Sunday, December 03, 2006

United Under One Flag? Which Exactly ?

Our guest writer Marc writes: " Today there is something very significant that is new in Lebanese history; the Lebanese are holding the Lebanese flag whatever side they are on".
Unfortunately, this was not the case in December 1st protests held by March 8.

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  1. Even kids know that Hizb_iran's loyalty is not for lebanon. I remember back in the day when they used to paint all the walls in Beirut declaring that they want to establish an ayatollah regime in Lebanon...

  2. Marc Mikhael2:59 AM

    Ya3nni, bro, i dont know want to tell you if you are telling me that december 1st protest werent full of Lebanese flags... i cant post pictures but do you want me to?

    secondly, this protest was made up of harcore march 14ers and in total they did number 1 to 1.5 million... even CNN claimed to have 1 million on tv.

    Now, lebanese flags or not, it seems you do not wish to view the december 1st protestors as Lebanese with alliegance to Lebanon... if this is true, it is very sad to me that you view them (and myself) that way...

    Anyways, 'there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed'... the truth about this (allegeiances) will be known in time.

  3. Marc,

    This was an incident that happens in every protest, this I am aware of. However, you can not deny that Hizballah has an exterior agenda it is fostering. Further, I view you and other protesters from March 8 as fellow Lebanese and please allow me to point out to you that neither I nor March 14 were the ones who always used to "traitorship tag" to everyone who disagreed with our views. What I am saying here is that although I agree with my fellow Lebanese from March 8 about the exterior threat to Lebanon from our Southern border, it seems to me that the March 8 group decided to overlook the "sisterly" danger just because it is convenient. What I am asking for is that the March 8 Lebanese not to deny the concerns March 14 but to work for a solution that addresses those concerns.

  4. Marc Mikhael11:17 PM

    Ib, you said "What I am asking for is that the March 8 Lebanese not to deny the concerns March 14 but to work for a solution that addresses those concerns. "

    I hope this happens.

    This is the middle ground that must be reached by both groups. Mind you, Aoun is March 14 to the core. Nasralla is March 8 to the core. The memorandum of understanding between FPM and Hizballa should have been adopted by all factions in my opinion because it is a very middle of the ground way that I think address the concerns of both March 8 and 14...

    but meanwhile we are running out of days of the year to name our protests!

  5. Marc wake up, this guy called aoun is finished in the political landscape. We are now beyond aoun, we no longer talk about aoun and worry about what he says. We are following only the positions of his newly acquired master nasrallah and the masters of nasrallah beyond the mountains somewhere called Qom. Will they go as far as causing a civil war? the burden of the proof lies with them, they have the armed militia, they control the decision of war and peace...

  6. Deal with it Debate7:15 AM

    Debate... i think that you are paranoid. There will be no civil war!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As there will be no coup!!!! Where is your coup? Where are your armed Hizballah guys taking over downtown Beirut which you prophesied?????
    All your predictions are false...please stop talking!!! For the sake of all, please!!!

    Stop instilling fear in people so that can join your hate fest. There is no black and white here but only many shades of grey.
    There has to be compromise in order to advance in life. And this also needs to happen in Lebanon. Like it or not.


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