Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Attempted Shi'ite Cleansing of Lebanon

During the July War a delegation from the March 14 coalition visited General Aoun. They informed him that the war was aimed at expelling the Shi'ites from Lebanon while resettling the Palestinian refugees in the homes, villages, and towns they owned. They instructed him to cease helping the Shi'ite refugees in order to more efficiently allow this to occur.

Former MP Najah Wakim revealed this recently. The validity of his comments were confirmed to me in person by a "very credible source".

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dear all, I am not the type to inflame people meaninglessly nor do I care to spread lies. All I am doing in this post is reporting what I have been hearing on the street and TV and if you read carefully I make no statement of my personal opinion on this matter. In fact, I dont care to list my opinion on this 'rumour' because whether it is true or not, this is very alarming... i.e. it is alarming that this is what I am hearing by so many people and I am not even looking for it; what made it particularly surprising to me was that it was confrimed to me by a political figure that I consider to be in the know and trustworthy. Furthermore, this is what many people in Lebanon are saying... whether they will come to believe it or not I don't know but chances are it is reverbating deeply and will play its part.


  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    so let me get this straight...the march 14th were going to get rid of the shiit to put the pali refugees? the same refugees that are not allowed to own land, work any given job or attend any given school? at best, this is laughable. "credible source"? wow....somebody had a hell of alot of time to think this fairytale up. and najah wakim being the source, i would say legit info for sure (rolling my eyes).

    Najah Wakim is a small small Syrian agent who worked under the boots of the Syrian spies for decades...his only credibility is that he reveals the positions of the Syrian regime on key issues.

  3. LOL!!
    this is definately the most ridiculous post yet. najah wakim....hahaha

  4. Anonymous10:48 PM

    label should be changed to 'humour'

  5. This is just another example of the exaggerations and half-truths that continue to fuel a build up of sectarian animosity.

    This rumour, obviously emanating from the pro-Syrian camp and aimed inciting the Shiite sect to attitudes and actions which would be unthinkable in more 'normal' times, seems to be particularly malicious.

    This is nothing more than dirty propaganda which I don't think we should be helping to spread. And I especially don't think we should be attributing this to "very credible sources".

    I personally would have appreciated it if the author of this post had acknowledged in the body of the post (not just in its label), the absolute absurdity of such a claim because no claim such as this can be taken seriously.

  6. Mr. Coup10:55 PM

    This is the same as debate's crazy claim that Hezbollah was staging a coup! Propaganda comes from two sides!!

  7. mr. coup,
    aoun, franjieh and arslan all threatened to break through the barricades and occupy the serail, after which they would set up an 'interim government'. that is what we call a 'coup'.

  8. Anonymous7:21 AM

    I second Debate's comment.


  9. Najah Wakeem is nothing but a Syrian propogandist. He did not even earn his seat in parliament. Such kind of rumors are only meant to create Shiite-Sunni sectarian tensions. What is more dangerous is that the Palestinian issue is serving nowadays as a propaganda tool for such claims. Instead of focusing on how to give the Palestinian refugees a better chance of life (Education, Health care, possible jobs...), some politicians opt to use the refugee issue to highten Sunni Shiite tension. How deceitful.

  10. Dear all,

    Sources close to Aoun indicated that this happened. I agree that propaganda is being spewed out by both sides. I apologize for the extreme nature of this post and I explained myself with a later addition to it.

    During the war, I suspected that a complete make over of the south's 'demographic' makeup was being attempted by the Israelis. I thought that perhaps the Israelis were planning to permanetly annex the south by establishing a security zone as a first step. Its a well known fact that there were a million refugees during the war (most of them were Shi'ite)... the Israelis were calling for the evacuation of all Lebanese from south of the Litani... later they began to tell the Nabatiyeh folk to leave as well.

    As for the March 14 accusation... just part of the verbal war in internal Lebanese politics. Anyways, the Shi'ites are extremely offended at the stuff the March14'ers were saying during the war. Just as at least 80% of the Sunnis are extremely offended at the 'opposition' with there protests and sit ins. The need for a third voice is extremely urgent... in my opinion, I think the March 14 need to give in a little.

    I suggest that all read today's DailyStar editorial. Its about solving the root of the problems that are plaguing our country.

  11. Battal Agha5:42 PM

    I don't know what you have been sniffing ya Abu Jaafar to tell all this nonsense.... Israel to annex the South? Come on, wake up man...Stop sniffing HHH

  12. as an official representative of israeli government, I deny that this has ever been our primary intention.. the main purpose of the second war was to expand supply of cheap labor for israeli economy .. so the demolition of the shiite villages was started .. unfortunately and for reasons we are still trying to figure out, all shias ran in the wrong direction

  13. Nobody,

    You just confirmed both yours and your government's insensitivity to human life and your racism. No the Shiite did not run in the wrong direction, they sought refuge in the right direction; that of the dignity of staying with their Lebanese brothers rather than being slaughtered by your war machine. After all, this post is meant to be addressed from Lebanese to Lebanese.

  14. you think that we are not sensitive enough to human life? wow .. what a disappointment !!

  15. i am sure the lebanese can teach me something about humanity .. i heard they are considered regionwide experts on internal peace and fair treatment of the palestinians... there are romours that they have also accumulated an impressive expertise on preventing sectarianism and developing internal unity ..

    please mr. ib ... have some patience with your backward neighbors .. its only fitting for such an advanced nation as yours .. (not sure that i can call you a nation but i am just too lazy to start enumerating all of your 19 minorities)

  16. I read the Dailystar link and was thoroughly disappointed.

    Does the author think noone knows this? Everyone knows that the country is in dire need of a rejuvination and recalibration (if not complete overhaul) of its political, judicial, and national defense systems and policies. The main issue is, however, that while some people recognize that there can be no real advancement on any of those fronts without the securing of Lebanon's security and sovereignty, others seek to use these very real problems as excuses to advance agendas detrimental to Lebanon's survival.

    I am currently preparing a post (ever so slowly) on how to best proceed (in my humble opinion of course) but that won't be ready just the meantime, lets try to get real and not get caught up in distracting rhetoric or fancy slogans.

  17. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Dear nobody, (ism 3a moussamma)

    I urge you to review facts about last july's war, and maybe the dictionary. The war was everything but "sensitive to human life".

  18. David H1:59 PM

    Am I the only person here who thinks that it was obvious that "Nobody" was speaking very much tongue in cheek?


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