Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Black Days

As I watched the black smoke billow over my beloved capital today, I understood, once again, the degrees to which a large portion of Lebanese have allowed themselves to be deluded, deceived and completely herded into a path which can only lead to the devastation of that which we all hold so dear.

There was nothing democratic about the pro-Syrians’ actions today. It was not a peaceful protest meant to draw attention to one political group’s plight by means of an inconsequential inconvenience - which is what an ordered, democratic day of strike is meant to be. No, what happened today was an all out riot. It was a provocatory act meant to intimidate, threaten and scare a majority of Lebanon’s population into a submission to the will of the few. If anything, it is a reflection of the culture of death, assassinations, repression, submission and occupation from which each of the factions which participated in this monstrosity has sprung.

There was nothing popular about today’s actions. When well over a third of the Lebanese population (approximately 1.5 million people) voluntarily closed their shops and businesses and descended upon the pro-Syrian government of Omar Karami (a Prime Minister who has never completed an appointed term due to his unmatched ability at sparking widespread demonstrations aimed at kicking him out of office), it was not through threats, burned tires, and rubble mounds that they effected a closure of the country, but through a true, national, and popular will. This was not the case today. This was not a popular action.

Today was a black day, just as July 12th was a black day, and all of the 32 days that followed that day. At the source of all this darkness we find one man:

Picture from: Siestke in Beiroet


  1. Don't you mean Omar Karami?
    Is there any chance that you could change the white font on black background. Its hard to read.


  2. Yeah thanks for picking that up R!!! Its been a long day...

    We're not to the black background...I'll take your comment into consideration :)


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