Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Lebanese World Record!

Lebanon holds the world record for migrants' remittances as percentage of GDP, 25.8%!!!

From The Economist print edition

Migrants' remittances
Nov 23rd 2006

Recorded remittances by migrants to their home countries should reach $268 billion this year, according to economists at the World Bank, just over twice as much as in 2000. Workers from developing countries account for most of this: they are forecast to send $199 billion home in 2006, compared with $85 billion six years ago. Perhaps not surprisingly, Mexico receives more from its citizens abroad than any other country.

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  1. On a more serious note, this figure has important implications for a discussion not far off, that of the elections and the right of expats to vote...

    ...keep this post in mind when that debate comes along!

  2. The expats have the right to vote! the problem is that they have to be physically in Lebanon on election day...

  3. Thats just one part of the issue, I can think of at least one other! But like I said, a discussion for another time (ie I'm writing a post on this and when its done I'll clearly define my opinion)... :)

  4. Hi, is there a source for this article?


  5. Hi liliane: this is from The Economist weekly:


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