Sunday, December 31, 2006

Heads Up

Hi Everyone,
I'm still on my extended vacation - if not from work then from politics - but I came across something that I thought most would find interesting.
The DailyStar has set up an archives pages containing "the key documents that have affected Lebanon and the Middle East since the 19th century."
In other archive-related news, January 1st, 2007 will mark the first day of implementation of the Freedom of Information Act, stipulating that all classified U.S. government documents are to be de-classified, and turned over to the public after they turn 25 years old. Already, the ripples of this gargantuan move have been felt in Lebanon as some officials have begun to question the role played by some Lebanese figures throughout the Iran-Contra affair, the secrets of which are to be revealed throughout the upcoming year. Other highlights will include the release of more extensive documentation regarding the movements and activities of American intelligence agents in Lebanon, throughout the 80's and up to and after the bombing of the American embassy and marines barracks in Beirut in 1983, and so much more.
Anyway, I hope most of you check it out and I hope you all continue to have a great holiday season. Here's to a wonderful new year for all of you and for Lebanon.

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