Saturday, December 09, 2006

Seniora Replies

On Friday, December 8th, the Prime Minister of Lebanon issued a statement which sought to rectify the wrongs inflicted upon this nation's honor and integrity by another man's speech, only several hours earlier.

Unfortunately, we could not bring you live coverage of this truly impressive speech (each contributor had his own peculiar set of circumstances on this day, whether it be travel, conferences, finals, deadlines at work, etc...) but we are more than happy to recommend the coverage provided by our friends and fellow bloggers at Lebanese Bloggers.

"Seniora questioned whether some folks want to truely liberate the Shebaa Farms. He said that during the hiwar sessions, the government saw that it wise to have Shebaa to be transferred to the UN's purview, not under Israeli rule, until the Syrians decide to provide the UN with documents showing that the Farms are Lebanese. Despite such a practical approach, Seniora revealed that there was someone who visited him in the Serail and who wanted the Farms to stay under Israeli rule: it's the Iranian Foreign Minister!"
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  1. This was the "strongest" and most strait to the point speech I have ever heard coming out of PM Sanioura.
    It seems that after this reply and the reply of the central command of the Lebanese army, Hassan Nasrallah has acquired a new label: Liar in Chief

  2. Thanks Blacksmith for posting this great speech. This is the speech of statesman as opposed to a man who never believed in the state. It is a courageous speech, that replies in a point by point to all the allegations made by Nasrallah. It is very noteworthy to point out that the Lebanese army command issued a statement falsifying Nasrallah's claims.


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