Sunday, February 04, 2007

Berri: Government seeks approval of Int'l Tribunal under Chapter 7 of UN charter

Berri's office issued a statement claiming that the Lebanese government has recently sent a letter requesting that the international tribunal be established under Chapter 7 of the UN charter, waiving the requirement for the Lebanese government's approval. He went on to say, "The plot behind not allowing a discussion [over the tribunal] was eventually to resort to Chapter 7 in order to keep up pressure on the Opposition, on the Lebanese and on Lebanon."

Wonderful. So exactly how does this tribunal affect the average Lebanese citizen so much that its worth paralyzing the government, further damaging our already fragile economy and throwing the nation down a spiral of increasingly violent confrontations?



  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    ask the sayyed

  2. Anonymous2:56 AM

    funny how berri is playing victim here. he claims that it was the govt that did not want to discuss the tribunal, yet it was the opposition that wanted to stop it at every cost (even sacraficing the country). i think it is about time that they resorted to chapter 7. hope sayed and istaz are happy now.

  3. Arabic Coffee Pot8:07 AM

    You're right, we should roll over and let the Syrians give it to us good and proper...why be so fussy? Or, we could just let them keep on killing our politicians and journalists. Yay for Berri! (Sarcasm)

  4. ya a27weh 3arabeh! I was being sarcastic towards Berri!


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