Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Post Classification System

Blacksmiths of Lebanon has introduced a new classification system for our posts which, we hope, will help provide those readers less familiar with the intricacies of our region with a clear frame of reference for material on this site.

The classification system consists of several standard categories including:

  • Analysis: Contributors examine the facts on the ground and provide interpretation (significant referencing required)
  • Opinion: Contributors give their general opinion on a subject or topic (less rigourous than analysis)
  • News: Contributors point out interesting items on the online news services
  • Breaking News: Contributors bring you live updates on events in Lebanon
  • Rumour: Contributors bring you the "word on the street", whether you choose to believe it or not is up to you ;)
  • Videos, Pictures: Multimedia items

Keep an eye out for the top righthand side of posts where we will category under which that post will fall. And be sure to leave us your comments and feedback in the comments section!

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