Monday, December 11, 2006

Scenes From This Weekend's Demonstrations

As news breaks this morning of a possible resolution to the cabinet crisis, we bring you some photos of the demonstrations and counter-demonstrations held across the country this past weekend.

We start in the north of the country, where hundreds of thousands gathered in Lebanon's second largest city, Tripoli, to show support for the beseiged Prime Minister on Sunday.

Also on Sunday, opposition leaders and supporters gathered in Beirut one last time in a bid to showcase their popularity before accepting a previously suggested compromise by the Arab League envoy, Mustafa Ismail.

Despite the large numbers, however, the opposition march on Sunday seemed to receive limited media coverage, a possible indication of frustration and fatigue among local, regional, and international media outlets, with the opposition's actions and agenda. Nevertheless, the day passed without incident and many security fears, heightened by a week's worth of isolated street clashes - resulting in one death, were laid to rest.

Saturday also proved to be a day of protest as thousands gathered in the mountain resort town of Aaley to show support for the government. Waving the flags of the Progressive Socialist Party, led by a leading member of the governing March 14th coalition - Walid Jumblatt, supporters chanted pro-government slogans.

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  1. Anonymous6:13 PM

    the biggest gathering in the history fo the world!!!! 20 million people!!!!!

  2. The opposition had the most supporters, they are the majority. It is clear from this weekend!

  3. The opposition just proved to be the minority over the last weekend, even with the presense of thousands of Syrians in the demos they did not achieve anything that is meaningfull yet. Ironically, the position and prestige of PM Saniora and his government only got strong among Lebanese both home and abroad.


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