Saturday, December 02, 2006

"Poll Shows Divide Between Shiites and Other Communities"

Take a minute to answer these mostly yes-or-no questions taken from a survey conducted from November 11-16 by Zogby International polling firm, on behalf of the University of Maryland's Sadat Chair for Peace and Development. After you're done, click on the link below to see what the 600 Lebanese surveyed had to say.

1) Who was the biggest loser in the July war, Lebanon or Israel?
2) Should Arabs continue to fight Israel even if Israel returns all Arab lands captured in 1967?
3) If the US withdrew immediately from Iraq, would the civil war accelerate or would the Iraqis solve their differences?
4) Does Iran have a right to its nuclear program?
5) Would your view of the US improve if a peace settlement is reached in the Middle East that leads to an independant Palestinian state?
6) Will the Democratic party's victory in the recent mid-term elections change US foreign policy in the Middle East?
7) How much confidence do u have in the US?
8) Is democracy a real US objective in the Middle East?
9) Which country is your preferred super power (e.g. US, France, GB, China, Russia, etc..)?
10) Who is your most admired foreign world leader?
11) Which 2 countries pose the biggest threat to Lebanon?

Please feel free to leave your answer in the comments section. Please DON'T provide your sect!



  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    1) lebanon- israel can with war like this...they lost only 150 men-in 67 they lost 600.

    2) nooooooo!!!!!

    3)the iraqis need some man who controll them...democracy isn't an answer.

    4) no they have not, they are danger for the arabs and the west.

    5)they tried in the past, they faild..only israel and palestine can make peace.

    6) in iraq mybe.

    7)after all, they have self interests we need to be on their side because they are the most powerfull country in the world if we liked it or not.

    8) no...

    9) U.S

    10) I don't know..

    11) iran, syria/

  2. 1)Lebanon
    Despite Israel’s mishandling of the conflict and the decline in the confidence its people placed in its military, and the subsequent decline in their sense of security, Lebanon’s human and material losses far outweighed them.
    Although the land issue is the predominant one, there remain a series of other issues that need to be resolved. Namely, the issue of the displaced Palestinian refugees. On the whole though, my answer is No.
    The situation in Iraq today is one in which Sunni groups, disempowered by the (illegal) American invasion, are fighting to resist to growing power of Shiite groups, empowered by the invasion. If the US were to leave, then we would probably see an increased rate of arming of Sunni groups by Saudi Arabia, we could expect those groups allied to Iran to have a considerable ad
    Although I think the world would be a better place if Iran didn’t have nuclear weapons…but what do I know…
    If that independent state had Jerusalem as its capital and something were to be done about the displaced refugees. The peace agreement would, in essence, have to be just.
    6)Probably Not
    The 2008 Presidential elections are what count.
    …Not much in this administration at least…
    I think it is, to some extent. Obviously it is a lesser objective than others in the Middle East, such as Oil, supporting Israel, etc…but its there…somewhere…witness the administration’s pressures on Mubarak to hold free and fair elections…well…at least they tried!
    I would have to say that out of those five countries, the French have really looked out for our interests in the face of Syrian tyranny and Israeli aggression
    10)Romano Prodi
    I actually don’t have one, but during the July War Prodi was very active on the international scene, he wholeheartedly pledged troops to the UNIFIL 2 force and promptly organized a Rome conference to end the fighting. I also have to say that I think Colin Powell is a decent guy. He was against the war in Iraq and took the first politically available opportunity to leave the current administration.
    11)Syria (under current regime) and Israel (trigger happy)

  3. Marc Mikhael11:04 PM

    1) Lebanon lost the most (1200 dead, thousands wounded-many for life, thousdands of homes lost, envirnomental and agrigculture damage, and huge toll on economy; with Israel the losses were psycological and localized to the northern part)... militarily we won by the fact that our land wasn't conquered and that we stayed in it.
    2) No (with conditions, Palestinian resistance is primarily an affair of the people of Palestine, but Arabs should not stand idly by and be ready to guarantee more than mere self-preservation)
    3) Neither (Iraq has enough foregin meddling and internal division to fuel a war for years to come, whether they get together or not is now up to the leaders who are unlikely to give up their fight which has gained them power)
    4) Yes not bombs though (I am not for the bomb neither in Iran nor in Israel).
    5) Yes
    6) Yes (slightly at least, for better or worse I dont know).
    7) None
    8) No (of course not)
    9) France (stupid question, here I am picking the least worst)... it has something to do with the socialist leanings of their populations and the european mindset in general.
    10) Hugo Chavez (stupid question but this man has many faults too).
    11) Israel first, Syria second


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