Monday, December 18, 2006

Assad calls for dialogue with Israel

DAMASCUS - the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad announced in this interview his choice: “I want to be a man of peace” “We can live side by side in harmony”. He also asked for the participation of Europe: “The EU...acts like a bridge between the Arab world and the United States”. He iterated his confidence in Italy's PM Prodi: “He knows our region well”. And lastly he called on the Israeli PM: “I say to Olmert: make an attempt. Call our bluff, you have nothing to lose”.

La Repubblica


  1. The principles of the Alawite Regime in Syria:
    1. No Principle (when the situation requires)
    2. Create the fire then sell the water
    3. Defeat is victory
    4. Always negotiate on the verge of the abyss
    5. There are no 'burned' cards
    6. The regime never fights, others fight for it
    7. Survival is revival

  2. Attractor11:20 PM

    So Saniora is now a traitor and Assad is not?!?!

  3. Meeting with Blair today, Olmert said:

    "We also see Syria's behavior in matters that are critical to Israel's existence: The support for Hizbullah, the attempts to destabilize the Lebanese government, the support for the extremist Hamas – the support for terrorist acts."

    Olmert made those remarks during a joint-conference with visiting UK PM Tony Blair, who is touring the Middle East in an effort to promote a new peace initiative he has drafted. It would appear that Mr. Blair is hard at work, in trying to create a Middle East peace that will serve as his legacy. Thats hope he has more success than his ideological soul mate from across the lake...Bill Clinton.



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