Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Video: If You Think Lebanon is Messed Up....

...Then wait 'til you get a load of these guys!

Its a little off-topic I know, but this video totally freaked me out! Anyway, I guess the point to be made here is that we in Lebanon are quick to pour ridicule and contempt on our political and social systems while ceaselessly praising the systems of far away countries, be they the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, or Libya. Perhaps we need to take a closer look at ourselves and appreciate some of the things we've got (and haven't got)!!!
Scenes from the movie Jesus Camp


  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    it is always good to know that we have competition...

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    These are no different from Hezbollah, they are both religious extremists.

  3. More on this scary and disgusting Camp , on the official website of the movie .Any idea if which is worse these camps or iranian madrassas??

  4. Thanks for the link Bint-Beirut. Its appreciated...I would say they are equally bad, in theory. But in reality these kids grow up to elect the leader of the most powerful nation in the world...so u know...

  5. Oh, dear lord, that IS ridiculous.

  6. This video is scary simply! This is child abuse, I can not call it another name. Those people are no different from those of Hamas of another Jihad organization who strap explosive belts on kids during their parades!
    Thank you for a video,though it's so annoying!

  7. Cristobal3:51 PM

    If you think the people in this video are as dangerous as Hezbollah you are an absolute idiot. Hezbollah dresses babies up like suicide bombers for godsakes. Hezbollah teaches kids that hatred and violence and vengence are holy. The people in this video may seem nuts to you but at least they aren't putting up billboards with pictures of exploded suicide bombers. And the people in that video aren't going to take you hostage or behead you while praising Jesus. It might make you feel better by saying "look there are religous crazy people in the US too" but the fact is Islamic fundamentalism is worse no matter how you slice it. Wake up.

  8. @Cistobal!
    No one was saying that Islamic fundamentalism is not bad since such people exist in the USA, do you get the point? Those people also teach that hatred is HOLY and vengeance is HOLY and when they become decision makers they are going to behave according to those principles. They are not harmless; those are child-abusers and those poor kids are potential "holy haters"! The whole point here is teaching how to reject the other side.
    If they are not AS DANGEROUS AS HEZBOLLAH, as you said, that does not make them NOT dangerous. This is such a stupid logic:
    So maybe it's you who really needs to "wake up" and get the whole point of this point!

  9. Cristo bello7:04 PM

    Cristobal. you're the only idiot here. Go educate yourself before you write anything. As a christian living in the South of Lebanon, surrounded my Hizballah supporters, I can truly say that my head is still attached to my body after going to church on Sunday.

    Also they don't worship cardboard figures and there are no billboards of ppl blown up to pieces on the roadside.

  10. Cristobal7:37 PM

    So you think that fundamentalist Christians teach that hatred is holy and revenge is holy? Have you heard a lot of Christian ministers calling for the killing of Muslims? Where are the parades of fundamentalist Christians marching along screaming "Kill Muslims!" You are trying to say that Hezbollah and fundamentalist Christians teach the same things and that just isn't true. Let's see some video. I would love to see video of a fundamentalist Christian minister telling kids that they will go to heaven if they become suicide bombers. By the way, where ARE all the radical Christian suicide bombers? You zz said, "Those people are no different from those of Hamas of another Jihad organization who strap explosive belts on kids during their parades!" I'd say there is a huge difference. At it's core Christianity teaches unambiguously that hatred and vengence are wrong. If you went to the Christian ministers in that movie and said that your relative was killed on 9/11 and that you wanted to go to Saudi Arabia and kill Muslims for revenge do you think they would give you their blessing? They won't. It's hysterical nonsense to call fundamentalist Christians a bunch of haters. In the Muslim world you can find kids shows and cartoons that teach kids to hate Jews. Can you turn on your TV and see something like that here? No.
    On the other hand, I could definitely produce some video of Muslim clerics screaming "Death to America! Death to Israel" And these aren't isolated radicals with few followers. This occurs at the main mosque in Tehran every Friday. If the priest in my church ever got up and screamed "Death to Iran!" he would be taken to a mental hospital. Can this be said of Islam? When you equate fundamentalist Christianity with fundamentalist Islam you minimize the truly dark nature and breadth of radical Islam.
    By the way, who would you trust more with an arsenal of 3000 nuclear weapons- a fundamentalist Christian or a fundamentalist Muslim?

  11. Cristobal7:55 PM

    Cristo Bello-

    Here's a link with plenty of photos from Southern Lebanon with pictures of "martyrs" and also one of a Hezbollah guy holding up the severed head of an Israeli soldier.
    Also as far as worshipping cardboard figures goes- every time Hezbollah holds a rally aren't there like 100,000 people waving pictures of Nasrallah and Khomeni? That doesn't happen in the US.

  12. Cristo Bello12:31 AM

    Cristobal...after Bin Laden attacked the U.S, there were posters of Bin Laden wanting him dead or alive available in the U.S.

    Adolf Eichmann was adbducted by Mossad agents from Argentina and hanged publicly in Israel.

    After Israel occupied and destroyed Lebanon over and over again Hizballah errected those posters. Those posters are located on the border and face Israel directly and serve as a warning. (i.e they are not seen on the side of any road)

    Any different? No. But since you're a hate filled person you alone might see that.

    P.S: For your information the first of few suicide bombings carried out on Lebanese soil against the Israeli occupation was done by a young christian girl.

    The first palestinian suicide bombing inside Israel was an act of revenge for a Jewish settler who shot dead 29 Palestinians inside a mosque...

    So, first of all, hatred goes both ways, second please shut up and educate yourself.

  13. Cristobal1:08 AM

    Wanting Bin Laden or Adolf Eichmann is hardly the same as clergy preaching hatred against whole groups of people (the Jews, the US etc.) So the Israelis destroyed Lebanon. Are constant calls for revenge going to make things better for you? Especially you as a Christian. I'm sure you'll have a great time living in the Islamic Republic of Lebanon. I'm sure Hezbollah will reward you for justifying their behavior on this website. And by the way, with regard to the Christian girl suicide bomber, there is no legitimate Christian priest who would condone that in a million years. Where in the New Testament does Jesus say that it is OK to kill your enemies?


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