Sunday, January 28, 2007

The General Responds...

Michel Aoun, leader of the opposition FPM, responded to what Samir Geagea said in his press conference by revealing a startling picture of his own on Al Manar TV Friday night. This picture depicts an LF gunman taking aim at one the various road blocks that the FPM and their allies had set up throughout the country on Tuesday. However, something about the picture he held up wasn't quite right....



(Picture taken from the British Guardian magazine)

(the LF cross on the sleeve was a nice touch)

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  1. Anonymous8:32 PM


    that's all i gotta say...

  2. Anonymous10:04 PM

    This lunatic called Aoun is really is clown...nothing more to say

  3. Lincoln once remarked;

    "you can fool all the people some of the time, and all the people some of the time ,but you cannot fool all the people all the time". Anyone who thinks they can fool the Lebanese are morons...

    But I already know Aoun's spin; they will make it like an FL "planted" the pic to discredit them...

  4. Anonymous1:20 AM

    FPM would like to apologize of the mistake it committed by showing this forget picture..

    we would like to thank the really smart lebanese forces for confirming that all the other pictures are then true....


  5. Jimmy1:52 AM

    What are you talking about anonymous? what other pictures? Please show them or else you prove you are all liars and forgers!

  6. Aoun would rather lie than actually say: "I got nothing"... this guy is pathetic, and what's even more pathetic are his followers..

  7. More pathetic still are the Lebanese... Jeha, you talk as if the Lebanese are 'intelligent'... that's the biggest lie out there.

    A wise people is not savage... like us.

  8. Anonymous5:01 AM

    On the FPM forum they are asking people to submit pics and vidoes of Tuesday's demos... they could've been recieving fakes.

  9. This post is adequately labelled Comedy.

    Antoine Zahra said that he thing Aoun is receiving docotred images (and i btw, wrote the above post0.

    And finally, the picture looks doctored definetley, whether it was deliberately doen by senior FPMers or not I dont know, but any good look at it and you can see that that man is out of place, in terms of sunlight, quality of the picture... and could it have bene that obvious?

  10. Comedy label aside, the point is that Aoun took this doctored photo public in an attempt to discredit a rival Christian party.

    This follows the pattern that Aoun had laid out for himself in national politics, that of eliminating (or attempting to anyway) any other Christian political faction in his quest to being the (sole) "Christian Za3eem" or - on a wider level - attaining the highest post a man of his sect (Maronite) can attain: President of the Republic.

    This is what lead Aoun to run in Kesrewan in the last parliamentary elections, this is what lead him to declare war on the LF in the early 1990's, and this is what drives him today.

    Of course, given all the fuss about these fabricated images of an armed party in the "Christian heartland" (to borrow an expression from Naharnet :P), one would've thought there would've thought the FPM would've been in a sheer uproar at last month's discovery (not fabricated) of weapons and explosives caches belonging to, his dearest of allies, the SSNP. What we got instead was the muted silence all too typical of a group uncomfortable among the hatchet men, hoodlums, and assassins it has chosen to align itself with.

    Until the FPM can wakeup and untangle itself from the narcissistic fantasies of its defunct leader, until it can find a way to climb out of the pit of snakes its leader has thrown it in with, it will remain an accomplice in the destruction of this country (July War: providing political cover for Hizballah; January Offensive: provoking violent confrontations across the country), and its sycophantic members of seemingly little character will continue to find themselves in the uncomfortable position side-by-side with Syria's henchmen, assassins, propagandists, and crooks.

  11. Abu Jaafar,

    Well, wolves and hyenas are intelligent too. And they can also eat their own kind.

  12. BM Jade,
    I get your point. Nonetheless, all of the parties are engaged in mudslingling accusations at eachother. Each side is trying to discredit the other; by my standards, that is no way to justify your actions especially since you just can not expect provacations and breaking of the law to not bring in more of that from the other side.

    Now, as to which started first... I will leave you to decide on that.

  13. I, however, don't get your point Abu Jaafer, both in this latest comment and the earlier one.

  14. It really doesn't matter ya habibi... I'm not sure I get myself either lol.

  15. Interesting... that reflects where our Lebanon can fall to because of certain groups… that is exactly why I use my blog for funny clips… funny but carying a message – feel free to come and watch it, I'm sure you will all love it…


  16. fantastic sarcasm. priceless.


  17. I heard that FPM apologized for that picture.

  18. Anonymous6:31 AM

    FPM would like to apologize for the fake picture and we hope this will not happen again..

    but we also would to thank Samir Geagea for proving to the general public that the many other pictures presented in that interview were all genuine..

    thank you Samir Geagea

  19. Anonymous6:32 AM

    jimmy said:
    "What are you talking about anonymous? what other pictures? Please show them or else you prove you are all liars and forgers!":

    apparently, u didn't watch the interview.. there were many many others...

  20. I would like it if you put a white ribbon on your web site for Unite Lebanon In White. As For Aoun did someone give him that photo or did he do it himself has he said anything about it? I think the man is crazy.

  21. Hi Tears,
    Could you make a ribbon with a black background, so that all the blogs with black backgrounds can put it in their sidebars?

    If you want, you can email it in at:


  22. big fat "busted!"

  23. I will try to do it with black.


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