Thursday, November 23, 2006

Over 200,000 Cry Out For Change


  1. manuk5:50 PM

    Typical, March 14th trying to use this death to their political advantage...they are terrible.

  2. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Don't u think the ones that carried out the crimes are terrible?? What about those that want to protect them?? We all know who is the terrible one here!!!

  3. BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- Hundreds of thousands packed Martyrs Square in Beirut on Thursday to honor slain Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel, cheering speeches by his supporters who turned the funeral into a show of defiance against Hezbollah and its Syrian backers.

  4. nzalo 3al sa7a ta shouf1:09 AM

    The future movement's (and therefore sunni) representation was shamefully low. The bulk of the demonstrators came from the PSP and LF. Despite the pleas of Saad Hariri for a huge turnout, the sunni portion of the march 14 alliance could not get over its prejudices. They let us down.

  5. Anonymous3:02 AM

    Although some parties might have taken advantage or I prefer to say have used an opportunity to talk about their political opinions in these 2 days, they were not wrong. Gemayel was one of them. They know, like everyone from lebanon knows, WHO is behind Gemayel's assasination and the previous crimes and who wants to destroy lebanon.

    I would also like "nzalo 3al sa7a ta shouf" to tell me what reference he used to say what he said.

  6. Anonymous7:22 AM

    less than half of those on March 14th ...
    only b/c Aoun is not with them..

  7. Arabic Coffee Pot7:06 PM

    With respect to Sunni representation, does anyone have any accounts of mobilization in Tripoli for the demonstratoins?

    I know in Beirut, Future Movement (FM) cars drove around with speakers blazing asking people to go down, and the Jam3a Islamiya had a speaker there, along with people to cheer him on.

    On Beirut Spring's continuously updated post on the proceedings of the demonstration he said that Hariri received "louder cheers" than Jumblatt. But then again, Mustapha admitts to being favorable in spirit to the FM, could he also be favorable in hearing too?

    In either case, reports claim that although the crowds attending the funeral numbered jut over 200,000, as the day wore on and the theme became one of freedom and the international court, numbers are said to have grown to 800,000.

    The Red Cross (according to BBCNews) is said to have numbered the demonstrators at well over 500,000.

  8. Yes Coffee pot, by 2pm in afternoon when the political leaders of March 14 were speaking the numbers had climaxed 4 folds as compared to the numbers in the morning as all roads into Beirut got jammed with people.

  9. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Wow...lucky March 14...I wish I could climax 4 times ;)

  10. If you are a supporter of march 8 you cannot climax because u represent the ideas impotent political minority...


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