Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nasrallah's Speech (Dangerous Accusations)

Hizballah's Hassan Nasrallah delivered a live video speech in front of the demonstators today (actually a few minutes ago). The highlights of his speech are the following:
- The Lebanese government is acting in unison with Israel which is even willing to give up the Shebaa farms and Ghajar to corner the opposition.
- The proposal put forth by the maronite council has a lot of merit and should serve as a starting point for any negotiations between the opposition and the government, he remarks.
- Nasrallah says that the demonstators will stay in the streets until a compromise that the opposition finds acceptable is reached.
- Nasrallah claims that negotiations are welcome, but that the opposition is not willing to go back to the "roundtable talks" . These talks were used by the majority to waiste time and were not meant to be productive in terms of finding solutions.
- Hizballah is not interested in any civil wars, he says. The other militias (which he did not specify) that killed a protester and are hightening sectarian tension are the ones interested in civil war.
- Some "militias" loyal to the ruling group sent armed men to harrass and kill the protestors, he claims.
- Nasrallah states that the ruling majority is brainwashing the Sunni street, and by consequence all the Arabs. They would like to tarnish Hizballah's image throughout the Arab world, he adds. He asks that whoever is promoting Shiite-Sunni tension be tried as a traitor in front of the Arab league or the council of Islamic states.
- Nasrallah asks whether the Arabs would like to support a government praised daily by Olmert and Bush.
- Nasrallah accused the ruling majority (government, March 14) of lobbying the Americans and Israelis to go into the latest july war.
-Nasrallah claims that Hizballah is not accountable for the latest damages and casualties from the war, but it is those of March 14 who lobbied for this war who should be held accountable.
- Nasrallah accuses PM Sanyoura of acting to stop the arms supplies from reaching Hizballah during the war. Nasrallah also claims that PM Sanyoura tried to use the army for that purpose.
- Nasrallah accuses the Lebanese security forces of investigating his whereabouts during the July war and of tracking his and Hizballah's positions as ordered by the government.
- Nasrallah states that Hizballah is not interested in bringing down the government but is asking for a national untiy government. This offer is a temporary one only, since the opposition will give up this demand and will not accept any March 14 figure to be Prime Minister in the future, he says. Instead, the opposition will ask for early parliamentary elections that will overthrow this majority and install another "national " Sunni as PM.


  1. Hassan Nasrallah has officially lost his mind as he succumbed to pressure and to the failure of his moves to date. It seems that his masters in Tehran and Damascus are putting all their pressures to realize the coup d'etat using the militia of Hezbollah. The main goal is to torpedo the international tribunal and restore indirectly the defunct Lebanese-Syrian security regime of Roustom Gazeleh in Anjar and Beaurivage.
    As we debate now, armed militiamen from party of Hezbollah and Amal are controlling several neighborhoods in beirut and attacking the inhabitants (needless to talk about the southern suburbs). The state within the state finally revealed its ugly head as it attempts to impose itself on the rest of Lebanon.

  2. Anonymous11:14 PM

    HN , the best Lebanese leader. You do not deserve him. You prefer the clique of thieves and self serving people , the feodalists you are so used to have.

  3. Janzir11:24 PM

    This speech made me vomit!

    This by the man who started the July war and dares to insult the intelligence of everyone who lost their homes, lost their work, lost their loved ones in the war.

    He should be tried as a traitor!!!!

  4. All the above "clique of thieves and self serving people , the feodalists" applies to Nasrallah and his allies in the pro-bashar/iran camp.
    BUT hear this... Nasrallah is the militiaman and the militia leader. He has an army and a state within the state. The rest of us 'mortal' lebanese can only hope and rely on the unity and effectiveness of the Lebanese national army to protect the civilians, private and public properties, and the official institutions from the attacks of the militiamen of syria and iran.

  5. Thanks for posting on this so quickly. It's still shuttling between meetings in this time zone.

  6. Milquetoast Seniora, this is what happens when you don't answer the charges of this lunatic.

    He will up the ante and people will believe him.

  7. Anonymous12:42 AM

    shiites are the majority in lebanon. it our right to elect whoever we want and depose whoever we want! everyone else will have to learn to live with it...the easy way or the hard way!

  8. Annahar daily published the results of the first comprehensive census since the 1960s.

    Total: 4.855 million (3.8 million residents, 1 million expatriates)

    Sectarian distribution:
    -All Christians: 35.33%
    -Shiaa Muslims: 29.06%
    -Sunni Muslims: 29.05%
    -Druze: 5.38%
    -Other: 1.18%

  9. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Help destroy the Assad regime, help free Syria:

  10. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Just because they published it doesn't make it wasn't even certified by any government institution.

  11. Joshua1:40 AM

    When a man brings hundreds of thousands of people to the streets and block off offices of the Prime Minister. When he and his allies call on all civil workers (and military) to not obey the orders of the government, and when he calls the Prime Minister an enemy of the state...then that man is instigating a coup d'etat!

  12. Anonymous1:40 AM

    One day, this dog Nasrallah will either have his day, or join the rest of the Syrian dogs in Roumieh!!

  13. Anonymous2:06 AM

    I liked his speech!

  14. Anonymous2:36 AM

    One day, this dog Nasrallah will either have his day, or join the rest of the Syrian dogs in Roumieh!!

    The way events unfold;it seems the dogs
    won't stay in Roumieh forever.
    Nasrallah is holding all the jokers of the deck.Same for Iran versus the US.
    Only a coup in Syria or a regime change
    could give Siniora and co some Oxygen.

  15. Anonymous4:42 AM

    first of all...thanks for posting the speech, where i live, i don't get al manar so i did not see the speech and i don't know if the other stations carried his speech or not (did not check).
    nasrallah's antics remind me of sharon when he had arafat barrackaded in his compound. i see that nasrallah has time and again placed the blame on the victims. to blame the majority govt to blame for the war is rediculous. he uses the same politics as his enemy. the israelis do the exact same thing. they destroy the palestinians homes and then say that they are terrorists. this man is downright dillusional. ha did pulled the same antics with the elder hariri. there is nothing that will satisfy them. and to the earlier post, if i don't deserve somebody like nasrallah, i will consider that to be a blessing. nasrallah calls the govt traitors, yet bashar deals (in secret) with the israelis and americans and uses the same rhetoric. and if ha and all those hoodlums take control of the govt, then i would have to assume that the industry of tourism will rest in peace. may god be with saniora and all who support him. i find it laughable that nasrallah did not address his hoodlums purposely going to "sunni" neighborhoods and antagonising the residents. and the incident with the young man shot in his neck in burj abu haider. i also want to know what happened to all of the rebuilding he promised. that chicken shit needs to come out of hiding. he calls on his hoodrats to go and cause chaos while him and bashar are sitting and drinking coffee and co-conspiring how to drive the country deeper into a shithole. and i don't blame saniora for avoiding the same harmful rhetoric that a bully like nasrallah is using. just because he is the better person, does not mean he is weak. if the govt wanted to play a tit for tat game, march 14 definitely will outnumber those lunatics of march8. perhaps nasrallah can start calling on his people to give to the system (like paying bills and taxes) before demanding anything from the govt. and finally, to the post above that says shia are the majority of lebanon. the shia numbers are not as great as you make out to be. it is downright offensive to discount all other sects that live in lebanon and make yourself out to be a landslide majority. you are just retarted.
    finally, here is a piece of advice to nasrallah.....if he wants to be in control, just wait for the mehdi to come and he will give you control. after all, ahmadenijad is preparing for his coming.

  16. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Iran, Syria and Khaminai need to stop meddling in Lebanese politics through Hizballah and Aoun. Hizballah ought to be disarmed now !

  17. Mubarak Salah12:22 AM

    Im trying to figure out the opinions of the Druze and Sunni community in Lebanon. What is the drawback in these two communities uniting with the Shiite community in Lebanon. When it comes to the political situation there. Why is it that Hezbollah is vilified? maybe its the war they bagan with Israel.


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