Sunday, December 03, 2006

"Shiite-Sunni Confrontations in Beirut, Four Wounded" - Updated!


The Dailystar has corroborated rumours that several Syrian nationals had been detained by Lebanese security officials following Sunday night's clashes in the Tarik Jedideh neighbourhood.

Breaking News-Update:
Renewed violence on the streets of Qasqas on Monday night, with 2 injured. The army is actively pursuing the instigators.
Source: NewTV

Protestors have again blocked off the road to the airport. Details to come.
Source: FutureTV


"Security sources said four people were wounded in the clashes which took place in the densely-populated Tarik Jedideh neighborhood and on the Badaro-Qasqas highway."


"One person was killed and three other were wounded in two separate confrontations between opposition and government supporters in Beirut – one in the densely-populated Tarik Jedideh neighborhood and another on the Badaro-Qasqas highway, security sources said. Witnesses said the two sides fought with stones, sticks and knives. They said sporadic bursts of automatic gunfire could be heard in Tarik Jedideh before army toops and policemen stepped in to disengage the opponents."


Video of aftermath of street clashes (not that great, sound kicks in about 1 min into video)


  1. the daily star just announced one future responsible was arrested by the lebanese army.

    the guy who was shot was belonging to amal and aged of 20 years old.

    the original article can be found on:

  2. The Qasqas incident was caused by a group of syrian ``workers``. They hid on the roof top nearby a sunni mosque and started throwing stones and insulting hassan nasrallah each time hizbullah cars were buzzing around the area. So the things developped when hibullah supporters attacked people around the mosque and destroyed shops by burning them.
    The Lebanese army managed to stop the riot and arrested 3 syrian ``agents`` among those who caused the chaos.

  3. Thanks for the update French Eagle...

    ...looking forward to better times!

  4. just a small note, debate,

    i didnt know there were syrians among the LF in the second incident btw LF and opposition folks ;)

  5. Black Jade, this video is a pro amal propaganda...

  6. Unbiased5:51 PM

    Debate, i think your only job is to play down the misdoings of the March14 alliance...indeed you are biased!

  7. There's nothing called objectivity indeed. So you cannot as I did not claim un-biasness. It's all standpoint relative. As much as you accuse me of something that is only theortical, as much as it applies to you.
    However, one needs to expose as much as possible the propaganda war launched by the enemies of the Lebanese nation, the Syria-Iran axis and their local tools like the NBN and the Yellow "Gobles" propaganda hysteria that is going on in Lebanon right now.

  8. In Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, modern anthropologists can find many members of the Wahhabi/Islamic fundamentalist branch of the same mafia family who participated willfully in the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq while preaching a Pan-Islamic gospel of hatred towards “infidel pigs”- consistency has never been the forte of Neocon thugs be they Jewish, Christian or Muslim!

    Today in Beirut, an alliance of secular opposition groups bringing together Shiites, Christians as well as moderate Sunni parties is trying to topple the government of Fuad Saniora, a sinister assortment of pro-Saudi Islamist thugs and notorious Christian neo-Nazis known as the “pro-Western March 14” movement.

    This is what the Israeli Press has to say about Lebanon’s Prime-Minister, Fuad Saniora:

    Backing for Saniora also came from France, Britain, Italy, Germany, and from
    Arab leaders including Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Palestinian
    President Mahmoud Abbas, according to a statement from Saniora's office.

    These enlightened Israeli journalists don’t tell us if Prime Minister Saniora received a cheering message from President Karzai of Afghanistan or Marshall Pétain of France!

    Reading the Israeli press (suddenly full of articles praising Lebanon’s “democratic” government!), we also learn that over the weekend, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak expressed concern that a military coup might take place in Lebanon.

    A highly ironic statement if you consider that El Colonel-Presidente-for-life Mubarak owes his current job to a series of coups that brought his military clique to power 45 years ago… As they say in Texas, denial doesn't just run through Egypt!

  9. I hope it was not a true clash between Lebanese... unfortunately, when a group of young men in jeeps aggressively insult a mother and her teenage daughter because they are riding in a taxi with no flags but wearing an orange tshirt one wonders...

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  11. de la vega,

    what does your anthropological data say about the iranian totalitarian/expansionist regime?

  12. Anonymous11:31 PM

    forget about de la vega, this guy belongs to the mental asylum...

  13. Nick, are you amused?

  14. i'm amused by de la vega

  15. de la vega is amusing indeed.

  16. Update: (4 December 2006)
    There are unconfirmed reports that fights renewed in the Qasqas area and in Tare2 il Jdeide.
    Other reports also claim that protesters attempted to block the road to the airport and that Lebanese army is intervening to restore calm and order.

  17. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Update December 6 2006 1:30am:

    gunfire and fights in bourj abi haidar.

    source: NBN

    "I just heard gunshots at least 5!
    I live in bliss street, near AUB they sounded very close!"
    from a forum

  18. Thanks for the update anonymous!

  19. i sturggle to smile about any of these issues..

    i hope you guys are doing better..



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