Friday, December 01, 2006

Comic Relief

To help lighten the mood a little amid the harrowing events that have gripped the country these past hours, days, weeks, and months, we'd like to provide our readers with a taste of the comic relief that is permeating the country and which helps people take things, we hope, a little less to heart.

So to everyone who needs a break from it all, and to all of you who get your panties in a bunch everytime someone makes fun of Nasrallah, this one's for you!
Oh, and for those interested, please do scroll down for more serious coverage of today's events!


  1. LOL!!
    the baby-3oun pic cracks me up everytime

  2. It's Dr Evil (nasrallah) and mini mi (aounallah)

  3. Anonymous11:15 PM

    funny stuff, nasrallah makes a great soccer mom & a great depiction of geagea as a cold blooded killer:)

  4. Jimmy1:32 AM

    Debate: Hahahaha funny comment! :)

    Anonymous: In the movie Gladiator, Russel Crow is a general who is brave and who they turn against because they are bad and servile. He spends a long time in jail and is tortured. He later comes back and justice is for him and for Rome. So yes, good choise for Geagea the General!

  5. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Jimmy, how about you give me the synopsis of yet another movie starring your friend Russel Geagea? Your first comment was very interesting.

  6. In his latest speech, pro-Saudi Prime Sinister Saniora “invoked the spirits of the martyrs Hariri, Hawi,...”

    This moron has decidedly no shame: now he thinks he’s some kind of Later Days Wahhabi Shaman of sorts, evoking spirits, casting Saudi-Sahyunist spells and castigating Gen. Michel Aoun and the secularist Shiite resistants of Lebanon!

    Saniora’s collaborationist rule has lasted far too long: we owe it to the heroic kids of Bint Jbayl and Baalbek to topple his Neocon regime.

  7. dr victorino de la vega,

    your jokes are way too good. I really liked "the secularist Shiite resistants of Lebanon". Didn't you notice that "secularist" and "Hezballah" don't go together? It was really a good entertainment to read your comments.


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