Friday, December 01, 2006

Can Aoun Survive Taking to the Streets?

"Aoun's foolhardiness could prove devastating to Christians. Not for the first time, the general may be about to drive his partisans, and the community at large, into a brick wall.[...]

If it's not too late, however, the Christians in March 14 must rapidly open new channels to the Aounists. This is easier said than done; the general is obstinate. But he is also surrounded by sensible people in his parliamentary bloc, even if their influence pales before that of Aoun's military comrades. At the street level, the March 14 approach to the Aounists must be exactly the opposite of what happened at Sassine. Instead of provoking them, leave them to face the consequences of their actions. Aoun is his own worst enemy. Build a safety net for his followers, but let the general hang himself with his own rope, if he insists on doing so."

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  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    nasrallah betrayed aoun in the chouf elections

  2. Anonymous8:39 PM

    i love michael young. especially the 'aoun sucks but the aounis don't' routine... he really has an awesome sense of logic. Aounophobic to the core!

  3. Anonymous,

    The problem does not lie with Michael Young. Robert Fisk, Michael Young, and other major journalists all describe Aoun in less than gratifying terms. Put aside March 8, I think he is described even worse by politicians both inside Lebanon and outside Lebanon. Makes you wonder why all these people can't appreciate the mystical nature of Aoun. Maybe there's nothing to appreciate in Aoun, but again you might find something there. Maybe his live insults and shouting on TV. A real presidential candidate indeed.

  4. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Aoun had his day.He seemed delighted.
    "Ya chaab Lobnan el azeem".Worse;he seems
    to believe it.This is no chaab whatsoever.
    This is "Ghanam".
    Ghanam everywhere...on both sides..
    We just deserve the leaders we have.


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