Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Breaking News: Coordinated Bus Bombings in Metn


The blasts occured on two buses ferrying people to work on the Bikfaya mountain highway. Three people are reported dead, and twenty wounded, all civilians. The exact place of the explosion lies on a stretch of highway bearing a giant banner (built into the stone) for the Christian Phalange Party, dating back to the war. The general area in which the explosion took place is a predominantly Christian one, just down the road from the residence of former President, and Phalange leader, Amin Gemayel, father of slain Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel, himself executed in brood daylight by a group of hooded gunmen. The explosion comes on the already tense eve of the second anniversary of the assassination of former Premier Rafic Hariri. He was killed, along with 22 others, when a massive 1-tonne bomb tore through his convoy.
Casualty List (Unconfirmed):
Michel Haddad Kattar
Loris Jamil
Michel Fouad 3atar
Mohammad Mahmoud (Egyptian citizen)
Monia Chidiac
Chadi Saliba
Alain Khoury
Leila Jamil
Nidal Al Achqar (known as Nidal Taqla)
Hala Mazloum
Ain Hanna
Hanna Abu Antoun
Wahib el Murr
Franco Moukarzel
Raghed Abu Haidar
Elsy Siyyah
Lorre Maalouf
Marie Saliba
Najla Abu Haidar
Intisar Abu Wakim
Nimir Husseini
Ne3mat Saliba
Majida Michel Kfoury
(Pictures courtesy of Yahoo!News)


  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    this is bad

  2. Larry3:30 PM

    There should be a big crackdown on Qowmieh!! Or maybe thats what they want??

  3. Renée C.4:24 PM

    I'm so sorry to read about this this morning. My prayers are with the families, and friends of those who are now gone, and those who are wounded.

  4. Qowmyeh, Hezb, Aoun, Berri... regardless of who did it, they will all take the blame for this.

    They better smarten up and stop their nonsense, or we will soon be back to partition and war. And they will not be on the "winning side" this time; there will not be a "Levantine compromise" this time around.

  5. I hope Bashar will be burned by the fire he started, his regime must be destroyed before Lebanon can dream of peace

  6. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Before we go accusing everyone of everything whatever side we're on, i think that its fair to say their might be two sides at fault. For a very long time the ISF has been totally lax about everything. Before, if somebody fired a shot in the air at a wedding the guy would be at the station 3 minutes later. Now there's such a weak ISF presences on the streets wo dinneh filteneh... they are not totally to blame, but one has to admit that the Ahmad-Hassan duo is not working well at all at the Interior Ministry, especially with all the scandalous weapons shipments that are reported to be occuring under their acquisence. Secondly, what in the world was Fatah Islam's abudction of thee ISFers??? And nothing happens???

    On the other hand, Aoun has to stop shielding Syria from critiscm and also the SSNP. The continued sit ins have to halted for good, as it is increasingly lighting up the Shi'ite-Sunni fitneh which is already at very alarming levels. Unfortunately though, the SSNP 'catch' of weapons that don't seem to be so new indicates that are their politicized security actions and this only undermines the ISF's credibility.

  7. AN ACCOUNT OF THE EXPLOSIONS: I've been told that the first bus' explosion was mild (though deadly) compared to the second bus. Apparently the bus driver of the first bus thought that lighting had hit his bus since there happened to be a huge thunderclap at that time. The second bus was not far behind the first bus and stopped after the first explosion. Causualties were severely reduced on the second bus as the driver and passengers left the bus to help the wounded of the first explosion. THe explosion of the second bus occured after many of its passengers had left the bus, thanks to God.

    The details might not be so correct but thats the story as I heard it.

    May God bless the loved ones of the dead and wounded and the wounded!

  8. I would tip here on 2 possible perpetrators.
    The first would be the SSNP for obvious reasons.
    The second would be the LF in order to unify the Christians ahead of tomorrows rally. And that is exactly the reaction which is taking place.

    Politics in Lebanon has always been dirty....and car bombings have always been horrifying. And our lack of investigative abilities and law enforcement efforts make our country a safe haven for bloodthirsty warmongers.

  9. Anonymous11:57 PM

    What about Hassan Nasrallah, could he have done it? he has the strongest army in Lebanon and 33 000 rockets and 6000 militimen experts in explosives!

  10. Anonymous12:49 AM

    sounds like you are making assumptions and passing judgements, and placing blame on the govt with the issue of the weapons, although the govt intercepted the weapons and the weapons belong to ha. and then you make excuses for aoun. give me a break.
    if lf was responsible, are they also respossible for tueni, hawi, kassir? all christians, and all assasinated. sorry, but the lf argument doesn't hold water. those that killed hariri and those mentioned above, are also the same people that are causing all these tragedies. of course don't forget murr and may chidiac with the attempted assasination.
    but i will agree with you that politics is a dirty business.

  11. Jimmy1:04 AM

    I heard that the bomb on the first bus was placed in the back, while the bomb on the second placed in the front.

    So maybe while they were parked one behind the other, someone walked between them, got down and placed the two bombs.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Anon...since you exactly know who placed every single bomb then please enlighten us all.

    First off, the SSNP are the front runner suspects for this. But in order to prove a crime you must define an alternative to your current suspects. Doing anything other than that proves simple mindedness. Are you simple minded anon?
    And the LF(or any group with the same agenda for that matter) could use this event to unify the Christians. It makes perfect logical sense.

    I didn't say that I firmly believe that the LF committed any crimes, but it could have been that they did this once since it makes logical sense. Just ask a couple of your Aounieh friends how they feel today. And they just might be fed up with the opposition. Politics is never what it seems. We in Lebanon have learned that.

  14. Anonymous3:09 AM

    Please stop blaming LF for everything. If you want to bark out Bashar's propaganda go do it in Syria.

  15. Anonymous3:44 AM

    please understand what you are reading before responding, may help your argument a little bit more. first i did not imply i know where the bombs are exactly from, and i am far from a aoun supporter. but based on your argument, you can blame aoun just as you can blame lf because it makes "logical sense". if it looks like a duck, it sounds like a duck, chances are it is a duck.
    that is what is called logic.


  16. Jimmy5:01 AM

    Noone mentioned that these buses were rented for the demonstration. This was a message to keep people away.

  17. Arabic Coffee Pot5:12 AM

    I think Marwan Hamade mentioned the rental.

    It bears mentioning that theres an army barracks (or used to be anyway) not more than 400 meters away from where the explosion took place.

    Just thought I'd mention that (after I read on tayyar that they were placing a security net there after the explosions...a lot of good it will do).

  18. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Arabic Coffe Pot, are you saying that it was the Army's neglicence that allowed this bombing to occur?

    The suspects are many and every side will use this bombing for its own ends. I don't know who did it and it could be literally anybody, I wouldn't be surprised if it was 'X'ers or 'Y'ers the ***ians or the *****is or whomever.

    We need de-escalation on the part of leaders and citizens alike of both sides. The opposition needs to get off the streets, the ISF needs to shapen up and the tribunal (be it through 'negotations') or chapter 7 needs to pass. And Aoun's critiscms left and right are unending and he needs to tone it down for the sake of Christian unity.

  19. Arabic Coffee Pot6:28 AM

    No I'm not. Just thought I'd mention that fact.

  20. Kareem Sinno8:45 AM

    Actually buckeye, I think Wissam's logic is very much in line. You can't blame Aoun much by following the same line of thought. Out of the SSNP, LF, Hariri etc. Aoun's motive would be the weakest...

    The SSNP did it out of revenge for Kataeb, LF and Harirists attacking their offices since Gemayel got killed and during the riots. The act of revenge was announced and that could've been it.

    And the LF or even Future could've comitted it since any act of terror agains Christian citizens would bind the Christian community together. Especially as the Aounieh do not want to seem supportive of this act.

    So yes I do see a point.

  21. Anonymous8:48 AM

    I like this blog. It is very nice. I like the pictures of the snow. It makes me think about my village in the mountains. The reports are written in good English. I can learn English for my school from here.

  22. Arabic coffee pot (aka. PLO blend..hehe)...
    I assume you mean those buses were booked in order to drive down for for the demo tomorrow.
    Those are minibus services, which are privately owned.
    The only people who would know about such an agreement would be the organization who rented the buses services for the day and the owner/driver of the minibuses....
    So I hope you can see where I'm going with this....hehe

  23. Arabic Coffee Pot2:29 PM

    Oh come on...how hard would it have been to find that out in Bteghrine? A very small town in the mountains, loyal to the Murr family - the patriarch of which has long been allied to Syria, and surrounded by mountian towns and villages with historical to the SSNP - Syria's fiercest allies in Lebanon.

    Its smack in the middle of Christian pro-Syrian country. I'm sure they would know which buses were going to participate in today's demos.

  24. Glad you like it anonymous :)


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