Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Burning Tires is Legal"


  1. Great Cartoon. Whatever one's political inclinations, this was the net effect of the demonstrations.

  2. "blocking roads with blazing obstacles and preventing people's freedom of movement is legal (but negative)" is a good fun...a hilarious one...but my favourite quote from that speech of Aoun's remains:

    "90% of the population observed the protest"!!!!! comment!!

  3. Aoun is simply a disgrace for his fellow citizens. We should have locked him up when he asked to go back to Lebanon.

  4. Anything but Orange8:08 PM

    Aoun is due to give a speech about violent clashes in Beirut today (thursday) always this buffoon doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut!!!

    Expect blunders a'plenty and his usual importation of the problem to the Christian areas - God rid us of him!!

  5. As an FPM sympathizer my view on the incident is as follows: firstly, to talk about things, after the events and the aftermath of it all, and the clashes that took place today will have obviously affected my opinion. I wasn't there blocking roads because I'm not in Lebanon and God knows about the answer to the question of 'whether I would have if I was there'... (I always seem to miss the 'action' in Lebanon)

    I think that this was at the very least a very negative move by the entire opposition. I dont think it was illegal, so long as they did not damage property or attack anybody and I dont think FPMers did that (usually its the opposite that happens). I am, as always grieved by deaths and injuries on both sides. I also think that the primary stressor in this whole ordeal is caused by the method of ruling the March 14 has chosen and from here on the discussion goes into circles so I'll stop here, since now its no longer about tire burning.

    Overall, their needs to be a comprimise and if the 'leaders' on both sides don't realize it after today, let them leave the country. Our country has descended into ridiculous levels of paranoia and finger-pointing on both sides... I still maintain my sympathies for the FPM, however, and believe that a lot of the information being spewed out by the media is directed at destorying FPM's image... sorry guys for disappointing you on that but thats where I stand on this issue... on thin ice, on the edge, or wherever I may be...

  6. Oh and yes, 90% shops closed... ok, either cuz they were scared or couldn't get there and sure some out of principle, but thats was a stretch of a statement.

    Was this a forced strike or a civil disobedience... it should have been either or but not both.

    Another thing that I am critical of, was that Aoun knew of the danger that his people might face or at least he warned people not to go out of the house. For whatever reasons he said it, there should be a red line: that should be the safety of Lebanese citizens on whatever side of the divide. So I have do serious reservations about the FPM's role in Jan. 23rd's event and I hope today's events will bring back the leaders to the table and pan out something that will give the people rest.

    At heart I am apolitical and neutral... unfortunately I can not find myself there now.

  7. Anonymous1:56 AM

    Soueid made light of what he called Aoun's "invention" that burning tires was a "legal and democratic motion."

    "This is purely foolish," the former MP added.


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