subsequent years.
  5. Kidnapped from Lebanon during the civil war (and especially during Aoun’s misplanned war against the Syrians) and taken to Syrian jails where they have been tortured and held without trial or charges for over 13 years now (at least).
  6. With a family like this, who needs a neighbour like Israel to the south? For Hizballah, it is the blood of the residents of the south, written with the help of Israeli cluster bombs, which seems to be their favourite pick for Iran's (and Syria's) messages.

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  1. Arabic Coffee Pot5:03 AM

    Aoun was, is, and will be the downfall of the Christians. For ever and ever.


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