Thursday, November 23, 2006

Breaking News: Small Riots in Beirut and Gunfire in Tripoli - Updated!

Apart from a few isolated fist fights throughout Beirut, the demonstrations appear to have not resulted in any damage or injuries. Reports are coming in of a deployment of security forces and a peaceful disperion of rioters.
Lebanese media outlets are reporting armed clashes between Lebanese security forces outside and around the Baddawi refugee camp in Tripoli. Two casualties have been reported.
Sources in Lebanon also confirm that crowds had gathered on the road leading to the airport to protest verbal insults made at today's funeral for slain Minister of Industry Pierre Gemayel. Hassan Nasrallah has appeared on Hizballah television station, Al Manar, and urged all protesters to return to their homes.
News services are currently reporting a return to normalcy as demonstrators in other parts of Beirut (namely Chiyah) have started returning to their homes.
Former Minister of the Interior, Hasan Al Sabaa, has retracted his resignation and declared that he will return to the Cabinet. The minister had submitted his resignation in response to the mishandling of the "Danish Cartoon" riots of February 2006.
Commentary by Nick
The Hizballah gathering was portrayed as a “spontaneous” response to the verbal assaults aimed at Hassan Nasrallah, during today’s demonstrations, by their mouthpiece “Al-Manar”. What they failed to report was that this spontaneity was saved for 3 or 4 hours after the demonstration was over. In reality, this gathering aimed to send a message to the government and specifically Saniora, who had just finished giving a statement urging the return of the 5 ministers, that Hizballah will not budge on its decision to bring down the government through the use of "the street". The hizb is under pressure, and their answer remains the street.
Commentary by Blacksmith Jade
The recent clashes and mass gatherings tonight clearly indicate a synchronisation of elements aligned with Syria, and determined to undermine any realization of a national will to see through the implementation of the international court.

There was no danger tonight of escalations, but the message was clear. Either the majority of Lebanese submit to the will of the few peacefully, or those with arms, those with numbers easily mobilised, and those actively pursuing the re-establishment of Syrian domination will force their will upon the rest.


  1. Blast that Hasan Al Sabaa!!! Now instead of 1 more minister, they (and "they" know who they are) will need to kill 2 to bring down the government.

  2. ghassan3:19 AM

    Why are they afriad of the tribunal? Are tthey guilty? I think so! I think that we need to get the head of the snake, Bashar!

  3. Anonymous7:49 AM

    If this is a preview of what the "peaceful" demonstration Hizballah and Co. are calling for, then we're in for some really bad times. They need to get permits from the government to demonstrate !! And the road to the road should be protected from thugs by the army !!!!!

  4. I heard that the same night of the assassination of Pierre Gemayel, gunfire occured in Tripoli as well :S

  5. BS

    what's coming next? what we are waiting for?

  6. Anonymous12:15 AM

    it may be timely to resort to world wide newspaper articles in usa and imp capitals of europe to expose the tactics being used by the two shiaite factions, amal and hizb,, .

    not only they would use the same ridiculous question - who benefits after each assassination the y are part of , one way or the other , BUT they would say if you do not let us find our way to block decisionns of the government we will force to accept by force..

    VETO POWER OF THE LOSER INTHE ELECTIONS? WHERE IS THIS ACCEPTABLE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD??silly talk of<< hiwar>> -deliberations- is worthless , the moderator is yr adversary in as much as is hizballa, .LONG STRUGGLE AHEAD, THE WEST AND EVEN RUSSIA NEEDS TO BE ALWAYS ON BOARD

  7. The ``West`` might strike a deal like they did in 1977 and 1990 with the Assad regime and sell them back Lebanon on a plate of silver.
    Such plans will not work only if the Lebanese are united...

  8. the "west" now has a govement whic is an ally, it did not have one in 1977.

    Second, who's afraid of the tribunal? Hezbolla?? General?? they DEMAND the tribunal AFTER the end of envestigation ends, that's how professionality works.

    Third, the question should be: Why not wait till couple days to discuss the tribunal with ALL the Lebanese, why the "magority" wishes to speak on the bhalf of the "minority" on a "Lebanese" matter?

    Why after the assasination of Shahid Gmayiel? because they do not look for "justice", they have a target, and they have allies, they just a trigger, that trigger was Gmayiel!


  9. Well the tribunal obviously wouldn't begin until after the investigation is over and the final report is delivered. It's always a good idea to ratify and set up the tribunal before the end of the investigation, this way it could begin straight after. Secondly, the draft has been circulating in the government for around 3 weeks (remember Lahoud's "criticisms"). If hizballah and the aounists had any objective, technical suggestions they could have stayed in the cabinet and discussed them. What is happening today is Marwan Hamadeh and Butrous Harb are delivering a proposal to Berri that basically entails delaying today's cabinet meeting if the HA/Amal ministers return, and if the opposition sets up a committee-made up of tayyar and HA "legal experts"-to present technical suggestions to overcome any objections to the draft. If they are "DEMANDING" the establishment of an international court, why won't they accept this reasonable offer? I'll leave it to u figure it out.

  10. The fact of matter remains that the bill is inevitably going to Parliament. Thats part of the law, and thats where discussions of the bill should be held. Not through side deals or discussions (hiwar), not through slogans and media attacks, and definitely not through street protests.


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