Thursday, October 12, 2006

Video: Lebanon - The Good

My accompanying English Zajal! (kinda) and description:

Ahhhhh....OK!! I've just spent at least 2 hours browsing and searching through in an effort to find a decent, positive video about Lebanon absent of any political overtones or connotations. I mean surely you can understand how such a task could - and did - become complicated given the summer we've all been through. But no worries!! For all those now wishing to take their minds off the politics - wether they be regional, international, or domestic - just sit back, relax, and let the gentle tunes and soothing pictures take you back to that place that makes it all worth it...
...Prediction! Movies such as these, i.e. one void of the politics, will become more popular on as the stress of the never-ending bickerings, deadlocks, and let-downs of politics take their toll on a population already been through so much. So here's to taking a step back and breathing easy...even if its just for a moment.
PS - I found at least two other videos I liked and that I hope to put up soon enough, so keep your eyes open people and your beer mugs full...its time to celebrate that which we all love so much, and to hell with all the politicians!!!
PPS - Here is the link to the original video on (for proper attribution), it was put up under the title: Watani Lebanon


  1. Matthew1:09 AM

    What a beautiful country you come from! I will make sure to visit one day!

    I can't understand a word from the song though, but I'm sure the lady is singing only words of praise!

  2. Thanks for your comment Matthew. I wish I could help you with the lyrics but my Arabic isn't as good as you might think.

    The singer is Fairuz - arguably Lebanon's most famous singer in history - and the title of the song is Watani (My Nation).

    Any volunteers for a translation??


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