Friday, December 08, 2006

Brammetz Covering for Assad

German magazine Stern, has accused senior UN investigator Serge Brammetz of neglecting key information and of delaying the UN investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese Premier Rafic Hariri. According to the magazine, Brammetz wilfully neglected much of the evidence gathered by his predecessor Detlev Mehlis pointing to the Syrian regime as the prime suspects in the assassination. Stern also reported that "Mehlis asked Brammertz to arrest Syria's former head of intelligence in Lebanon, brigadier Rustom Ghazaleh, as he was one of the main planners of the Hariri killing".
The magazine also levelled serious accussations against the current Under-Sectretary General of the UN, Ibrahim Gambari, claiming that he leaked crucial details of Mehlis' investigation to Syria's ambassador to the UN, Faysal Mekdad. Following the leak, "The Syrians then knew what to do: delay the whole process".

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The report comes amid continued demonstrations and sit-ins by Syrian allies in Lebanon. Many analysts believe these actions are aimed at stalling the Lebanese government's ratification of the UN Tribunal and so provide further cover for the Syrian regime.


  1. The principles of the Alawite Regime in Syria:

    No Principle (when the situation requires)
    Create the fire then sell the water
    Defeat is victory
    Always negotiate on the verge of the abyss
    There are no 'burned' cards
    The regime never fights, others fight for it
    Survival is revival

  2. This piece of information, combined with the Baker plan that calls for a US-Syro-Iranian deal to stabilize the mideast provides a grim outlook for the future of Lebanon. James Baker sold Lebanon to the Syrian regime when he served as a secretary of state in George Bush's Sr. administration and I believe he intends to do it again. Even Hzballah which professes enimosity to the Americans had words of praise for Baker and now if they read this post I bet they will be all smiles.

  3. This shows that Hizballah doesn't really consider that the USA is its strategic enemy. All this talk about America while at the end of the day, they and their masters in Tehran want (and wish) to sit with uncle Sam on the table and divide the region to their own pleasing.


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