Tuesday, October 31, 2006

War of Words Escalates!: Quotes + More...

Nabih Berri - Amal Party (Pro-Syrian)
"There is no party, regardless of how disciplined they are, that can control street protests, and all past experiences proved that,"

Akram Chehayeb - PSP (Anti-Syrian...for now...)
"every demonstration will be faced with another demonstration and a bullet will not be met with a flower."

Nasrallah Butrous Sfeir - Maronite Patriach (Anti-Syrian...ish)
"What we are hearing nowadays is very worrisome. The Lebanese society is divided and there are those who are working toward returning the country to the age of tutelage."

Amin Gemayel - Phalange Party (Anti-Syrian...under newly returned management)
"a party working for Lebanon ... and another one which insists on linking [Lebanon] to regional strategic interests that are closer to adventures, taking place on its land and destroying its infrastructure and killing and displacing its people."

Lebanese Forces (Anti-Syrian)
"[We urge the government] to take all necessary measures to prevent any party from violating the laws, hindering democracy and attacking the authority under certain political demands."

Hisham Safieddine - Hizballah (Pro-Syrian)
"[The national unity government is] on its way to being accomplished...there is no way that anyone could try to eradicate or run away from this reality."

Mohammad Raad - Hizballah (Pro-Syrian)
"We will take all available democratic steps to achieve this goal, including resigning from the government,"

Al-Manar TV - Hizballah (Pro-Syrian)
"[The March 14 Forces are] betting, for example, on regional developments that could lead to a possible American offensive against the Islamic Republic (of Iran)...[they] are terrified of popular anger."

These statements were either published or broadcast throughout Sunday and Monday, and by most counts, have led to a general sense of unease amid Lebanon's communities. In one week's time Berri's nonsensical agenda will be put to discussion in national talks aimed at defusing political tensions.
In reality these talks are nothing but a sham in spirit and in practice. They are a ploy to buy time, to setup a pretext. They are an extra-governmental phenomenon, a phenomenon which tears right at the heart of Parliament and its exclusive privilege to represent Lebanon's peoples and their aspirations.
In addition to the ominous statement highlighted above, Berri also stated today that the agenda set out for the talks would not be amended. The talks will not include a discussion of the war Lebanon and its darling south had to endure this past summer. They will not include a discussion of a national, unified, and truly representative defense strategy to strengthen Lebanon in the face of its aggressors to the South, to the East, and to the North. And they certainly will not include a discussion of a development, re-development, and re-construction strategy that will help the State of Lebanon...the State of all Lebanese...reach its constituents in those areas where it has neglected them in the past and where sinister forces have sought to instill their own state.
While thousands of people remain homeless in Lebanon, while hundreds of our compatriots remain imprisoned in Syria, and while hundreds of thousands of Lebanese the world-over, continue to seek a way out of the dark chasm into which they have been forced through the actions of a few; Nabih Berri, Michel Aoun, and Hassan Nasrallah (along with numerous others) have all elected to use the brilliance and majesty of their political clout to...
...[If anyone has anything positive to put in here, please let me know]


  1. Ze Carioca4:42 PM

    Very very scary - I hope to God that sound common sense will prevail and that the "thing" will not hit the fan. There is however a fact that everyone should know. Yes Hezbollah is re=arming and no one is doing anything about it. Not the Lebanese Army and not the UNIFIL. I would have hoped that the Government would have the guts and go to the UN Security Council and lodge a formal complaint against Syria and Iran. What do we have to loose? Civil war? It is anyway in the offing, whether we like it or not. It's about time de CREVER L'ABCES as we aay in French

  2. As the proverb says: "The dog that barks, doesn't bite"

  3. All the talk surrounding the supposed need for a unity government, where all sides are represented, aims to distract from the real reasons to toppling the govt: de-railing the international court and making sure the syrian regime doesn't fall because of it. If this was to happen ALL the syrian regime's allies in lebanon would face an overwhelming backlash in lebanon. Hizballah's weapons would be the only thing guaranteeing their security internally, and all their allies are counting on this. It is too late for changes; HA, Amal, and the tayyar (with other insignificants) MUST delay the international court and protect the syrian regime for their OWN survival.


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