Thursday, December 14, 2006

Brammertz, Nasrallah, Aoun, and Ghazaleh...

Fares Khachan digs into the archives:

Hassan Nasrallah,
in a speech delivered in November 1989, confirms the long standing strategy of rejecting the Taef accord. At the time the "Scholar" Hassan Nasrallah, speaking on behalf of "Islamic resistance" in a Shiite mosque in Burj el-Barajneh during a memorial service said:
"In the midst of the current events in Lebanon, the main problem is something called the Taef Agreement, and another is called Michel Aoun. It is not true that the Taef Agreement is only rejected by Michel Aoun, no. The problem with the Taif is that it enshrines the Maronite sectarian system (...) Our problem in Lebanon is this sectarian system that fosters the deprivation [of our community]. The alternative as said by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is that this regime must fall, and the people are to decide the formation of the new, and what we wish for is that the people in Lebanon be able to choose this new system without pressures. On the other hand, the problem with Michel Aoun is that he represents an Israeli -Saddamist confrontational and destructive force, and he perceives only his personal interests (...) The alternative to the Taif accord is the resistance. "

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  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    cool post!

  2. I bet you did some digging to find that one. Anyways, Nasrallah and Aoun are full of contradictions, there are many many instances that show how the ex General is also a flip flopper. Nice post Debate.

  3. Good post debate. Kinda remainds me of march 8th 2005, when nasrallah attacked the notion of bringing down governments through street protests.

  4. Shafik Majdalani2:36 PM

    Nasrallah's strategy of rejecting the Taef agreement is a well known issue in Lebanon. Somehow, as the years went by, he managed to introduce himself as a supporter of the agreement. The peak of this lie is the latest demant of a new government. Nasrallah and Hizbuallah were never for democracy! Take a look at my blog, I have some insightful movies about Nasrallah and his ways:


  5. Jimmy4:37 PM

    We know what these liars in the opposition want, they want Syria back! Well I would rather support the liars in government and keep Syria out then support this couple of buffoons (Aoun and Nasrallah)!!

  6. Anonymous5:52 PM

    The Google translation isn't very good. It is hard to follow. The excerpt you've provided is better.

  7. Anonymous1:29 AM

    this was first reported on

  8. Arabic Coffee Pot1:35 AM

    I saw that ouweit link too, but the quality was so unreadible that it was virtually worthless.

    Thanks for the translation debate.

  9. ginger ale7:22 AM

    What's the point of this post? I really don't see it. The situation is vastly different that this is totally irrelavant.

    I mean why not critisize Jumblatt and Geagea...they killed each other for christs sake.

    Go dig up something on them. Ah wait, no, you can''re biased.

  10. ginger, if you are a reader of our posts you will notice that we are focusing our attention of the coup d'etat gang represented by the party of Iran and the orange lunatic. We are concerned if the Syrian hegemony returns to Lebanon with more ferocity and we will do all what we can to expose the ones who are plotting against the independence of Lebanon.


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