Monday, November 13, 2006

Newest Lebanese Census

Annahar daily published the results of the first comprehensive census since the 1960s.

Total: 4.855 million (3.8 million residents, 1 million expatriates)

Sectarian distribution:
-All Christians: 35.33%
-Shiaa Muslims: 29.06%
-Sunni Muslims: 29.05%
-Druze: 5.38%
-Other: 1.18%


  1. Yeah I saw that too although I don't know how valid it is.
    None of the other newspapers are carrying this census, and Annahar is just carrying this pie chart with no further explanation of anything.
    I tried clicking on it but the pie chart is all they had.

    Furthermore everyone knows that the last proper census was taken in 1932 and not in the 60's.
    Also why aren't the christians divided into their subgroups? How many Armenians are there. Who the hell are the remaining 1.82%?
    And what does 1 million "expatriates" mean? That doesn't make any sense whatsover...Maybe you meant foreigners ,but then again, where do you have this number from?

  2. There aren't more than 50,000 Armenians in Lebanon.

    The stats are misleading, and there is no further elaboration on methodology as far as I can see.

    Also, including expatriates??? It seems there is a clear attempt/agenda here at portraying the Christians as the majority.

    Have Palestinians been counted??


  3. Anonymous10:50 PM

    The study was conducted by a guy called Youssuf Doueihy and he conducted a study on all people holding a Lebanese passport and their location. Thats why he included expatriots.

  4. what? that still makes no sense????

    we have millions of expatriates not just 1 million?!? on what bases did he include these "expatriates"? did he also include palestinians then, because he included those who were staying in Lebanon?!? and how did he find out who was an expatriate and who wasn't, if he based the study on those who held lebanese passports?? makes no sense. absolutely no sense.

    i checked the pdf version online but i can't find the detalils that they allege is available on "page 14"???

    anyone have a link?

  5. The Shiites make up 40%. This study is worthless, it is propaganda by a biased paper.

  6. i see manuk has his own census going. ah ya manuk!!!
    but seriously i don't think anybody should get worked up about this census, it won't change anything on the ground.

  7. OK,

    "Duweihi’s figures show the number of Lebanese entitled to passports, not the number actually residing in the country."

    Um. I would say he should've left that criterion out, but I think he did it because he had an agenda (namely hiding the fact that Muslims outnumbered Christians by far). He could've at least arrived to two sets of percentages, one based on actual citizenship and stay in Lebanon (or just citizenship) and the other on all combined (meaning including those who are eligible for passports, which in the case of anyone who has a Lebanese father but not even having set foot in Lebanon, forthcoming)...

  8. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Whats wrong with this guy anarchist? Why are you so against counting Lebanese nationals outside of Lebanon? Its not like the guy said those people were living in Lebanon, he said they lived outside. But anyway...weird results from this census..only 1 million abroad?

  9. There might be millions of people out there with Lebanese ancestry, but most don't have Lebanese passports. Maybe this census took this fact into account. And also there are a lot more than 50,000 Armenians holding Lebanese citizenship, and considering the way this crappy pie-chart was organized they would fall under "christians". I don't think any malice was intended "anarchist", simma-down-na!

  10. Anonymous, I am not against counting anyone. In fact, the whole idea seems stupid. But if we are to do it ,we should make sure it's accurate and not taylored to political agendas which this one seems to be doing.

    Nick, I guess you misunderstood. I don't care about the Armenians or anyone else. But I was referring to the Armenians currently residing in Lebanon and they number around 50,000, down from a height of around 150,000-200,000 i would say (some even say it used to be 300,000 because many Syrian Armenians moved to Lebanon and were naturalized).

    Anyway, I couldn't care less about that! Only that I get the feeling that this is yet another of Annahar's trashy (or trashy Annahar's) politicized (timing?!?) publications.

  11. Arten2:43 AM

    Nazrallah and his boys must realize that they cannot rule Lebanon and turn it into an ayyatolah republic.

  12. Zeina8:11 AM

    Since the distribution of the Christians in Lebanon was not represented in the pie-chart, here are the figures as reported in the original article:

    Maronites make up 19.47%,
    Greek Orthodox make up 6.85%,
    Catholics make up 4.55%,
    and Armenian Orthodox make up 2.27% of the total population.

    Here's the link again for those of you who obviously need to read the article again:


  13. umm guys...

    "expatriates" doesn't mean the same thing as "diaspora."

    1 million lebanese living/studying/working abroad, i think that sounds about right. as citizens, with a legal right to vote etc. (though they have to fly home to exercise it), expats need to be included in any remotely accurate tally.

    this is NOT christian-skewing -- THAT would be including the diaspora as a whole.

  14. Arabic Coffee Pot4:19 PM

    carine: The way I understood it he counted all those holding a Lebanese passport.

    Its not that hard to get a Lebanese passport if you weren't born in Lebanon, all you have to do is prove your father is Lebanese.

    Anyway, I think there are more than a million expats out there, 2nd generation Lebanese who hold passports...theres 250,000 registered Lebanese in Canada alone!

  15. Either way, there's someting fishy about this "census". Most of all, a census of this magnitude cannot be conducted by an unheard organization let alone, as it seems in this case, a lone ranger.

  16. It seems the census is not to your liking wissam. Apparently the only "fishy" figures around here are the ones advanced by manuk.

  17. Arabic Coffee Pot7:22 AM

    No debate, those aren't the only fishy figures, this census is fishy. Either noone is doing the research to find out the exact methodology or its not well provided, in either case there is much to be questioned about it to date.

  18. Debate, I am so sorry I did not like your census which you posted. Really, am feel ashamed that I do not live up to your standards.

    Next time you post something I will make sure to humbly acknowledge your exciting discoveries.

    I really do not care about those number in the poll. For all I know they might be correct, but if so then by chance.
    For next time you post something and promote its authenticity make sure the methodology of how those numbers were obtained is clear.

  19. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Why are these figures creating so much consternation? Would they have been as contraversial if they had read:
    Shia: 40%
    Sunni: 30%
    Christian: 25%
    Other: 5%?

    or maybe Christian 30% and Sunni 25%?

    Whats the big deal?

  20. Its not about the figures ya anonymous...(or probably someone we all know). Its about the methodology of how those figures were obtained and about the fact that Annahar was the only paper to publish them.

    For all we know those numbers could have been invented. Haven't we all hastily written "research" papers in our undergraduate years in which we just threw in made up numbers to appease our professors?...Yes its along those lines in which I am suspect...

    But your comment Mr.Anonymous, goes to show that if someone in Lebanon disagrees with someone else, the accusation always has to take a sectarian nature....

  21. Anonymous1:21 PM

    my arabic reading skills are somewhat weak. Can someone please beriefly translate the methodology from the article? Morover, a census is usually conducted by a private or public organization for the government. That means, all sects or parties in Lebanon must agree for a census to be conducted. However, given the current issues in lebanon, i highly doubt that the Lebanese government approved a census.

    So, my guess is that the results are biased and most likely bogus...

  22. I seriously can't understand why people would get so worked up over a census. Yes, the results are most likely biased, so what ? as Nick said, would it change anything on the ground ? I guess not. Would it alter the constitution ? I guess not either.
    So I'd be gladly enlightened about what's so important... Unless the premise is that whoever conducted this census altered the results in one way or another to score a certain political point. I'd also be happy to know what that point would be.

  23. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Anyway has an access to the print copy and please try to create a clear copy (or regenerate) the tables?

    When are we going to say we are Lebanese and then our religion?

  24. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Out of the 29% Shias;how many are HA followers today?
    How many would be if the money dried out?

  25. 1st, Summarizing the above posts:
    Most everyone agrees:
    A. We would like to see the methodology of this study
    B. No one knows the political implications of a real or fictitious census

    2nd, New Info:
    today's al-nahar has a note from an author: Youssef Al Duwaihi claiming much of the data is plagiarized from his book: "the Lebanese People: 1907-2006", if anyone has access to this book, could you kindly see if it has any detailed methodology and the validity of this author's claim.

    3rd: Question
    Who loses most by replacing the sectarian constitution with a secular one?


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