Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nasrallah: The tribunal is the reason behind the street protests

This picture taken in the spring of 2005 depicts Nasrallah presenting the weapon of honor (Israeli spoil) to the ex-Syrian army commander in Lebanon and the ex-chief spy Roustom Ghazaleh. The spy chief who is the main suspect in the Hariri assassination.

As a matter of fact, after the cedar revolution a number of Lebanese thought that it was only a matter of time before Hizballah would integrate into the Lebanese state and abandon its militancy and regional projects. This was a naive outlook. Indeed, ever since the assassination of PM on February 14, 2005, Hizballah has been defending the goals and objectives of the Syrian regime with fervor and efficiency that made the Syrians comfortable to the perpetuation of their influence in Lebanon even after they withdrew their troops in April 2005.

Recently, a series of statement made by Hizballah officials indicated the true objectives of their coup attempt in play since December 1st, 2006. Last week, Mahmoud Qomati stated that their objective is to block future attempts at disarming their militia. But, yesterday, the leader of Hizballah revealed the main goal in an interview with Al Arabi newspaper, which was also reported by SANA. Here is a part of he had to say.

...With regard to the issue of the International Tribunal, the Secretary General of Hezbollah said that we were among the first ones to agree on it in principle, and we still agree on its inception. But, we demanded that safeguards and controls be put in place in such a way that the tribunal does not become like sword of Damocles hanging above the necks of the Lebanese, and a blackmail tool that lays siege to the resistance[...] After the opposition failed [to put in place those safeguards], and as a result of other government practices, the opposition had to take to the streets and impose its demands using democratic means...


  1. Mr.Coup9:13 PM

    Debate..how can people still read what you write after your failed prophecy of armed Hizballah guys besieging the city and taking over the Serail? Putting up roadblocks and stuff...that's what you prophecied right?..Well you got it wrong

  2. Actually, the failure of the coup to date is credited to the firm strong positions of the independence camp and the Lebanese people and not to the unwillingness of the rebels. This fact relieves me and makes me happy but it doesn't contradict at all what I have been warning of. Anyway, the coup attempt is not over yet. It's still pretty much in play…more to come after the holidays.

  3. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Are you trying to say that Hizballah thinks it will be implicated in the International Court and is trying to make sure they cannot pursue Lebanese people?

  4. I did not draw this conclusion, Hassan Nasrallah is the one who declared the official position of his camp.


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