Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mufti Al Jouzou calls for Nasrallah to be Prosecuted

The Mufti of Mount Lebanon, Muhammad Ali Al Jouzou insisted yesterday on fulfilling the request of the Leader of Hizballah:

" He [Hassan Nasrallah] called for a judicial probe into his allegation [against the gov]. We now insist on establishing an Arab-Lebanese commission to prosecute him and make him accountable for his numerous mistakes against Lebanon. Also, the commission ought to inquire about the funds that he receives from Iran, which are used to buy up loyalties of numerous clients working as propaganda specialists, pseudo religious scholars and petty agents. "
"Lebanon is not the sole property of Hizballah so that its leader can unilaterally dictate the destiny of the Lebanese people and lead them into calamities. He has no right to fan sectarian tensions and cause all this destruction. So the question is: when will this Arab-Lebanese tribunal be established in order to fulfill his urgent wishes?"

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  1. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Words in hearts healing

    Then the Lord whispered in our hearts…..
    Words can reach where weapons cannot

    We asked our village sage, how can we restore
    warmth to the face of our souls when
    the favorite poisons of Satan,
    fear, despair, and hatred alight
    upon innocent hearts as ashes
    from the funeral pyre of joy

    How can the eyes of faith close to sleep when
    across the night bed of hope
    sheets of despairing pall are spread and
    the lurid hollow eyes of perjury beam, and
    subvert words of sacred text, laughing
    as divine counsel is debased and done violence

    Dear sage, we asked, how can goodness smile when
    unabashed hatred slaps virtue off the face of shame
    emboldening hatreds minions, who feverishly
    twist and mutilate the morals of their victims
    deceiving those souls until they believe that
    sin is virtue, murder is justice, and hatred is love

    As he spoke, his downcast voice intoned that
    riotously, by perverse commission
    Satan's minions bathe in rivers of wine in Hades, and
    with vapid mocking lust, they harvest
    those deceived souls, reaped by suicides sickle

    Your path to heaven cannot be paved with
    chaste corpses across a river of blood, embrace
    the dreadful ebb and flow of truth in your heart, meet
    doubt and dishonor when they surface, for they
    reveal to you that compassion, not revenge, fulfills the soul

    His voice beamed as a bright light when he said
    bravely, deeply, reach into your heart
    without guile, without deceit, without prejudice
    touch faith there, then inexorably
    God's words in hearts healing
    like the timeless rain, drawn unrelenting to the sea
    will swell into a profound unsounded amity
    in the soul's oceanic sanctuary, and become peace
    lapping upon the shores of divine purpose

    Copyright © April 2006

  2. Through Gracepeace10:16 PM

    تبرىء الكلمات في القلوب

    ثم همس الرب في قلوبنا...
    الكلمات تصل حيث لا يقدر السلاح

    سألنا حكيم قريتنا، كيف ينزل الدفء
    على النفوس والشيطان
    قد ألقى بسمومه المفضلة
    خوفاً ويأساً وكراهية
    على القلوب البريئة
    كما الرماد من محرقة السعادة

    كيف تنام عيون الايمان
    وسرير الأمل
    تفترشه ملاءة القنوط الشاحب
    وعيون الحنث الفاسدة
    تنتهك حرمة الكلمات المقدسة
    وتسعد باغتيال هدايا السماء

    وسألنا :كيف يبتسم الخير
    ويصفع الكره الفضيلة من وجه الخجل
    و أتباعه يشوهون ويحرفون فى نفوس ضحاياهم
    حتى يصل الاعتقاد
    بأن الإثم فضيلة والقتل عدالة والكره هو الحب

    تحدث الحكيم
    بصوته الخفيض وقال
    أن للشيطان أتباع
    يغتسلون في أنهار النبيذ في حادي*
    وبعشق السخرية الفارغ
    يحصدون نفوساً مغشوشة جنيت بمنجل الانتحار

    مستحيل أن يكون الطريق إلى الفردوس مرصوفاً
    بجثث الأبرياء - عبر نهرٍ من الدم
    اعتنقوا مد الحق وجزره الرائع في قلوبكم
    تقبّلوا الشك والعار أينما كانوا
    لكي تدركوا أن النفس تسعد بالعطف وليس بالانتقام

    سطع صوته كالضوء وقال:
    ابحثوا بشجاعة في أعماق قلوبكم
    بلا نفاق ولا خداع ولا إجحاف
    وحين تلمسوا الايمان هناك
    ستنزل الكلمات الالهيه دواءً للقلوب
    مثل مطر أبدي يجذبه البحر دائماً
    حتى يرتفع ليملأ حرم النفوس
    بودٍ عميق هادىء ويغدو سلاماً
    على شواطىء العزم الالهي.

    [أرض الموتى في الأساطير الاغريقية*

    أبريل 2006

  3. I'm looking at your photos and I can't get over how much Lebanon resembles parts of Israel. Maybe one day I'll be able to visit Lebanon even though I have an Israeli visa stamp on my passport.

  4. Anonymous1:14 AM

    Does this guy's words have weight? Will Nasrallah get arrested?

  5. Mr anonymous,
    Mufti Al Jouzou is among the pillars of "Dar Al Fatwa", which is the religious reference of all Sunni Muslims in Lebanon. So his positions reflect the positions shared by the Sunni Muslim community even thought his style is more direct than that of the Mufti of the republic Muhammad Qabanni.

    The question of suing Nasrallah is from the competence of the Lebanese state.

  6. Michel Aoun in his televised word in front of the deomonstators said that the opposition need not be confined to "peaceful" means and he cited the example of Ukraine and Serbia. The same man who opposed toppling Lahoud in the street now urges toppling the government by force. This ex army general can't get beyond his idiotic attitude and dangerous words. He's the one who needs to be prosecuted for endagering public peace.

  7. manuk7:09 PM

    This Jouzou is a nobody! He is a coward hiding behind his cloak!!

  8. attractor7:56 AM

    Hassan Naser El Furss is mister nobody, if he went to Qomm in his youth that doesn't make him a "Reference", knowing that he failed all his exams there... He only delivers the speech of Khaminaei in Lebanon.

  9. Anonymous12:41 PM

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