Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Breaking News: Assassination of Pierre Gemayel - Updates!

1972 - 2006

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I just received a phone call from Lebanon stating that there has been an assassination attempt on Lebanese Minister for Industry, Pierre Gemayel.

According to sources in Lebanon, the assassination took place in Beirut suburb Jdeideh/Sin el-Fil and was carried out by gunmen as he travelled in a convoy of two cars.
Gemayel is a prominent anti-Syrian Christian politician, and is the son of former Lebanese President Amin Gemayel.

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CNN has just reported that Gemayel's wounds were fatal and that his Lebanese Phalange Party is reporting him dead.


Pierre's Gemayel's fatal assassination has been confirmed by all major news organisations. May he Rest in Peace.

Saad Hariri, leader of the Lebanese Future Movement, has publicly accused Syria of being behind the assassination of Pierre Gemayel.


More details of the assassination emerge:

"Witnesses said Gemayel was shot in his car in Jdeideh, a Christian neighborhood, his constituency on the northern edge of Beirut. The witnesses said a car rammed his car from behind and then an assassin stepped out and shot him at point blank range."


Lebanese TV station LBCI has reported that two bystanders were wounded in the assassination of cabinet minister Gemayel.

Pictures emerge of the assassination scene:



Regional Reactions:

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Lvini:
"The negative role of Syria in Lebanon is not something new...clearly they are trying to be involved even now, but it's too early to say something more concrete."

(Official) Syrian News Agency:
"This horrible crime is aimed at destabilizing solidity and civil security in Lebanon...Syria's keenness is on Lebanon's security and the unity of its sons, as well as keeping Lebanon's civil peace."

The FPM political and news website has just reported an attack on the offices of Minister of State Michel Pharaon, said to have taken place at the same time as the assassination of Minister of Industry Gemayel.

The website has also revealed that Gemayel was assassinated as he left a the Mar Antonios al Jadida church, and that the weapons used were equiped with gun-silencers.


Speaking on Lebanese TV outside the hospital where his son was declared dead, former Lebanese President Amin Gemayel has announced that the funeral for his slain son will take place tomorrow, November 22nd. The date of the funeral will coincide with Lebanon's independence day and is likely to draw huge crowds ahead of a pro-Syrian demonstration announced prior to the Minister's assassination.

Naharnet elaborates on attack on State Minister's office today:

"Gunmen opened fire Tuesday on the office of a minister of state, his office announced, just hours after the assassination of anti-Syrian minister Pierre Gemayel."The office of the state minister for parliamentary affairs, Michel Pharaon, in the Ashrafieh neighborhood was the target of gunshots today from gunmen in a white Suzuki car," it said."The security forces cordoned off the area and is carrying out the necessary measures to identify the culprits," who fled the scene, it said.Pharaon is a Greek-Catholic Christian MP from the bloc of anti-Syrian parliamentary majority leader Saad Hariri."


Tayyar website reports the death of one of Pierre Gemayel's bodyguards, Samir Chartouni, as a result of wounds sustained in today's assassination.

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  1. Another fallen in the long road to independence from foreign control on this country, may he rest in peace.
    I recall that Samir Geagea had warned a few days back about assassination attempts against residing ministers from the majority in a bid to constrain the government to resign.

  2. Anonymous5:07 PM

    This is disgusting!!!

    To hell with all those trying to protect Syria in Lebanon!!! They are murderers!!

  3. Anonymous5:11 PM

    No More!!!!

    How many ministers and young politicians have to die before this country wakes up!!??

    All Christians!?

  4. Anonymous5:11 PM

    This is horrible.

  5. Anonymous5:28 PM

    They are killing all the moderates!

  6. Anonymous5:42 PM

    there is a shift in these killings from low-level moderate Christian politicians to low-level right wingers... its still at the low-level stage though and its primary aim, i think, is to precipitate a reaction against the March 8 forces or war.

    Its very telling that Saad Harriri was incredibly quick to condemn Syria and went further in accussing Syria of sending troops to Iraq. This makes me wonder... this is all politics of fear and attempt to trap Syria by America and her allies in Lebanon and I think the investigations (if they happen) will lead to those that are on Gemayel's 'side' politically not to the opposite side. It is also an attempt to delay the bringing down of the current government... it seems though that one side is more willing to shed blood for its ends.

  7. Is there no way of determining who is to blame? Can one only ask who benefits, and assume that the assassins were their allies to demand peaceful change - or else?

  8. i love this one: "They are killing all the moderates!"

    hahaha :)))

  9. Bashar al Assad and his criminal regime, bashar al assad and his criminal regime. For him, if he exists we have to disapear, if he stays in power we have to be in the grave. There can be only one. Him or us, him or us.

  10. Anonymous7:20 PM


  11. Anonymous7:35 PM

    "and that the weapons used were equiped with gun-silencers.

    anybody remember the shipment of gun-silencers uncovered a couple weeks or ago that was heading to who knows where? oh, was it Awkar?

  12. PM of Lebanon Mr Fouad Siniora just delacted: "we will not let the criminals and assassins dictate the future of Lebanon"

  13. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Good thing that the French and the UN are there so that hezbo can rearm. There are no coincidences.

  14. Arabic Coffee Pot7:53 PM


  15. Anonymous said:
    "anybody remember the shipment of gun-silencers uncovered a couple weeks or ago that was heading to who knows where? oh, was it Awkar?"
    Yes Yes, an imperialist, western colonialist conspiracy aimed at the innocent, peace loving, democratric people like you anonymous and the Syrians, Yes, Yes....

  16. Worldwide Condemnation of Gemayel's Assassination
    -- The United States denounced the assassination of Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel on Tuesday as an "act of terrorism."
    "We were shocked by this assassination, we view it as an act of terrorism," said Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns.

    -- U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton said the killing highlights the need to expedite the creation of an international tribunal to try suspects in the murder of former Premier Rafik Hariri.

    "We are confronted with what appears to be yet another terrorist assassination in Beirut," the U.S. diplomat said. "It shows why we need the tribunal established as soon as possible."

    -- Britain condemned the murder, British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said, adding it will only increase regional tension.

    "Clearly we condemn it. We are dismayed. There are enough problems in Lebanon already," Beckett told a London press conference with her Israeli counterpart Tzipi Livni.

    -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair said the killing was "completely without any justification at all."

    "We condemn this murder utterly," he said.

    -- Syria condemned the assassination, calling the shooting of the anti-Damascus politician a "despicable crime aimed at destabilizing" Lebanon.

    "This odious crime is aimed at destabilizing Lebanon and disturbing the civil peace in the country," an official source said, quoted by the state news agency SANA.

    The source said Syria worked to ensure "the security of Lebanon, its stability and unity of its people, and to preserve its civil peace".

    -- French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said the murder was a "new attempt to destabilize Lebanon."

    -- Moscow condemned the "resumption of political assassinations" in Lebanon, the Russian foreign ministry said.

    "The resumption of the practice of political assassinations in Lebanon after a period of relative calm worries us enormously," said Mikhail Kamynin, foreign ministry spokesman, in a statement.

    -- The European Union condemned the killing and said those behind the slaying must be brought to justice.

    "Those responsible for this cowardly assassination … must be found and judged," EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana said.

    -- Jordanian King Abdullah II said the murder was a crime aimed at destabilizing Lebanon.

    The king denounced what he called a "cowardly crime that is targeting the security and stability of brother Lebanon," the official Petra news agency said.

    Beirut, 21 Nov 06, 17:04


  17. update:
    The president of the republic states that this crime is directed against the Lebanese who should be united.
    MP Michel Aoun voices his condoleances to the Gemayel family and urges the Lebanese to be united.
    A resigned minister from Hizballah declines to discuss politics or plans about demonstrations in the current circumstances.

  18. The story of Bashar and his mafia criminal regime is like the story of the Godfather but much much worse, something close to the regime of Staline.

  19. Update:The Lebanese Forces official website is running notices for its supporters to prepare themselves for demonstrations and/or sit-ins possibly to be held tomorrow.

  20. Update: The Tayyar website has reported the shutting down of a northbound highway running through the coastal city of Jbeil (Byblos). Mobs have closed the highway as a protest to the assassination of Minister Gemayel and are reported to be burning tires on the road.

    The website has also reported that all roads leading in and out of Baabda, the Beirut suburb housing the Presidential Palace, have been closed by the army and all movement in and out of the area stopped.


  21. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Grow-up. You can blame Syria all you want, but I think it's Hezbollah who is doing all these murders. It's clear that Hariri's death benefited Hezbollah and their rise. They are the only ones on the ground, capable of doing this.
    There must an immediate demand for Lahoud to resign. The Lebanese must unite against Hezb, Iran and Syria. It's now or never.

  22. Anonymous10:05 PM

    The Lebanese must unite. Period. Not against a sect or party even but just unite. Its all ridiculous... we are all divided based according to our sects and our political affiliations are based on our sects and extremely few are those who choose any of them based on reason and objectivity... oh the stupidity!

  23. Anonymous11:45 PM

    just a small reminder:
    in the 80's Pierre asked a republican guard charged of his protection to shoot a guy that refused him the priority on the road, in zouk mickael. The guy died from his wound

    in 2006, some jackass ordered pierre gemayel to be shoot in his car

    coincidence ....

    anyway let him rest in peace

  24. Anonymous4:21 AM

    u should post the updates at the top

  25. Anonymous, thanks for the recommendation. I'll keep it in mind for the next assassination....seriously....


  26. As long as the assad mafia family is power assasinations will continue and will never be completely free in Lebanon. It is us or the regime of bashar and apperently the whole world doesn't mind bashar, so what's the solution?

  27. Anonymous2:01 AM

    i like to say that words are useless now, all what we can do is praying for him. i hope, if he can hear me now, that he knows that i miss him too much, and that i'll never, never forget what he made for me and for us... rest in peace dear cheikh, no one can hurt you anymore.. your mona.


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