Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Two Warplanes Carrying the Lebanese Cedar Tree"

News broke today of a massive $15 billion private donation to Lebanon's government and civil society as one [Lord] Dr. Elie Youssef Najem, vowed to make the country of his birth " it was between 1967-72."

The announcement of the donation was made Wednesday by a four man Malaysian delegation headed by Prince Farid Bin Abdullah (Najem's father-in-law) at a press conference held at the journalists syndicate in Beirut.

According to the DailyStar Najem, 45, who originally hails from the Batroun costal region and who's base of operations is in Malaysia, will donate
"$10 million to the Lebanese Red Cross and $2 million to the Batroun Red Cross; finance the construction of a $20 million orphanage and a home for the elderly; bring 160 million barrels of crude oil to the market; give 16 fighter jets to the Lebanese Air Force; develop a beach resort in Jounieh; and turn Lebanon into the gateway of Malaysian palm oil exports."
Najem is also reported to be looking to open up " least three branches of what he described as his bank, Magobio Investments" along with an initial $4 billion account at Byblos Bank.

In statements published on the Naharnet news website, Najem claimed that upon his arrival to Lebanon, he will have with him"...two warplanes with a cedar tree hoisted on each" . He also calimed that his Lebanon trip was awaiting a green light from Defense Minister Elias Murr, President Emile Lahoud and Premier Fouad Saniora."

As of yet, there has been no comment on the would-be recipients of these donations on the matter. When contacted by the Daily Star the Prime Minister's office refused to comment on the story. According to the paper, a statement issued by Byblos Bank a day prior to the press conference denied that any transactions between the bank and Najem had been undertaken.

Indeed, according to reports from several Lebanese and International sources, Najem has been implicated in a long line of sexual and financial misconduct allegations ranging from a 1993 sexual harassment case in Winnipeg, Canada, to fraud charges in Lebanon, to a "cheating" charge and number of fraud charges in January 2006, in Malaysia surrounding a $260 million pledged donation to a cancer research center there.

[Dr.] Najem's track record, along with the exceptionally garish nature of his pledges, have now left most Lebanese questioning the validity of these promises and motives behind them. When asked about rumors of his entrance to the political arena, [Dr.] Najem replied, "I don't wish to become a political leader."

Malaysian Sources


  1. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Haha...what the hell?

  2. The only moment of clarity of that guy is when he doesnt want donate directly to the lebanese governement because of the corruption of the administration:
    (still from daily star)
    ""I am a Lebanese bird, but twice before when I came to Lebanon [the government] embezzled $850 million from me," he cited as the the reason for not donating directly to the state."

    anyway we got our clown from kuala lumpur

  3. Arabic Coffee Pot11:57 PM

    This guy looks fake, but if this guy was real then Israel would assassinate him before Lebanon gets its fighter jets!

    Plus he is a borderline pedophile! 45 married to a 19 year old.

  4. Weirdest article. It's obviously all fake.


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