Friday, January 26, 2007

More Important Than Politics


  1. I'm at work and can't see the video. You mind telling me whats it about B Jade?

  2. Hey Abu Jaafar,
    Well its a 13 minute movie that is very well made. I recommend you watch it after work, I think you'll like it.

    It sums up everyday people's rejection of the violent political circles we can't seem to break out of.

  3. c'est intersant... merci bro.

  4. Hey blacksmith jade,

    Thanks for ur comment! I did try to do just that (copy paste embedded code) but it didn't work!!! It's ok, people seem to be clicking away at it :)

    Anyways, I've added you to our blogroll.

  5. Thanks Ana, same here :D

  6. Arabic Coffee Pot10:04 PM

    Its about time somebody put a megadeth song in one of those documentaries about the war.

  7. Yeah sure.

    Comparing profoundly non-violent leaders such as Raymond Eddé and Musa Sadr to notorious thugs such as Geagea and Jumblatt: very “clever” indeed!

    Putting Mitterrand and Saddam on par with Brezhnev and Khomeini…when France and Baathist Iraq always fought for Lebanon’s sovereignty while Arafat, Begin and Khomeini burned Lebanese towns and villages!

    Discreetly pro-Hariri propaganda posing as “centrist” pseudo pacifist speech...

  8. Its the overall message that everyone can relate to without getting hung up on the details.

  9. Blacksmith Jade,

    I do not think there is a hell hot enough for our leaders, or a asylum solid enough for our people. They're ALL responsible for this crime, for making it happen, or for sitting idly by as the storm gathered.

    Anyone who nitpics with the video's message deserves Rahbani's treatment; "sa3ideh ya ba, w da3wiss"... His lunatics were indeed right to "blame on the people", not only on the leaders. This war has started, thanks to its many parents.

  10. Anonymous5:48 PM

    if goes to show that in the case of one, terrorism really paid (White-House reception and Nobel Peace prize!!!!) the case of the other, it led to the gallows...


  11. I loved the video. It sort of speaks my mind too. I hope it is the case with most lebanese. I really want for Lebanon a better future than the one that all these thugs are able to provide. I really want to see new people in the office, we should go for technocrats. As for this change to happen, I think it is only possible through a loud but peaceful revolution: Some things can only be changed this way or we have to wait for hundreds of years.

  12. Ya B Jade, still can't see it... you'll have to show it to me later ;)...

  13. Anonymous5:59 AM

    MEGADEATH!!! ya baby

    \m/ (><) \m/

  14. I love it! Thanks for putting it up. Its the people that give power to the zoua3ma2 and certainly we have a fair share of the blame to the extent that we support them.

    And I loved that rabble about the revolution from within!

    You were right BM Jade, the video was for me... and the shepherd is me in the future :p

  15. Excellent video, Megadeth pleased us! Seriously, it has the same message as Sukleen, clean up your own back yard before you go bangin'on your neighbours door.

    But the kids were right to be talking politics. The shepherd had a message, to question your leaders.

    Question authority and vote. It probably won't change anything but you'll fell better carrying those eggs.


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